Dr. Claire O'Neill-Close's experience in pharmacy altered her belief in true health from medicine to wellness; changing her life from medicine to chiropractic. Dr. Claire believes that true wellness can only be achieved by correcting and preventing subluxations.

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  City Los Angeles, CA
  Zip Code 90039
  Address 3171 Los Feliz Blvd.#202
  Phone Number (323) 662-2891

  • I would not recommend this business

Of the old school variety of chiropractors, requiring x-rays ($125, even with 2 "free" views) before treatment and subjecting patients to a 15 minute video about the benefits of chiropractic. For those familiar with chiropractic treatment, this is just a complete waste of time. The lengthy spinal evaluation and x-rays did not tell me anything that I did not already know about my spine, and had in fact already told them about during the intake. Due to my history, they told me that they would not touch me without the x-rays. My history also includes extensive imaging that shows that non-cracking chiropractic would be safe, but they were not interested in those findings. When it comes to actual treatment, nothing special there.

The whole practice seems geared towards getting as much $$ as possible out of newbies with the ol' chiro song-and-dance. Just a quick example... I paid the $ for the x-rays, against my better judgement, because I was told that at least I could have some newer films to add to my growing pile. No mention of any extra costs involved with getting that copy of the films (that I thought I had already paid for). When I asked for a copy today, I was told it would be $35 to burn a disc. $35?! When I protested, I was pointed to their thick manual of rules that was given to me at the first appointment, where it "clearly states this."

I was looking for a chiropractor that can integrate in with my current healing program, but this one follows its set ruts in the ground, and does not appear to stray from the script much. Oh, and watch out for their young sarcastic receptionist who is quite the effective communicator. I'm just glad that I was given the "special deal" (that everyone gets if you just know to ask for it) of no initial exam fee ($129). Just be aware that if you do choose to go to this chiropractic office and you pay the full price, you are about to be taken on a ride.

Update: I had to ask some insurance questions repeatedly to the obtusely unhelpful receptionist, and was still not getting a clear answer. My repeated questioning (in other words, not moving along like a sheepish "good patient") together with my incredulity about the x-ray CD costs prompted a call from Dr. Claire this morning. In her message to me, instead of seeking to know what her patient's perspective was on things, barred me from her office because she heard I was being "rude to her staff." Fantastic practices at this place!

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  • I would recommend this business
  • Dr. Claire O'Neill is a competent, caring chiropractor

I kept having neck pain. Also, a problem I've had for years is shortness of breath. Dr. Claire relieved it and has made my life normal again. My husband referred the doctor. Chiropractic is the least intrusive, most effective way to bring your body to its healthiest state.

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Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Genius! Game changer! Life saver!

They're so good at what they do, Doc is amazing. I have 5 herniated disc, sciatic nerve and two bad knees. Doc does her thing and the pain and tightness in my back are gone.

Awesome office! Love Dr. Claire, she is fantastic.I love the staff, they are so caring and friendly. Dr. Clare is the best.

Dr. Claire and her team's approach to chiropractic care is the best I've come across so far. Systematic and exacting, she diagnoses, treats, and educates all her patients with a thoughtfulness and caring that's unparalleled for me and gives most MDs I've been to a run for their money. She has helped me so much to foster good wellness habits as well as treat existing symptoms and problems.

When I came to her I had chronic neck and shoulder pain that was making it difficult for me to even drive and perform day to day work and parenting duties. Dr. Claire's first treatment had an immediate impact and provided such a welcome relief for the pain. I have come back regularly for adjustments since, but the most wonderful thing is that I'm really feeling longer and longer lasting effects of her treatment and guidance.

The pain and problems that had been so chronic previously are much more intermittent now and continue to decrease. My ability to stretch and address these intermittent issues now at home has improved as well, and I credit Dr. Claire for this. She's the whole care package: immediate, preventative, pragmatic. I can't recommend her highly enough.

I have been coming to this office for many years (Since 2006). The best thing I can say to someone who is apprehensive or scared of being treated by a Chiropractor, is that they are not all made equal. You really have to search and find for a great Chiropractor and stick with them. (Like you would do any other thing which you value.) I can say that GFCA is the best and I would not trust any other doctor with my body and family. (Unless they come from the same school of thought and training). Just remember, that the human body was designed intelligently and we also must intelligently take care of our body's. The spine, vertebrae, the entire skeletal system and the nervous system are the foundations of the human body. Everything else builds and connects from it. It all works together. You will see that GFCA has many other services and products and you won't be disappointed.

Originally scheduled a thermography (a proven to be safer, more accurate, alternative to mammography) and was so impressed with the balance of professionalism, friendliness, and ease of feeling at what was an anxious time for me. Results were immediately reassuring and thorough. I highly recommend this choice in preventative care and will never return to the excessive radiation of mammography.

I had suffered with lower back pain and headaches for years, and more recently neuropathy, so six months following my thermography I made an appointment for chiropractic evaluation and eventual weekly adjustments that would reshape my spine and relieve a pinched nerve.

In less than a year, I feel SO much more limber and in overall good health, and no pain to speak of. I actually look forward to my appointments and at-home exercises.