If you are familiar with traditional chiropractic, most practitioners focus on increasing joint range of motion and decreasing pain, this is usually accomplished by torquing the spine with high speed twisting motions. Foundational NUCCA Correction (FNC) aims to correct the Foundation of the human spine which happens to be the neck region closest to the brain. If this region shifts, it can obstruct communication between the brain and the body which can cause a myriad of secondary conditions (symptoms). We measure and correct these shifts using 4 indicators, light pressure and NEVER any torque.

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  City Colorado Springs , CO
  Zip Code 80919
  Address 808 Village Center Dr.
  Phone Number (719) 265-0115

Products & Services

Complimentary Consultation

Sit down with the doctor and review what concerns you. During the Complimentary Consultation we discuss whether Foundational Chiropractic is right for you. It's a conversation NOT a commitment

Comprehensive Foundational Examination

If the doctor believes we can help and you'd like to proceed, a Comprehensive Examination is next. The examination includes four (4) objective measures to detect the presence of Foundational Shifts.

Foundational Chiropractic Adjustments

If a Foundational Shift has been detected, the next step is correction. Without using high force popping or twisting we gently guide the spine towards what is considered normal. Structure = Function

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Balance Chiropractic has totally changed my life. Before starting treatment with Dr. Pohl I was suffering from constant, daily neck pain and tension along with other complaints in my back. The treatment at Balance Chiropractic has totally relieved my neck pain and has provided huge relief with my back. I highly recommend this form of Chiropractic Care. I was a huge skeptic of chiropractic medicine before starting my treatment here. Now I can say that nothing helped me like Dr. Pohl!! In addition the facility and staff are fabulous. I'm always in and out quickly and the office is clean comfortable and welcoming.

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Customer Testimonials

Balance Chiropractic has been a life changer. I suffered from chronic migraines on a daily basis and in only a couple months they have completely gone away. Dr. Max and his team take the time to get to know you and personalize the treatment to get you back on the road to recovery.

Great experience I've been getting treatments since 2011 and I'm basically pain-free in my neck. It is also enabling me to create fabulous artwork as my spine and muscles unwind from years of dysfunction. Dr. Gamm "walks his talk" and I find that really refreshing in a health professional. Thanks Dr Gamm

My life changed drastically after having met Dr. Max. He is competent, kind, & uplifting. Greg & Paige are awesome, making the team at Balance always a breath of fresh air. After suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depression, (& the list goes on) I began to see light again. I felt an energy inside of me that I had never experienced before. After just one adjustment, I slept like a rock for the first time in years. Shortly after, I no longer needed any pharmaceutical drugs to "help" my brain cope. That never truly helps. Masking a symptom is far from fixing the root cause.

It's amazing how many changes can occur when the spine is more aligned. It opens up more blood flow, creating so many open doors of which your body can begin to heal itself, inside & out. I still was not a complete believer until seeing my before & after X-rays. I was shocked. My neck was originally jammed, twisted, bent, you name it. The difference was incredible. I told Dr. Max that I was honestly skeptical to begin with. He then said, "well, the proof is in the puddin'." He was so right, & I am beyond thankful!

Dr Max is always professional and caring!
I always had trouble focusing and remembering things, I have seen a world of difference since starting treatments at Balance Wellness!! I would recommend anyone with any discomforts to see what Dr Max and staff can do for you.

I started feeling better almost immediately. There are some weird pains as the adjustments take affect but overall there is a feeling of better health. Dr. Scott and Dr. Max are fantastic with a real caring attitude towards all patients. I couldn't ask for a better experience.

I've been going to Dr. Max for three months, with remarkable results in helping me address health/stamina/brain fog issues I've struggled with for decades. I'd never "connected the dots" between various neck and head injuries I've experienced in my life with my chronic issues -- and for which traditional medicine hasn't been able to help. I feel like I'm being awakened from many years of a groggy, half alive state, a sort of "un-wilting" from years of drought...I can't wait for the full effect after I finish the course! Dr. Max and his staff are all wonderful people!

Dr. Max is amazing! I have felt so much relief since going to Balance and he is very friendly and easy to talk to! It's nice to know he actually cares about my well being and that he takes he time to make conversation and actually remembers things about his patients even after not seeing them for a few weeks! My kids also love him and his staff! Thank you for all you do to make people healthy and feeling better!

I highly recommend Dr Max Pohl I saw him when he was first getting started in the St Louis Area. He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to his patients to understand what the patient is experiencing. My husband is very skeptical when it comes to chiropractors he first met Dr Pohl at a running expo he was attending with me and they totally hit it off and became a patient along with our 14 year old son. All of us were very sad to hear he was going to be relocating. If you are considering him for you chiropractic needs he is your guy.

I have seen several chiropractors the last 5 years since I started running and he simply is hands down the best out there. He is very understanding and patient with his patients when they are trying to explain there problem. He not only helps runners but all athletes. He understands what athletes go through being into weight lifting and hiking himself. He gets it. He will get you back to doing the things you love without pain and in a timely manner. I promise you you will not be disappointed.

Absolutely a great environment with amazing people. Originally went to Dr. Pohl for dizziness and migraines at the end of December. I must admit I was very sceptical at first, he is not the typical crack and pop type guy, but whatever he is doing I think its working! I've only had 2 migraines since we started and before it was 6 to 8 a month! I was considering giving them a 4 star but that would only because of the hours they offer not because of the service.

I have been going to Balance now for almost 2 months. I have noticed a difference in my pain level since starting. I have a long ways to go since I have dealt with my pain for many years. Working with Dr. Pohl has been a great experience. I look forward to continuing to work with him and to see the results we are both working on. The staff are very friendly and eager to answer any questions.

Dr. Max and his team are amazing. He truely cares about each individual patient and getting them back to who they are ment to be. Each person has a different case and Dr. Max makes sure to spend the time to personalize there care to made them better. My husband and I can't imagine where our health would be without them.


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