Dr. Stuart K. Himmelstein has over 20 years experience treating all types of issues. Dr Himmelstein is endorsed by the FOP and is chiropractor to the USA Lacrosse team. We can help you with everything from neck & back pain to sports and work related injuries as well as nutritional counseling and wellness care.

At our facility we treat..
- Neck & Back Pain
- Disc Herniation
- Auto & Work Related Injuries
- Sciatica
- Headaches & Sports Injuries
Therapies include:
- Rehabilitation
- Spinal Decompression Therapy
- Therapeutic / Cold Laser Therapy
- Nutritional Counseling

When you visit us for chiropractic care and therapy, our staff will be focused on properly diagnosing you to determine the best care plan going forward, but more importantly, we will focus on you as a human being. We are not just treating back pain - we are treating you holistically. Your situation is unique to your circumstances, and we factor that in

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  • 20 Years Experience - Endorsed by FOP - Chiropractor to the USA Lacrosse Team
  • Free Transportation Available - Walk-Ins Welcome - Most Insurance accepted

Serviced Areas

  • Philadelphia,Pa 19114, 1995,19916,19136,1915 & Bucks County

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  • American Express, MasterCard, Personal Checks, VISA

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  Person Dr. Stuart K. Himmelstein
  City Philadelphia, PA
  Zip Code 19114
  Address 2981 Grant Avenue
  Phone Number (215) 632-3074

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Dr. Stuart K. Himmelstein


Products & Services

Neck and Back pain

Neck and Back pain

We can treat the pains that spread over a large area of your body or are in one region. Our treatment will differ depending on your particular situation - your plan for recovery will be personalized.

Auto Accident & Work Related Injuries

Auto Accident & Work Related Injuries

Even after an injury from an auto accident or a work accident has been treated by the doctor, you may be left with residual pain. Dr. Stuart Himmelstein and his professional staff have extensive experience with such injuries, and our gentle, non-invasive techniques provide natural pain relief and healing without the need for surgery or medications.

Disc Herniation

Disc Herniation

Herniated disc or bulging disc is an extremely common spinal injury, with thousands of people suffering from this condition. Dr. Stuart Himmelstein and his staff meet with every patient, and put together a comprehensive evaluation that will give you an individualized and personal recovery program.



Chronic headaches can make your everyday tasks impossible. It's hard to focus on your work or study when you have constant discomfort. Dr. Stuart Himmelstein believes that it is very important do a thorough evaluation so headache patients can be properly managed.

Sports Injury

Sports Injury

More and more athletes are turning to chiropractic therapy for sports injuries including joint sprains, fractures, and spinal disk injuries. If you have suffered any of these type injuries Dr. Stuart Himmelstein can provide you with a comprehensive program to help rebuild your strength and endurance, so you can return to regular physical activity.



At our facility, we treat many different injuries and conditions. Injuries present themselves with various symptoms including pain, stiffness, decreased range of motion and loss of strength. If nerves are involved, there may be tingling and/or numbness, along with weakness, in the affected area.

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After my accident I needed help with my back pain. My regular doctor was unable to help me so I went online and found Dr. Himmelstein. His reviews were good, so I went to him and very pleased that I did. My back has never felt better since the accident and recommend Dr. Himmelstein to everyone. Thanks Lexi

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Customer Testimonials

Great place to get treatment. Flexible hours and can always get an appointment no problem. Very flexible with walk ins also. If you’re in need of treatment for your back, neck or anything else come here. They always seem to get my back feeling 20 years younger

This office has saved me during my pregnancy!! I was going to see Dr. Robin prior to getting pregnant for adjustments which was helping my lower back pain but when I got pregnant the Lower back/hip pain intensified. Dr. Robin has been able to make my pregnancy enjoyable, has listened to what/where I was hurting and has been an absolute MIRACLE for me during my pregnancy. Without this office and the adjustments I have been getting, I would be one miserable pregnant woman!! I look forward to walking into this office to the smiling Lawanda, talking with John (masseuse) and being adjusted by the amazing Dr. Robin! Thank you all so much!!

I have been coming to this office for several months now and have never had a negative experience. Every person in their office from the receptionist to the massage therapist to the Dr's have always been friendly and treat you as if they've know you for years.
They are all very knowledgeable and are genuinely concerned and are always empathetic (which I feel is so important).
If you are in pain - this is where you want to be!

Dr. Himmelstein and his staff are professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I feel so much better after a visit. They know what they are doing and work with your doctor to give you the best care possible.

From Our Website

When you visit us for Chiropractic care and therapy, Philadelphia Chiropractor Dr. Stuart Himmelstein and his staff will attempt to determine the exact cause of your symptoms through a comprehensive examination. Their next focus will be on properly diagnosing you to determine and discuss the best and most comprensive treatment plan going forward. Chiropractic adjustments relieve pressure on the nervous system, promote spinal health and improve overall health. These adjustments are especially beneficial for providing pain relief and managing chronic pain caused by herniated discs or other spinal misalignment.

Bulging discs are cushions that exists between the spinal vertebrae that has pushed out of its normal space in the vertebral column. Bulging discs usually remain pain-free at first, but as time goes on, the vertebral disc becomes weak and the soft inside part of the disc can bulge against a nerve, causing tingling, numbness and serious pain. A Bulging disc is common condition which happens more as we get older. A Bulging Disc is a condition that in most cases can be successfully treated by Dr. Himmelstein at his Philadelphia, PA chiropractic office.