Gentle, Compassionate, Effective, Evidence Based Care At Baze Chiropractic we focus on total body wellness. Studying under Dr. Jame Chestnut, one of the world's leading health and wellness experts, we implement the eat well, think well, move well philosophy. This provides us with the tools to guide you to living a genetically congruent lifestyle leading you to long-term optimum health. Growing up in a horse racing family, Dr. Baze has an affinity for animals. As part of his training, Dr. Baze has been providing chiropractic care for horses and all other animals for 25 years and counting.

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  City Renton, WA
  Zip Code 98057
  Address 200 SW 41st Street, Suite 100
  Phone Number (425) 251-5715

Customer Testimonials

I always feel so much better after visits to Baze Chiropractic Drs. including staff who are keeping me in good physical condition. Oh yes and my Pug dog loves his visits with the Drs. Thanks so much.

I work for a package delivery company.
All day long, I'm in and out of a truck carrying various sized packages. I needed a good chiropractor.
Dr. Baze and his staff are always very welcoming. Each one has been very professional as well. We love Dr. Bazes's insight on having a natural way of eating and living. We've even gone so far as to purchase a mattress on his suggestion.
An IntelliBED
It's a family affair here. My wife, son(5), and I all get adjusted here.
We Love them and I believe you will too

Brought to tears today, and must give a shout out to a business that has impressed me and made me emotional. My dog Cujo (9 year old pug/boston terrier) has been suffering pain for over a year. He favors one of the his hind legs and on really bad days can't sleep. We have had xrays and have seen a couple vets. We keep anti inflammatory and pain medication readily available. Recently I told my chiropractor about Cujo and he recommended a chiropractor that does animals. At this point, I am desperate. I'm willing to pay any cost to stop seeing my dog suffer. I go today.

They have a back door for animal patients to arrive with a buzzer to let us in. I walk into the patient room for animals, awaits is a water dish and treat jar. I also find an envelope asking for a $10.00 donation to a chiropractor college and that is it! In between patients they help their animal clients. No appointment necessary and I didn't have to wait long! Not sure if this is going to be the answer for Cujo, but WOW, I'm just thrilled that I have this option after exhausting all others!!!! Thank you Baze Chiropractic!

I love this office and its staff. Doctors that listen and advise, crazy front office gals that i adore and the best massage therapists...EVER!!! We recommend them to everyone! Love you all!!

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All major insurance providers are accepted, but if you have questions regarding policies or coverage, please be sure to contact us. We are a preferred provider of Regence, Premera, and Aetna. Kris Webb says. Chiropractic for me is wellness and healthy well-being for life. It is so wonderful to feel good all the time and to know that I will feel like this for a lifetime.