Dr. Darby seeks to improve her Lakewood chiropractic patients health and wellness in all areas of their lives. Dr. Darby likes to treat the whole person in her work as a chiropractor, which means looking for the underlying causes of disease, discomfort, and pain, which usually arise from imbalances in the spinal column. Under Dr. Darby's supervision and care, patients report higher functioning in all areas of their lives.

Dr. Darby's mission is to empower you to live the life you were destined to live. She will constantly enlighten and challenge you to pursue your health goals so that you will achieve abundant health for you and your family. Dr. Darby is always expanding her education and knowledge by attending seminars and education classes every year. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, in the beautiful outdoors of Colorado.

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  City Lakewood, CO
  Zip Code 80226
  Address 455 S Teller St
  Phone Number (303) 922-1007

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Darby and her staff are both very friendly and extremely professional, not to mention thorough...my neck was completely locked up when I came in, and just 1.5 months later of their recommended treatment, I feel DRAMATICALLY better. I was impressed by their approach of x-ray and diagnose first, and dynamically changing the different adjustments each time I visited, based upon how I was feeling/reacting to the treatment. If you are in the Denver Metro and are in need of Chiropractic, give Dr. Darby and her team a call.

I was introduced to 100% Chiro through a Groupon purchase, and have had a very positive experience this far. Some reviews say that getting a massage scheduled there is impossible, but that is NOT true. They just get booked quickly, because she does great work! Just plan on it being a week or two out before you get in. My chiro care has been excellent and I have been given a lot of attention (and respect) to MY needs and goals.The whole staff is incredibly kind, intelligent, and very welcoming. Definitely a place where everyone knows your name! Highly recommend! :)

I recieve a warm welcome every time I come in, and get personal, non-rushed attention from my doctor every visit. Not only do I feel the physical improvements from my visits, but Dr. Lauren has given me knowledge and confidence about my whole health well-being. Thanks 100%!

I've been going here for quite awhile and I love it. The staff is fantastic and very accommodating when it comes to schedule or payment changes - as well as friendly and kind. I know they actually care about my well being. Dr. Darby is awesome and super helpful! I wouldn't go to any other chiropractor. They have never forced me into anything and have made several suggestions on how to make my life/health better - all have worked. Through my experience my balance has improved, I've lost more weight then diet alone, and I am not in so much pain after a long days work. Would recommend this place to anyone who wants to try to see if chiropractic is right for them. Plus you get free snacks, water and juice!

It's been quite a journey these last 6 months w/ 100%! I feel so grateful to have been guided to Dr Darby and her wonderful staff. I was having very distressing symptoms of numbness, tingling...and found out there were some significant structural issues going on. I've had a huge resistance and fear of chiropractic care..but after meeting Dr. Darby- that changed.
Dr Darby inspired confidence...and made me feel so comfortable almost immediately. We have made progress together- and I feel even more great healing will occur. I feel we are in partnership.. and moving forward. Check out 100% Belmar and Dr.Darby...- it will be a great step towards healing and better health.

My life would be totally uncomfortable & misriable without these great people. They have done wonders since my accident and keep in where I need to be. I highly recommend them.

Dr. Darby, Dr. Sogoal and their staff are amazing!
Where do I start?
She provides the best care for me, my husband and both of my children. Did I mention my migraines are GONE?!
I always look forward to my massages with Amanda & Aleah!
Brea & Brittany are so sweet and always very helpful when working with my crazy schedule. Thank you ladies for all that you do!

Dr. Darby and her staff are amazing. I actually live nearby and was in a tremendous amount of pain in my neck and shoulder and she actually got me in the same day I dropped in! I also received a follow up call from the Dr herself, to see how I was feeling the next day! Thank you to you and your staff!!!!

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Chiropractic care can help in many areas of our patients lives. Some of the options we offer our patients include Corrective Care, Family Wellness, Personal Injury (Auto Accident), Prenatal and Pediatric, as well as Massage Therapy. Whether our patients come to us with specific needs or they are looking to make steps toward a healthier, thriving lifestyle, we are here to help achieve goals. Our chiropractors are here to help and serve their communities through the 100% Chiropractic mission. 100% Chiropractic is a family of full service wellness clinics that offer cutting edge chiropractic care, massage therapy, and a full line of supreme quality nutritional supplements.

100% Chiropractic believes in the value of wellness care for you and your family and have maintained a pricing structure that allows care for all budgets. Our office participates in most insurance programs. We also accept auto accident and workers compensation cases. For patients who have little or no chiropractic insurance coverage, flexible payment programs can be arranged. To learn more about our payment options for chiropractic and wellness care, you can call our office directly. Most insurance plans are accepted at our office.