Dr. Mark Scholl was raised in Kansas City, Missouri and enjoyed an avid appreciation of athletics until several debilitating back traumas caused chronic back pain. These injuries greatly inhibited his quality of life experience and he found only temporary symptom relief from innumerable traditional modalities. Nothing seemed to alleviate his back pain until he discoveredthe Chiropractic modality called Advanced BioStructural Correction. This experience altered his life completely and he decided that ABC was the field of medicine he wanted to share with his patients.

On July 14th 2005, Mark packed up the biggest moving van available, loaded up his wife and three sons and drove halfway across the country to pursue his education at Cornell. Mark graduated with his Bachelor Degree in Food Science at Cornell University, focusing his attention on one of his passions: Nutrition. He enjoys the study of how the human body functions through, and reacts to nutrition. This includes but is not limited to whole food supplementation, fermentation, the questionable FDA Food Pyramid, and the balance of diet and exercise in the sedentary world we live in. His family practices the life he teaches (with the exception of one day... Halloween. Come on, he's not a monster!). He and his family are devoted to a chemical-free lifestyle and embrace a holistic approach to healing.

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