We believe that illness and wellness exist on a continuum. As you move toward one, you move away from the other. Our goal is to help you change paths to wellness - to invite wellness back into your life.

We believe that wellness is more than just biological health Ė it is psychological, emotional, and spiritual health, too!

To express wellness in the whole of you, you must live well in each of these dimensions simultaneously. Wellness is the jubilant unifying expression of vitality in every area of your life; it restores your ability to live with joy, strength, and skill.

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  Person Dinoff Family Chiropractic
  City Marietta , GA
  Zip Code 30066
  Address 2790 Sandy Plains Road
  Phone Number (770) 509-2554

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Dinoff's "BEST Technique" not only eliminated my chronic back condition, it also eliminated my anatomical short leg condition; I donít need a lift in my shoe anymore.

My anatomically short leg condition was confirmed by two different doctors, in two different states, several years apart, and each diagnosis was verified by x-ray.

My understanding of this problem is that my back and short leg condition was the result of a subconsciously stored memory pattern, perhaps from a past injury, accident, or negative experience. Once Dr. Dinoff cleared the high brain interference, my body's Internal Intelligence immediately adapted my physical structure to eliminate my conditions.

As a result, I'm now able to participate in hard physical exercise, eat a more liberal diet, and endure lots of stress without lapsing into that old physical pattern.

Thanks so much Dr. Dinoff! It's hard to describe how this healing has changed my life and overall well-being.