Although many people turn to us for back and neck pain, chiropractic is a viable option for other conditions as well, including allergies, asthma, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, pregnancy pain, and stress. In addition, many of our patients seek our care and advice for health maintenance and to achieve optimal wellness for their entire family.

We live up to our name by providing 100% satisfaction and 100% healing by applying our unique expertise and experience to designing treatments. Our office is located on Gaston and Garland just south of White Rock Lake. Dr. Michael is experienced in working with a variety of issues and patients-- from infants, kids, adults, and the elderly. Dr. Michael is a Dallas and Lakewood chiropractor residents can count on. Our office is a wellness center because our focus is not only on treating the pain a patient is experiencing, but ensuring patients experience long term relief.

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  City Dallas , TX
  Zip Code 75214
  Address 7324 Gaston Ave #118
  Phone Number (214) 812-9906

Customer Testimonials

I sustained shoulder and ankle injuries 17 years ago that I never had properly corrected. After seeing Dr. Carr and Dr. Hernandez for about a month and a half, I decided to try to run. I ran, without the sharp shooting pains I've had for 17 years. I credit the helpful, encouraging staff at 100% Chiropractic with a large chunk of my new success. Thank you for holding me accountable and helping me reach my goals!

I love both Dr. Michael Carr and Dr. Noelia Hernandez (Carr)! They are amazing chiropractors who have done wonders for my back. They honestly believe in the work they do and are all about total whole health. My life is so much better because of the amazing work they do. I had never been to a chiropractor before and Dr. Carr eased my fears. He talks to me about keeping my back healthy and supports healthy habits. I cannot say enough positive things about them.

Met Dr. Kieth about a year ago when he joined my Network group. Was not looking for another back cracker as I already had one but thought I would give him a try. The initial assessment is quick in that he does digital x-rays that you can see quick and take home on a DVD. Started me on some different PT that gets my spine moving a bit more. fast fwd to now and my wife and both kids see him. Did not know both were beginning to have the constant downward looking at technology issues that was evident in the x-rays. Thanks to Doc we are headed to taking care of ourselves better.

I would definitley recommend 100pct Chiropratic . I have been going for 3 months now and cannot believe the change they have made . It even has improved my golf game!!!

You have nothing to loose but your pain.

Dr. Michael and Dr. Noelia are such skilled and caring doctors. They get my spine feeling so much better! I trust them with my entire family and recommend them to everyone in the area.

When I first came through 100% Chiropractic's doors I was in serious pain. My neck was constantly stiff and nothing I did would release the tightness in my lower back. I was missing my usual workouts at the gym due to such discomfort. I had practically given up the thought of working towards any competition goals.
The evaluation was eye opening. Dr. Carr explained his own experience and then detailed all the areas that proper alignment could help with. When I came back in the next day for my adjustment I was told that I was dealing with a reversed neck. I was given instructions and a detailed plan of action on how we might help the neck correct back into proper alignment. My first adjustment was amazing. Dr. Carr warned me that I might be sore but instead I felt instant relief! My neck was able to turn and I could look around easily! My lower back felt less compacted! Months later, I now have a competition set for June 10th. I compete in Mixed Martial Arts or MMA cage fights. Without 100% Chiropractic's doctors help I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today. I am a client for life!

Pain free living is possible! It's worth your time to explore chiropractic services and I couldn't recommend 100% Chiropractic Dallas more! Thank you!

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Do you maintain? Early spinal decay is often a result of poor spinal alignment that is left uncorrected. This is an important fact to keep in mind when considering whether to maintain regular chiropractic care even when you are asymptomatic.‚Äč
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Will it be you?! 100% Chiropractic is approaching the ONE MILLIONTH patient visit (company wide). The ONE MILLIONTH patient visit will receive a FREE YEAR OF CHIROPRACTIC CARE, INCLUDING 12 MASSAGES! (Yet, another reason not to skip your adjustments...
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