We teach quick, simple, effective, easy to implement lifestyle choices that will enable our patients to age gracefully and live a full and productive life until they move on to their next journey. We focus not only on optimizing one’s nervous system, but True Nutrition based on Human Physiology. I’m working on developing a new health care model/center which will be called Inspired Health Centers. The major focuses of this will be Inspired Nutrition & Inspired Body (exercise, mobility, flexibility, endurance, speed, power, agility, functional applicable strength, attitude, mind, sleep, stress relief, and much more).

People are recognizing the benefit of seeking an alternative to traditional medicine; one that will help them achieve and maintain optimal health. Please take the time to meet the doctor, team, and our wellness network dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives. As a patient at Chiropractic First we will personally tailor a wellness program specifically targeted to your wellness needs using the least invasive yet highly-effective techniques and services including:

Specific, life enhancing chiropractic adjustments
Lifestyle coaching
Nutrition Plans
Fitness Plans
Stress Relief
And more

At Chiropractic First we are the perfect blend of high tech and high caring. We strive to be a family oriented, Ritz Carlton style chiropractic office. Service to you is our mission, exceeding expectations our goal. Everyone who walks through this door will have his/her life changed, all while being extremely affordable and following fair exchange.

Contact Details

  City Lincoln, NE
  Zip Code 68516
  Address 3900 Yankee Hill Rd
  Phone Number (402) 421-7000

Products & Services


Pain relievers of various types are the most common approach to headaches. In our practice we take a more natural approach. Our objective is to find and reduce the underlying cause of a headache.

Some are surprised to learn that their headaches are being caused by problems in their lower back! The upper spine compensates, shifting the head off center, causing headaches.

Neck Pain

We see this sort of thing all the time. It’s almost routine. Chiropractic care has a history of producing excellent results with those suffering from neck pain. And we do it naturally, without drugs or surgery.

At Chiropractic First we specialize in reducing interference to the nervous system in the neck. Many of our patients find that chiropractic care gives them relief from both minor and major neck and shoulder complaints.


Your nervous system is the master system that orchestrates your immune system, glandular system, respiratory system and every other system that reacts inappropriately to an allergen. Normally, these systems help you respond and adapt to the world around you. But suffering from uncontrollable sneezing around a house cat is probably an inappropriate reaction.

If your nervous system isn’t working right, you don’t work right. So, rather than direct our attention to the countless potential allergens, we locate and reduce the disturbances we find to your nervous system.

Auto Accidents

Whether it was a little incident in the parking lot, or two cars attempting to occupy the same space in an intersection, you need people who know how to work with lawyers and insurance companies.

If you’ve been in a car accident, give us a call. We’ve been through this many times. Not only can we usually offer drug-free care, we can help put this behind you once and for all.

Back Pain

Specific chiropractic adjustments can help improve spinal function. By restoring the way your spine works, discs and soft tissues may heal, nerve involvement may be reduced, pain can ease and better stability can return.

Customer Testimonials

I first saw Dr. Jamey several years ago after I injured my back and was being evaluated by a different Dr for possible back surgery. Under Dr.Jamey's care I've not only avoided back surgery altogether I'm also pain and worry free. I've gone back to running and working out on a regular basis. You couldn't ask for a better Dr!

Dr. Jamey is amazing! I could barely move without crying in pain, went to see him, and the next day I can move a lot easier. Everyone there is really nice and helpful. Definitely sticking to this chiropractor!

I have been seeing Dr. Jamey since January of this year and have had wonderful results... I am never sore afterwards, my problem areas feel better than ever and I sleep better! I feel confident in Dr. Jamey's abilities to help that I bring my kids to see him as well:) I believe that you will be in great hands if you come see Dr. Jamey for you and your families needs!

I've been going to Chiropractic First for the last 5 months, they are amazing!! I was diagnosed with a disease that I would have to take medication for the rest of my life and thanks to Chiropractic First I may not have to! They are truly lifesavers!

I'm a 64 year old male who has led a very active lifestyle and I want to continue my lifestyle but was struggling with assorted muscle strains and pain. I first visited with Dr Jamey in February of 2014. Of the many benefits I've received from chiropractic care the one that I have experienced lately is my quicker recovery time after a minor strain or pull. I baled hay this summer and I play racquetball two to three times a week so I ask a lot from my body. I strained muscles several times over the last six months but what has fascinated me is my recovery period is so much shorter! A strain of a muscle in my lower back what would have taken days, and sometimes weeks to recover from, I'll feel much better within hours, incredible!

I first met Dr. Jamey after I hurt my back during a kickboxing class and desperately went in search of a good chiropractor in Lincoln. I was pregnant at the time so I was even more concerned with receiving quality care. Little did I know what I thought would be a quick visit to treat the problem would turn into a wonderful experience focused on a more holistic approach. Dr. Jamey was able to get me in for an appointment right away and did what he could to relieve my pain for that day. He then suggested continued care and I signed on, deciding to take a more proactive approach with my health rather than a reactive approach when issues arose.
My visits quickly became a family affair when both my husband and son began seeing Dr. Jamey. Dr. Jamey took the time to explain the process to my son and ease any fears he had about seeing a chiropractor. After the birth of our daughter, she too joined in the family fun and went to see Dr. Jamey shortly after her birth. Following our care, we have each had health improvements. Personally, I've seen a decline in frequent headaches that had plagued me for many years of my life. We tell everyone we know about how much we love Dr. Jamey's office. We want to share our good experience with others. If you're looking for a holistic approach to your health and not just a "fix it when it hurts" solution, this is the place to go.

I started going to Chiropractic First in March for Daily dizzy spells and I have seen great improvement in my dizziness. Jamey is very knowledgeable about how everything works and takes the time to explain it to you. He also takes the times to explain everything to kids even when they don't care. I would recommend Chiropractic First to everyone.

Dr. Jamey has been a blessing to our family. We have been patients of Dr. Jamey's for over three years. We were originally recommended to Dr. Jamey because our daughter had severe acid reflux and was on medication for the first several months of her life. We stopped giving her the medication prior to visiting with Dr. Jamey because it wasn't helping. After our first few visits, she showed significant improvement and eventually was reflux free. Through our visits, my husband and I have learned how to eat healthier and de-stress our lives. Without hounding or being pushy about his views, Dr. Jamey educates and coaches us into making better decisions for ourselves and our family. We are very thankful for his guidance and have recommended many of our friends and family to him for adjustments. Thank you, Dr. Jamey!

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