We treat all kinds of people for all types of conditions. Do you have neuropathy, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, muscle tightness or tension, headaches, ear aches, asthma, allergies, or inflammation in any of your soft tissues? We can give you what you need to feel better fast. Whether you were injured in an auto accident, playing sport, or simply tripping on something, if you're in pain because of stress, or because of a chronic health condition, we can treat you with the highest technology and cutting-edge treatments, or traditional chiropractic and massage care. We can even help you to simply improve your overall health, energy, and well-being, and strengthen it if you like. It all depends on your individual needs, and everyone's needs are different. We customize our treatment plans for each patient, so you are always treated as a genuine individual here.

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  City Shelby, NC
  Zip Code 28152
  Address 145 West Dixon Blvd
  Phone Number (704) 482-0135

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Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic care maintains the integrity of the spine and nervous system in order to prevent or eliminate numerous painful health conditions. In many cases (for example, lower back problems) chiropractic care may be the primary method of treating your pain. When other medical conditions exist, appropriate chiropractic care will strongly support medical treatment by relieving the musculoskeletal aspects associated with your pain.

When spinal health is compromised because of misalignments of the spinal vertebrae (the small bones that make up your spine) or damage to the surrounding tissue, your body does not function properly. This results in compromised overall health. We correct these misalignments by gently adjusting the position of the vertebrae, freeing the nerve system from spinal stress and ultimately unleashing the healing power of your body. The result – pain is reduced or eliminated, your immune system functions more efficiently and resistance to disease increases.

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My wife and I had an accident several years ago. We were both beat up pretty bad. Just doing simple activities were painful. Dr Rich and his staff helped give us back our mobility and quality of life. We are now on a monthly maintenance schedule that insures we maintain this quality of life. Haven't felt this good in 20 years.

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Overall ratingExcellent

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These are some of the best people I have had the pleasure knowing. I came in here with back pain from 1993, and neuropathy in both feet. In the 2 months that I have been coming here Kallie has done a fantastic job with all my treatments, on my feet to where I have to say I am at 90% pain free in my feet.

My back is getting there probably around 80% pain free after coming here. The staff and Drs treat you like family, and explain things that can be understood by anyone, they are very informed and knowledgeable about what they are doing. Again Kallie has done a remarkable job, and I thank her for all she has done.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

This is my first time ever going to a chiropractor and the staff here is great. Everyone in the office seems to truly care about your over health in helping you heal and I appreciate their knowledge in helping me understand. One thing that has stood out is that is not just about going to feel better but it's trying to get to the underlying cause of why I'm in pain and working toward being a healthier me.

After going to another chiropractor for years, I decided it was time for change. I had new X-rays taken of my spine and neck and couldn't believe what I saw. Dr. Brad and the staff set me up a weekly plan to get me back to "normal". I have been going for a few weeks now and could tell a difference after the first 2 visits. I am excited to see my progress over the next few months. I would highly recommend this office. Dr. Brad and all the staff are so friendly, helpful, caring and AWESOME!!

My first experience with chiropractic medicine has been so much easier with you all! Thanks to everyone there my daughter, 2 year old grandson and myself are recovering from a rear end accident. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and I feel like I am visiting friends when I go. Thank you!

I have suffered with lower back pain and neck pain for the past several years. I have also had bad experiences in the past with Chiropractic care. So, I was very reluctant to even try another one. However, the very first time I met Dr. Brad and the entire team at Carolina Chiropractic Plus, they put my fears to rest, and made me feel safe and comfortable. Dr. Brad is especially good at what he does! I'm not, by any means, pain free, but I am moving much more fluidly and my pain level is MUCH lower than it was when I first started! I could go on forever, with nothing but good things to say about Carolina Chiropractic Plus, and Dr. Brad! Thank You All for being so kind, underdtanding, and helpful!!

This is a great place to solve your problems. They work on your whole body as a system to get you back in action. I have experienced quick results to take my pains away. I would recommend everyone visit at least once to see what it is like.

My experience with Carolina Chiropractic Plus has been amazing! I came in after having suffered for almost 2 years with shoulder pain. I thought it was something that would need surgery, and frankly, I was terrified of that. Dr. David and the staff, here, have made me feel at home every time I come in. After only about two and a half weeks of some muscle therapy (ultrasound) and getting regular adjustments, I am no longer suffering from shoulder pain. If I would have known how easy of a fix it would be, I would have visited much sooner! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Love the staff!! I have had trouble with headaches and knee pain and going through treatments and adjustments I am pain free. I feel my quality of life has changed dramatically and I have more energy and don’t get sick like I use too. I am now doing maintenance adjustments and still have no knee pain and hardly have any headaches. I have even brought both my kids to get adjusted. They feel much better and are very active in sports.

What a great group of professionals. They give their best in making a difference in your life. I had some issues with my knee. It was very painful. Treatments were started and what a difference in my knee. Pain had decreased and the movement in my knee was much better. By the end my knee felt wonderful! I am so thankful for the care and service they offer to their patients. They are a team with great customer service!

There are not enough positive adjectives to describe the people who work here and the services they provide. My quality of life has improved tremendously thanks to the treatments for my neuropathy. My feet are 100% better and my balance has improved. They have also helped shoulder and neck pain I suffered with for years.

I was a skeptic at first. Could hardly walk because of my left foot. Made an appt. Went for my first visit. Needless to say i was extremely pleased with the people who work there. So friendly so caring so professional. They told me what was wrong and how we could treat it. Now 6 visits later i can walk with little pain. I've got a ways to go but with their care and support I'll get there. I just love everyone there and look forward to a long relationship. My highest praise to everyone there. I daily recommend them to people that i meet and people i know.

The staff always have a smile on their face and willing to answer any questions you may have. They are knowledgeable in trendment plans, how they work and what they do to you body. Never have to wait more then a few minutes to be seen. I would recommend Carolina Chiropractic Plus to anyone who is having back trouble.

I was really impressed with Carolina Chiropractic Plus. I am originally from St. Louis, Mo. My family and I had a chiropractor that we loved for over 8 years. I was very apprehensive about finding a chiropractor in this area. Carolina Chiropractic plus exceeded my expectations. They are friendly and thorough. They have everything here that you need to become healthy and maintain health. I highly recommend them!!!


Welcome to Carolina Chiropractic Plus

http://ncchiroplus.com/ - Call us today at (704) 482-0135. At Carolina Chiropractic Plus, we are committed to providing the best quality patient care available. We specialize in chiropractic care, computerized adjusting, and physical therapy. In addition our facility is equipped with electric stimulation, ultrasound therapy, and ProAdjuster Technology. Our office is located in Shelby and serves the surrounding communities of Boiling Springs, Kingstown, Kings Mountain, Grover, Earl, Patterson Springs, Lawndale, Fallston, Belwood, Casar, and Polkville.

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From Our Website

Welcome to Carolina Chiropractic Plus, a proud provider of Chiropractic Care, Physical Rehabilitation, Functional Medicine & Wellness Therapy for our community of Shelby, North Carolina. We stand by our methods of treating problems at the source, concentrating on the person and not just the symptoms, matching them with cutting edge technology to provide fast, effective and lasting results. Our care plans are completely customized to each individual, because no pain is the exact same, with a goal of making sure you stay informed about the treatments you'll receive so you can make informed decisions.

At Carolina Chiropractic Plus in Shelby, NC, patients are top priority! Dr. Rich Berkowitz, Dr. Brad Moffitt and the team of professionals provide specialized techniques including chiropractic care, auto injury rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation, functional medicine, laser therapy and more. Dr. Berkowitz, Dr. Brad Moffitt and Dr. Michael Begley have decades of experience helping patients with a wide range of issues. Treatment plans at Carolina Chiropractic Plus are tailored to the individual.

We use chiropractic care to maintain the integrity of your spine and nervous system. Misalignments are gently corrected by adjusting the position of the vertebrae and freeing the nerve system from spinal stress. To accomplish these goals, our chiropractor in Shelby may use the Thompson, rapid release, or diversified technique; passive therapies such as electric stimulation, intersegmental traction, ultrasound therapy, hydrotherapy, interferential therapy, and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease by focusing on the patient as a whole rather than only treating isolated sets of symptoms. We take the time to listen to eachpatient in order to determine their health histories including genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that can influence long-term health & well-being. Functional medicine treatment plans will usually include making some changes in the patient's lifestyle. These include changes to nutrition, physical activity, stress management, exposure to toxic substances and additional factors.