We've been proudly serving residents of Stone Mountain, Pine Lake, Lithonia, Decatur and Clarkston with quality chiropractor care since 1996. Our Purpose To aid as many people as possible through chiropractic care and to supply quality care at a good price. To exceed the expectations of our patients by delivering outstanding care provided by a dedicated staff.

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  City Stone Mountain, GA
  Zip Code 30083
  Address 4466 Rockbridge Road
  Phone Number (404) 297-7639

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The Back Pain Center realizes that the most important element in your recovery from an auto accident and injury is quality care. We approach each patients case knowing how critical it is to not lose sight of your physical recovery even while we are assisting you with insurance companies and legal issues to ensure proper compensation for your pain and suffering as well as your treatment. Dr. Michael Moccio established The Back Pain Center in 1996. Originally from Smithtown, New York, Dr. Moccio received hs doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life University in 1993.

The Back Pain Center is dedicated to restoring our patients to pain-free full mobility. We have a range of treatment modalities to help achieve that end. Chiropractic spinal adjustments are natural treatments of vertebral subluxations of spinal joint dysfunctions. Misaligned bones put pressure on spinal nerves that exit from the spinal cord. The pinching of the nerve causes the pain patients feel. Whereas these subluxations can result from poor posture or stress, many of our patients subluxations are the results of injury from auto accidents.

The Back Pain Center hears many of the same questions from patients and there families. We've included a few frequently asked questions and answers below. Of course, if you have any other questions we are here to help. What is the cause of pain? Can chiropractic help me? You will find out on your first visit! After new patient paperwork is completed you will meet with the doctor. A consultation, history, spinal examination and spinal x-rays will determine if the cause of your pain is chiropractic.