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  City Pico Rivera , CA
  Zip Code 90660
  Address 8445 Rosemead Blvd
  Phone Number (562) 861-1600

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Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Adjustment

Our mission is to Enhance your quality of life through Gentle, affordable and routine chiropractic care.

The First Visit on average will take about 20 minutes, though follow-up visits can take as few as five minutes or so.

when your visit is completed, your doctor will determine the best treatment plan for your specific needs.

Some conditions may be helped in one visit, while many people require and prefer routine chiropractic care to keep their bodies functioning at its optimal level and feel better too.

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This doctor is amazing.I had been bothered by my back and neck pain,and I knew I needed an adjustment. I looked on yelp found him and well I feel like a million bucks. 1st visit was 19 bucks. I think it's the best 19 bucks I've spent in a while. He will help big time in that first initial visit.

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Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial from Erika P

#1 chiropractor !!! Feel like new every time I leave from there. Everyone is super friendly and helpful.
I have been coming here for three years. I exercise too much so I always need to make sure that I'm align correctly !!! I've had the honor that Dr Gutierrez attended my Circuit class and was able to align 11 team mates. Thank you once again from all you're help !

Your team has been professional and courteous. Always given me great service and always accommodated my schedule. Your chiropractic treatments have been very good and I always feel great afterwards.

Came in with a small lower back pain and walked out feeling relieved. A very knowledgeable place that tells you the do's and don'ts about how to take care of your injury or your pain. Help came fast and knowing that they did their best to get all your info and how to take care of you was a good feeling.
Great place to check out!

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and went in for an adjustment due to pain from my sciatic. I have not been able to sleep well because of the on going pain. The first night after the adjustment I was able to sleep soundly with out any pain. I plan on keeping up with my weekly adjustments. Thank you Gutierrez Chiropractic.

Best chiropractic office in Pico Rivera. They have a great team.....keep up the fantastic job

I had actually completely forgotten my appointment yesterday morning and contacted Dr. Gutierrez and he was so nice about and rescheduled me for later in the day. And he contacted me at the right time because I had been feeling very tense.

Once I arrived at the office, the receptionist was very friendly, and Dr. Sanchez is the one who did the adjustment. Dr. Sanchez was very informative and answered the questions I had without hesitation. The adjustment was amazing! I love getting my back and neck cracked lol

I will definitely be back! Already have my appointment scheduled :)

My Son was complaining of his back and neck hurting for about 2 weeks. I was browsing on social media and saw that Gutierrez Chiropractic was convenient not to mention offering a affordable deal to come in and get adjusted. I made an appointment online again very convenient and took my Son. Friendly staff and a very nice and clean environment. We had a informative session with Dr. Gutierrez, he really took the time to assure my son and I that we were aware of what his adjustment consisted of. We felt very comfortable and educated and Nick was ready for his adjustment. Everything went very well. Nick could feel the difference soon after Dr Gutierrez had worked on him and all his tension and tightness was gone....
I recommend Gutierrez Chiropractor for any aches and pains and most important is to focus on and treat your problem/pain and you're sure to be on your way to feeling great again!! I'm so glad we found him.

Dr. Gutierrez reached out to me on Instagram to come in and try out a free adjustment at his office. I agreed and he was able to accommodate me for that same day at the time I wanted. Upon arriving to my appointment, the receptionist had me fill out new patient forms. Once I finished, within about 5 minutes I was seen by a doctor. I believe his name is Dr. Sanchez (?). He was thorough, asked me questions about problem areas I mentioned in my patient forms, and went over with me what would be happening during the adjustment. The adjustment was quick and my back felt looser afterwards. It's now the next day and I have no pain.
Thank you for reaching out to me, Dr. Gutierrez.

Great doctors and friendly staff. I'm usually there for stress related neck/upper back pain and I have always left the office feeling amazing!!! Dr Gutierrez and the rest of his staff have always made my experience there a good one and I will definitely continue to be a customer there and will continue to refer my friends and family.

First time Going the service was quick, the doctor was very helpful and knew what he was doing, my back feels great

I kind of walked (my husband was helping me walk, and carrying me) into this nice office, the receptionist is very helpful as well as Dr. Gutierrez is nice, too! I had a really bad lower back pain, 4 hours before I had fainted because of the pain! My DM recommended this chiro because he said it was my sciatiac that was giving me problems. I filled some paperwork and in less than 15 minutes I was seen by Dr. Gutierrez, as soon as you talk to him you can tell he's knowledgeable on this subject. When I walked out, my pain lowered ALOT, I felt relieved! Today was my 2nd appointment, took 5 minutes wait and I was out the door! The staff was surprised to see me walking in there like nothing happend! Thumbs up to this CHIRO!

Hi, im 13 years old and I had back pain due to a fall at school, my dad took me because the pain of my lower back kept getting worst, I could not sleep confortable. I am so glad I went. I got an adjustment and that same day I felt much better. Wish I would have went in sooner. The staff was real nice and Dr Gutierrez is great. I recommend it for people of all ages.


What is a Chiropractic adjustmment? watch here

Dr. Gutierrez in Pico Rivera explains chiropractic and performs a chiropractic adjustment.

Dr. gutierrez Explica el Ajuste quiropractico en pico rivera

El Dr. Gutierrez de gutierrez Quiropractica en pico Rivera ensea como se hace el ajuste quiropractic en su ofecina.

intrevista con el quiropractico de pico rivera

intrevista con el quiropractico de pico rivera

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