We are a full service chiropractic clinic conveniently located in central Boulder. Chiropractic services include gentle adjustments, low force techniques, acupuncture, physical therapy modalities including electrical stimulation, ultrasound, cold laser and soft tissue manipulation. We also provide specific, corrective therapeutic exercise programs to facilitate your recovery and limit the necessity of having to constantly seek care. Our goals are to restore your health back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Dr. Marc Cahn


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Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are created to manipulate vertebrae that have abnormal movement patterns, or which fail to function properly. Our staff may recommend this treatment if you have a limited range of motion, experience frequent pain or discomfort or have nerve irritability. To learn more about chiropractic adjustment in Boulder, Colorado, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Marc Cahn, please call Boulder Back Pain Clinic today at 303-499-4500.

Chiropractic adjustment, also known as chiropractic manipulation, or spinal manipulation, is a therapeutic treatment for most cases involving lower back pain. When you receive an adjustment, our doctor will manipulate the vertebrae essentially realigning them and relieving the pain and tension that results from improper spine alignment or movement.

When you receive a chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Cahn will have you lay face-down on a treatment table. He will then perform your adjustment treatment by gently manipulating your spine and surrounding areas. It is very common that patients who receive this treatment will experience a sensation of relief. Your chiropractic adjustment may also be performed in conjunction with soft tissue therapy or another relaxation treatment.

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Dr. Cahn is a pro. He has cured a previously unsolvable headache. He is incredibly educated but not stuffy. IMO, has one of the best bedside manners in Boulder. Ellyn makes scheduling incredibly easy. Anyone I have referred here has also had stellar reviews about their experience. It's not often you can find a service that you can review like this, but this one is legit and happy to say so.

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Customer Testimonials

I received excellent treatment and service at this office. When I first called and spoke with Marc Cahn, DC I explained how I had been experiencing tightness and numbness in my legs for the past several years. I had discussed this for the first time with my Primary Care Physician over four years ago. Last fall the symptoms seemed to be worsening and I again went to see my physician. X-rays and MRI's were performed and no real sign of damage to my spine or nervous system. This year the symptoms became worse and back the physician I went.

More X-rays and MRI's were done and still no sign of any significant problem. After meeting with Marc for several sessions he took a fresh look at my most recent X-rays and MRI's and stated that there was no real reason to continue with my treatment and suggested I go back to my physician and talk about peripheral artery disease. Marc was able to diagnose my problem in a short period of time, something my physician was unable to do for the past 4-1/2 years. I am so grateful to Marc for getting to the root of my problem, I will soon be undergoing surgery to undergo an abdominal aorta bypass which should cure my leg problems.

Dr Cahn was honest, professional and effective. Could not even bend over to tie my shoes when I first visited and am now pain free. One of the things I respect about the interaction was that Dr. Cahn was not pushing me to constantly come in, like some other chiropractors will do. Instead, he wanted to genuinely see what my progress was, first. Highly ethical.

Marc is the best! He really is that chiropractor everyone is looking for. I had a bad back issue for 3 years that seemed to be getting worse with time. I went to so many other specialists and nothing worked until I went to see Marc. My back is healed now thanks to him.
The most amazing story is really how he helped my husband who had suffered from chronic migraines for over 13 years. I got him to see Marc and that was the end of his migraines!
He also cured my sisters back who thought she was going to need surgery! She is completely pain free now! Thank you Marc!

Dr Cahn and his staff are excellent. I've visited this office many times and always left very satisfied. His knowledge and skill are unsurpassed. I would recommend Boulder Back Pain Clinic to anyone seeking the best in chiropractic care

Dr. Cahn has helped me immensely. I was feeling dizzy and many specialists had no idea what was causing it. Dr. Cahn has worked on my neck (and back), and my dizziness has gone away. He is a dedicated, highly skilled professional. I could not recommend him more highly. Ellyn is great too. Office visits are on time and parking is easy.

Agree with all the positive comments, Dr Cahn is great, adjustments work well for my stiff back. Ellyn makes it easy for insurance and appts. parking is easy. Never a long wait, I appreciate my time being as important as theirs.

I love how I feel when I leave. Dr Cahn has helped me with both, back problems and headaches. Every visit ends with positive results. I have been going here for 7 plus years. Great place.

Great treatment, always on time, great care. It's also easy to make an appointment and the parking is easy.

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From Our Website

Our Whole Person Treatment Methodology cuts your typical length of treatment by 50% on average, which saves you time, money, and stress. Our goal as Boulder Colorado Chiropractors is to get you feeling like yourself in less than 5 weeks. So you can go back to enjoying your life and partake in the activities that you love! Using the Whole Person Treatment Method, Dr. Cahn and Dr. Guzik don't just treat the symptoms of your pain, they work tirelessly to get to the root of the problem and focus on providing solutions without the use of drugs, surgery, or long periods of rehab.

Here at Boulder Back Pain Clinic, we firmly believe in this form of true care. The age-old practices of performing manual manipulation of the spine can be found in evidence spanning from ancient Greek history to Chinese history. Many of the ancient manual practices were believed to heal and even cure many ailments, even those not related to the spine. The origins of chiropractic date back to 1895 when a Doctor by the name of D.D. Palmer performed a spinal adjustment on a partially deaf man named Harvey Lillard.

Therapy usingcold laser therapyis a highly effective and exceptional treatment. Laser therapy has many applicable conditions it can aid with immensely. The body is allowed to naturally heal itself when utilizing a combination of electric stimulation and cold laser technology. This low energy laser therapy is composed of a light-emitting device that is used on many different body parts. It is amazing how much you can feel the difference when you utilize laser therapy. Cold laser therapy can be used for a number of inflammatory conditions from sprains and tendonitis to arthritis.

Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVC) are a real and unfortunately only increasing source of injury that we see in our clinic every day. Despite large leaps in technology and safety that modern vehicles have, automobiles are still an ever-rising source of disability, injury, and death. The forces involved in an auto collision are exceptional and profound. This is a simple outcome of basic physics. A moving object such as a vehicle carries with it a form of energy called kinetic energy. This energy is a basic calculation of the weight of the vehicle combined with its speed.

Because of the holistic healing properties that come from getting a massage on the muscles, it is often utilized in conjunction with chiropractic care. Receiving soft tissue therapy can relax and loosen tight muscles and relieve tension and stress. When muscles get tense and tighten up, they tend to cause misalignment in the spine, which can ultimately lead to a wider range of other issues. A soft tissue therapy can offer relief before tension causes muscles to misalign the spine or cause you to injure other parts of the body.

Here are a few helpful tips. For our new patients, Prior to your visit, you can contact the office at [email protected] or by phone at 303-499-4500 and we will provide instructions on how to complete paperwork for new patients. Helpful and important information patients generally want to know before their first visit will be provided as well, such as which insurance carriers are accepted and what our cancellation policy is, ect. to maintaining your personal well-being at home. We are extremely proud to provide our patients with a state-of-the-art facility and the highest quality chiropractic care out there.