Practicing in Bozeman since 1989, located in the Klare building on East Babcock between Bozeman and Rouse.

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  Person Dr. Hans Conser
  City Bozeman, MT
  Zip Code 59715
  Address 234 East Babcock Street, Suite A
  Phone Number (406) 595-1928

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Dr. Hans Conser

Hi, I'm Dr. Hans Conser, the Bozeman Chiropractor with a BodyMind approach. I have been practicing in Bozeman since 1987. Over the last 23 years of seeking the best methods for fast results, I have developed a specific healing philosophy:

- Your ability to self-assess and self-correct is key. Most of what I do is training the brain to self-assess and self-correct tension and alignment of the body. In other words, rather than aligning your structure for you, I train your system to align itself.

- Developing the ability to get and stay out of an adrenaline Fight or Flight state is very important. You cannot digest, recover, or fully access your high brain without this.

- There is a clear linkage between tension, postural alignment and emotional states: Your range of motion is directly related to your range of emotion.

Customer Testimonials

I am writing in reference to the care I received by Dr. Hans Conser at Amazing Touch Network Chiropractics Initially I took my son to receive treatment for an injury during his schools P.E. SKI Trip , He had an accident skiing and hit his head. Dr Hans quickly concluded that he had a mild concussion and made the necessary adjustments. My son felt much better after the adjustment and I shared that with Dr. Hans and we talked about our concern's and future treatments. Dr. Hans met with Forrest again and I saw marked improvement in my sons energy and clarity over the following days.

I decided to see Dr. Conser regarding my own injuries having been in two serious car accidents; one less than two years prior. I sustained serious life threatening injuries including a broken pelvis, and ruptured bladder in the earlier car accident and sever whiplash and three bulging disks in the later. After reviewing a C.D. and information I had received from Dr. Conser I was well convinced that I would benefit from his care. Dr. Conser invited me to attend a Lecture that he was giving regarding Network Chiropractics which gave me further understanding of the scope of deep healing that could be achieved through the manipulation of the energy centers in the neck and lower back that store all the tension of our physiology, including both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

I have concluded from my own experience as someone who understands the trauma of injury that this is the scope of knowledge necessary for the degree of healing needed to have any kind of quality of life; free from debilitating pain. or at least conscious of the mind body connection affiliated with such pain. I continued with treatments and agreed to a conscientious plan in which Dr. Conser advised of our goals in co-healing the spine, thereby increasing the breath, life-force, chi and the capacity for love and joy. Dr. Conser broke through barriers or blocks, to healing that I am not completely cognizant of, however, I trust from his kindness, patience, sense of humor and apparent skills and intelligence that I am in amazingly good hands for the success of my goal for vibrant health. Sincerely, Mary Gabriel My son and I give great thanks for the good fortune of receiving your touch. Willow Creek Montana

Having never visited a chiropractor before, I wasn't sure what to expect. I assumed no cracking meant a more subtle, yet still forceful manipulation of my spinal column. However, after the second visit I was amazed to discover how much better my back felt after such minimal touch. I feel almost completely healed, and I can do things like lift my daughter and sit comfortably in a chair again.

I came to Dr. Conser complaining of severe neck and shoulder pain. I was taking 8-12 Ibuprofen daily in order to function. My physician had spoken to me about the possibility of the need for surgery. I decided to give Hans a try after meeting him and attending one of his informative workshops. I had never gone to a chiropractor before because I was afraid of being hurt even more.

The adjustments are not painful at all but done with such a light touch that at the beginning I wondered if anything would come of it, in other words I was a little doubtful. Well, no more because the proof is in the results!

So what are the results?

The first, thing I noticed was a continual reduction of pain in my neck and shoulder. Then, I began breathing, yes really breathing for the first time in many years. I've also noticed a change intestinally, less stomach upset and more regularity. It has been 10 months now and I feel energized! I'm more flexible and can move without pain; an added bonus is that I have lost a few pounds. I had been putting off redecorating my home because I couldn't use my right arm much before without causing neck and shoulder pain to the point that it would take days to recover. Now I can paint, move furniture, ect. Without worry of pain. And, I rarely feel the need for ibuprofen at all anymore.

I'm also impressed with the quality and accuracy of the initial and follow up exams, where complete and thorough spinal scans are done. I am so grateful to Hans for this healing, I feel like I'm getting back to life now! I would recommend this to anyone and often do.

My most sincere thanks.