Here at Columbia Chiropractic Group we are committed to providing the best chiropractic healthcare available. We are Sports Chiropractic Physicians with over 13 combined years in sports medicine, and the official Chiropractic Consultants for the University of Missouri Athletics. We utilize multiple specific and scientifically proven treatment techniques to help increase your mobility, decrease pain, and improve your overall health.

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  City Columbia , MO
  Zip Code 65203
  Address 2001 Corona Rd. Ste 205
  Phone Number (573) 397-5980

Products & Services

Rehabilitation Exercises

Our rehabilitation exercises are personalized to each patient depending upon their needs. Our sports specific rehabilitation focuses on the unique demands of the individual's sport. Our goal is restore the athlete back to their performance level prior to injury, while utilizing training techniques that will help decrease chances of future injuries. The doctors at CCG also work with patients to improve their posture and function in the workplace, whether it is sitting at a desk or working in an assembly line.

Chiropractic Adjustments

We utilize several adjusting techniques that are safe, comfortable, and effective in improving our patients health. Thompson technique utilizes the assistance of a specialized table with sections called drop pieces. The drop pieces allow for a lower force to be used which may be more comfortable for patients. Diversified adjustments are a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust utilized to help restore motion into joints. This technique is extremely safe and comfortable which can be applied to the spine and extremities. Yes, we treat much more than just the spine!

Soft Tissue/myofascial Release

Our doctors are certified in a specialized technique that helps to reduce stress in the muscles, myofascia, tendons and ligaments. This includes working trigger points and areas of high stress throughout the body. We also have massage therapy services available in our office to compliment our chiropractic treatments to help patients get back to their active lifestyles quicker.


Here at CCG, we assess multiple areas of your health, which includes nutrition. Proper nutrition and adequate hydration is necessary for optimal performance. Services are available to assess and answer any questions your have about your current dietary state and utilization of supplements as needed. This is not to be utilized in place of your current medications, but to help support your own immune system and dietary needs.

Functional Movement Analysis

Our doctors take a unique approach at treating the body as a whole, not just the spine. We utilize screenings such as gait analysis, squat analysis, and throwing mechanics to correct any biomechanical deficiencies found in the body. By looking at specific movements we can help individuals increase their daily performance whether it is on the field, playing with their children, or working in the office. Each examination is personalized to each patient and their overall needs.

Therapeutic Modalities

We utilize several therapeutic modalities to help decrease pain and promote healing. Electrical stimulation helps to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms. The use of ultrasound helps increase the temperature of damaged tissues by the use of soundwaves. This has been proven to help decrease scar tissue adhesions, increase blood flow to the injury to improve healing.

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Brittany is an excellent chiropractor! She has extensive experience with treating athletes and helping them perform at their max potential! She truly cares about her patients and the community! I highly recommend her for the entire family!

Dr. Overman is awesome! I was given so much attention during my visit, and she actually listened to me when I told her about my issues. No one has ever taken time to explain things to me like she did. I'm very impressed with the way she handled my case, and I am looking forward to finally getting better!

Dr. Overman is a top notch chiropractor! She is extremely thorough in what she does. I highly recommend and would not hesitate sending family and friends to her.

My faith in chiropractors has been restored! Too many of the chiropractic offices are looking to sign you up for a lifetime plan, suck your bank account dry and smile at you.
Dr. Brittany Overman Ramirez relieved me of pain that three other doctors either misdiagnosed or just could not explain.
I was unable to sit for more than 10 minutes! The pain was so intense I would get nauseous.
With just three appointments I am well!
I don't need to be adjusted multiple times per week for months at a time. It was GREAT to meet a doctor that treated my injury, was happy to see me recover, and encouraged me to call if I have any other issues.
I highly recommend this office.

Great chiropractic care! Dr Overman gets me in quickly and corrects my problems every time! She explains things very well. She doesn’t try to convince you to come in more often than necessary, like some offices do. First and last chiropractor I will ever have!

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Thank you Jaime for coming to visit our office today!! Jaime is the Director of the Missouri Women's Business Center here in Columbia. Jaime and her staff are a huge resource for small businesses in Columbia. The #MOWBC was instrumental in helping Dr.
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Do you clinch or grind your teeth at night? Ever wake up with lock jaw? Dr. Overman has extensive experience treating patients who suffer from TMJ pain with incredible results. Come learn how your TMJ issue may be causing much more than just pain. #CCG
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Columbia Chiropractic Group will be closed on Thursday, 10/6 and Friday 10/7 as Dr. Overman is away for a conference. We apologize for any inconvenience! We will reopen on Monday October 10th at 8am.
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Looking for a more natural approach to pain relief? Call or come by our office to set up your appointment and learn how you can benefit from chiropractic care. #CCG
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Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis or foot pain? At #CCG we offer a non-surgical solution to put that pep back into your step! Give us a call to set up your evaluation today!
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Low back pain is the most common complaint among golfers. Did you know that Chiropractic can help with more than just your pain? Our doctors can help improve your mechanics on the course while helping to eliminate your pain!
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