Our goal is quite simply to aid the people of Austin restore and maintain health so they can live more fully and longer. In fact, since 1982 we currently have treated over 60,000 of your fellow Austin citizens. During this time we currently have developed strong working relationships with members of all health care specialties so that we can supply a total multidisciplinary approach to health care.

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Both Dr. Hall and Dr. Cargill are fantastic. I had gotten to where I was in so much pain when I walked I wanted to cry. I walked into their office without an appointment and they got me in. They quickly rid me of the pain. Treated the initial issues and put me on the maintenance plan. They were able also to get rid of completely the pain i haf in joints from a rotary cuff injury I had from over 20 years prior. They have an exceptionally reasonably priced monthly maintenance plan. I went in for a month at a time when in pain and then maybe didn't go months. If pain cropped up they fit me right in. I am so thankful to God I found them. And Dr. Hall is a Christian man who seems to live his faith. His mother is over 90 and came into the office every day to work.

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Please download and complete our New Patient Application before your first visit, or call us at our North Austin Location (512)454-4072 or our South Austin location (512)442-2777 and we will gladly fax it to you. This is a great time saver!

Interferential current therapy is an electrical therapy that interferes with the transmission of pain messages throughout the body and reduces pain; it increases blood flow to the damaged tissue. It is NOT a TENS unit. Interferential is particularly useful in treating conditions involving injuries to musculoskeletal system and we use it at Hall Chiropractic with great results. The current produces aneffect that can stimulate the secretion of endorphins, a natural pain reliever. This will help relax strained muscles and help promotehealing.

An intersegmental traction table (also called in our clinic: "Fingers from Heaven") is a table the patient lies upon face up. It induces a passive motion to the spine for stretching and increasing spinal joint movement and increasing mobility. Inside of the table are three rollers that rotate gently up and down your spine in order to restore joint function promote healing and help prevent degenerative changes within you spine. This therapy can alsoincreaseblood flow and theerfore oxygen to discs, ligaments and muscles.

Perhaps you are well. You may have been receiving chiropractic care for years, just like Dr. Hall has, and you are in the habit of getting regular chiropractic treatment not for pain but to stay healthy. If so, when you come to Hall Chiropractic tell us you are interested in the Stress Relief Maintenance Program to stay well. If after the free exam Dr. Hall determines that you are indeed a candidate for wellness care, he will invite you to join this month to month program with an incredible price savings.

This treatment makes use of a vapocoslart that is sprayed onto the affected area of pain, trigger points, muscle spasm and restricted motion to "trick" the brain into letting the muscle to be passively stretched to its resting state thus breaking the pain-spasm-pain cycle. At Hall Chiropractic we use this treatment with great results in treating torticollis (wryneck), neck pain, frozen shoulders and other chronic musculoskeletal problems.

This is a part of chiropractic that is very dear to my heart because I've seen the benefits in my own life since the age of 3. I'm in my 50's and during that time I've only been sick 4 times. I've found that children respond beautifully to chiropractic care and they intrinsically know it's good for them. Let's face it, kids are very active and they hurt themselves frequently. They can't tell you that they need chiropractic care; you need to think for them. We have hundreds of families on our Wellness Maintenance program to stay healthy.