One of the techniques we use at our Downtown location is massage therapy. Patients may think of massages as luxury services simply because they feel good, but they have healing powers that can ensure a speedy recovery. Therapy is an important component of the treatment process because massage techniques work by relaxing the muscles, assisting in the healing of damaged tissue and improving the patient's blood circulation to reduce swelling. Our trained chiropractors are experts in a variety of different therapy techniques that have unique values for different problems.

We believe in making the process easier for patients. That is why we have updated our website to include features to make it easy for patients and interested visitors to learn more about the science behind our techniques, read tips from expert chiropractors about how to improve wellness, and even schedule an appointment online. Our website also displays our e-mail address so patients and interested visitors can e-mail us their questions and concerns. At our center, we understand that each patient should be treated individually and that is why we take the time and effort to give each of our patients a complete analysis before applying treatment.

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  City Colorado Springs , CO
  Zip Code 80903
  Address 213 E Cache La Poudre St
  Phone Number (719) 667-1007

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Back pain
Neck pain
Allergies and asthma
Hip pain
Knee pain
Decreased immunity
Prenatal and pediatric symptoms
At 100% Chiropractic, we know that disruptions to your nervous system can lead to sleep disturbances, lack of energy, mood swings, and constant dull headaches. Developing a healthy nervous system through regular chiropractic care has given many people relief from issues such as chronic migraines, environmental allergies, asthma, and gastrointestinal problems. It isn’t merely about helping you feel better; it is about helping you live better.

Customer Testimonials

They are always able to get me in when my work schedule changes and have specials for products and massages. Their adjustments are geared to you and never have I felt like a number. They keep track of whatever ails you and monitor your progress. Tables for traction are secluded and their snacks are always good. I'm there every other week and wish I had the time to visit more often.

What a great group of healthcare professionals! Their focus is on helping you achieve total health. Dr Doug and Dr. Angela are excellent chiropractors who truly care about and listen to their patient's needs. Amanda and Emily are friendly, efficient and also attentive to every patient. I love the effort everyone puts into educating me about health and well-being. They have helped me understand my body, what it needs and how important my own personal efforts are in this process. They have also created a great family atmosphere where you feel at home each and every time.

Thank you Dr. Doug and Dr. Angela! I am 34 weeks pg and having issues with my hips and neck, i can move easier! And thank you to Dr. Doug for welcoming my 4 yr old son. He was terrified of coming because "doctors hurt me", but he left smiling and wanting to go back! We'll (both) see you later this week!

Just simply amazing! Thank you for being the best chiropractor in town! My family appreciates you!

Great Chiropractors... Relaxing atmosphere (no pressure sales, just informative), courteous, comfortable. Also, great with kids. They listen to any issues you may be going through and constantly ask for updates of how you are doing. They also have incentives and spacials that change each month. Family environment. I live in Monument and it is well worth the drive. Highly recommended.

Everyone I met knew what they were talking about. They cared so much about helping me truly understand how Chiropractic care can better my life!

I've been getting adjusted by Dr Doug and Dr Angela for 3 years now, not only are my headaches gone, but my immune system is functioning better than it ever has. Chiropractic has not only helped me, but helped my mom get off of high blood pressure medication completely after taking it for over 15 years. It has also helped my dad's health with his auto immune disease. He has been off medication and in remission because his body is functioning at its highest level. I am forever thankful to have met this awesome team of docs and really living life at 100%

I've been visiting Dr. Doug and his team for more than 2 years. Before going, I used to have back pain and headaches on a regular basis, but since I've been receiving regular adjustments, the number of headaches has reduced significantly, the back pain has completely subsided and I sleep much deeper. I would highly recommend seeing this team at 100%.

I have been seeing Dr. Doug and the staff at 100% for just a few weeks now, but it has made such a wonderful difference for me! It is so amazing to be free from pain! I'm really looking forward to the long term effects of having a healthy, aligned body! Thank you all!

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One of our many happy families explains why they've made chiropractic visits an essential part of their lives.
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How can you share heart health with those you love? Give gifts FOR the HEART! *Quality Omega 3 supplements along with Vitamin D to maintain heart health *Massage to reduce stress *Chiropractic Adjustments also to help manage stress and to ensure optimal
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Will it be you?! 100% Chiropractic is approaching the ONE MILLIONTH patient visit (company wide). The ONE MILLIONTH patient visit will receive a FREE YEAR OF CHIROPRACTIC CARE, INCLUDING 12 MASSAGES! (Yet, another reason not to skip your adjustments...
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We are super excited to be partnering with Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping as we share a common goal of helping people improve their lives! Right now Farrell's is doing a 1 week FREE trial. Go check them out!
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Downtown Colorado Springs doctor shares some insight into the side effect of modern technology and how we can fight against the epidemic of 'text neck'!
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If 99.9% is good enough, then... 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily. 114,500 mismatched pairs of shoes will be shipped a year. 18,322 pieces of mail will be mishandled every hour. 2,000,000 documents will be lost by the IRS this year.
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