Our mission is to serve and care for people of all ages while creating a journey with each person toward better health and balance in every aspect of their life. To achieve ultimate health aka EnVitality, the mind, body, and spirit must all be given attention and there must be a balance. Having chiropractic, fitness, nutrition, massage and an esthetician under one roof is the perfect combination, and all of these services integrate to create balance in the mind, body and spirit for every person.

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  Person Dr. Jacqueline Berens
  City Castle Rock, CO
  Zip Code 80109
  Address 4760 Castleton Way
  Phone Number (303) 668-2103

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Dr. Jacqueline Berens


Dr. Jacqueline was born in Wichita, Kansas but has lived in Colorado from a young age. Dr. Jacqueline knew she wanted to be a Doctor of Chiropractic since she was fifteen when she injured her elbow as an elite gymnast. She was unable to do gymnastics for six months and had tried many doctors and therapies to help her injury and nothing had worked. A teammate suggested trying chiropractic, and she was back to gymnastics in two weeks! Another amazing change happened a few months after she had been under care, she no longer needed glasses. The eye doctor had told her that her vision was barely off, but she kept getting terrible headaches in school so she was given a mild set of eye glasses.

  • I would recommend this business
  • Located inside a fitness gym. What a great idea!
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I have been seeing Dr. J for over two months now and I cannot say how much she has helped me. I was recommended to Dr. Jacqueline from a personal trainer at the gym who she had helped because I was always complaining about my back pain when I worked out. Dr. Jacqueline is a very young and passionate chiropractor. I was amazed how much she listened to my concerns. Unlike other chiropractors I have seen in the past, she takes the time with you on every visit. Prices are good too! Her office is nestled in the back of the gym and you have to know how to get back there. My back pain has gone away and my energy levels have increased and I sleep like a baby every night.

Value for moneyVery fair
Service & supportBest service
QualityBest adjustment I have ever had
LocationI workout and I can get adjusted in one place!
Overall ratingExcellent

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The Wellness Way Centennial (formerly The EnVitality Wellness Center) is a fully certified chiropractic and wellness center that serves the Englewood, Colorado and the surrounding Denver Metro area. We specialize in examining all areas of your body that are causing you pain and work to bring your body back to homeostasis. Our focus is on helping patients with their aches and pains by using innovative and comfortable healing strategies that take on an different approach such as gut restoration and chiropractic.

The back is a broad term that covers a large area of the body. It is made up of many tendons, ligaments, discs, muscles, and bones. Without a solid understanding of these different parts, it can be complicated to locate and address the source of the pain. The following explains some of the most common issues and their identifying features. It also explains how chiropractic medicine can help to resolve them. This is a general guideline to help you in your quest for effective treatment, but we highly recommend that you seek a professional opinion to properly diagnose these issues.