CFHC has helped Olympic medallists, Football players and other top named athletes with their chiropractic care. But really, everyone is a star at CFHC and you are sure to be given the royal treatment every time! You just might find yourself smiling too! Our trained therapists are available to give you a relaxing therapeutic massage to aid relieve stress and keep your muscles feeling cheerful.

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  City Centreville , VA
  Zip Code 20121
  Address 14215E Centreville Square
  Phone Number (703) 222-3737

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I was experiencing leg and shoulder pain. Required maintenance alignment of my back. Also, I had injured my shoulder recently. Dr. Curcio interviewed me for quite some time to get background information on the problems I was experiencing before recommending any treatments. X-rays were used to ensure that nothing was overlooked and that there were not any hidden injuries.

First off, I want to say that Dr. Paul Curcio is of the highest integrity and professionalism. He and his staff are some of the most personable people you could ever meet and hope to know. I trust him and his opinions and treatments implicitly and without question. I have been seeing Dr. Curcio for two years now and have had nothing but extremely positive experiences and the reason as to why I have been continuing my visits to him and his clinic.

Dr. Curcio performed an over-all health scan on me using a “Bio-scan” machine. This medical instrument has the capability of scanning all of your body’s vital functions and determining an overall level of health while discovering and pointing out any anomalies or issues requiring attention. I was impressed how well this machine was able to read my body’s current status and condition and felt that this was an excellent secondary (if not primary) tool to be used in assisting an overall level of health. Well worth the time to have this scan done!

Once the x-rays and Bio-scan were completed and analyzed, Dr. Curcio performed chiropractic techniques on various areas of my body while explaining and demonstrating exactly why the treatment was necessary and what I could expect. I also received maintenance treatment as well and before I walked out of the door of the facility I already could tell how much better I felt.

One thing further, the Bio-scan machine proved to be an early warning detection instrument in which Dr. Curcio was able to analyze results, recommend and provide a good source of homeopathic remedies to help treat the symptoms and reverse the affects.

From start to finish this was an excellent overall experience. There was virtually little wait before being treated, the administrative staff was very welcoming, friendly and efficient and the facility was clean and modern. I felt that I was cared for as a person and not just another number or patient. I thought that Dr. Curcio was extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cared about what it was that was giving me trouble and was willing to take the time and patience to get to the root cause of the problem. I have been back for follow-up visits several times since my first appointment and I have not only seen progress in my symptoms but feel more and more comfortable with my visits there. I feel like I am part of a family as that is how they make you feel. I highly recommend Dr. Curcio and the Chiropractic Family Health Center!

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