Intero Chiropractic has served people of all ages and a variety of different health conditions. Our chiropractors help people overcome head, back, neck, and other joint pain in addition to health problems that people don't often associate with spinal misalignment and subluxations. Call him today to get out of your pain and on with your life!

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  • Chiropractic Degree from Life Chiropractic College West
  • Gonstead Clinical Studies Society

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  • California Chiropractic Association
  • ChiroHealth USA

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  • Pleasanton

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  City Pleasanton , CA
  Zip Code 94588
  Address 4847 Hopyard Rd #1
  Phone Number (925) 255-5805

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Headache & Migraine Relief

Headache & Migraine Relief

Chiropractic care has a history of successfully curing migraines and headaches. Chiropractors have a broad understanding of delicate issues that occur in the spine which, because of its connection with the body’s nervous system, is often the source of all pain. The chiropractic treatment begins with an exhaustive evaluation that will dismiss other possible causes of a headache and inspect your spine for issues of misalignment.

Our assessment will then determine the type of treatment that will be necessary for the issue which is the cause of the pain. With gentle and non-invasive methods, a chiropractor can make adjustments to the spine and provide instant relief while restoring your long-term health. In contrast with medications that treat the issue on the surface and provide short-term relief alone, a chiropractic adjustment works on the cause of the headaches or migraines.

Customer Testimonials

I've been seeing Dr. Jerry for just over a year now. I came in because I have constant back pain due to scoliosis. Although the scoliosis can not be fixed, the pain is far less now. My migraines have also been reduced in duration and intensity. Intero doesn't only care about their patients, but also helping the world. Always does fun fund-raisers (with NO pressure) to help others.

I started seeing Dr jerry about 2 weeks ago. I have been to countless chiropractors and doctors appts to try to fix the unbearable pain in my lower back/hip area. He and his team are very meticulous when it comes to getting to know you and your bodies symptoms. I hurt myself back in February and no chiropractor, masseuse or doctor has found the source of the problem. After the first week, we were adjusting the lower back but it was hurting a bit worse, so he knew to try something different and examined my X-rays and came to the conclusion that it was my pelvic bone! I've had 3 adjustments on it and the future looks promising! He told me he is not a magician, but so far, he is my magician! Thanks dr. Jerry and staff!

Three weeks ago,I was suffering from a headache and upper back pain. This was not the norm for me and needed to get it checked out.
From the clear and well detailed messages that Dr. Jerry and his team delivered to me,I fully understood those were symptoms steming from the root cause.
After his specific and detailed analysis, Dr. Jerry gave me specific and scientific adjustments and my nerve system was cleared. Headache and upper back pain were gone and have not been back since.
It works!
Healing definitely takes time and repitition.
I definitely would entrust my health in their hands. They serve in the spirit of excellence and integrity.
I love Intero.

When I entered Intero Chiropractic, I knew this place would be different. I was greeted immediately walking in the door, shown around the practice, and educated on what they do in great detail. They explained everything about how the body functions, how their technology works, and what it would take for my body to heal! The body needs to be free from nerve interference to heal ! I highly recommend Dr.Jerry and the rest of the Intero team.

Dr. Jerry exposed me to the wonders of structural chiropractic care, and after understanding and experiencing it first hand and with my family, I cannot recommend it highly enough, not just for back pain but for the entire body. I initially saw Dr. Jerry for a running/foot related injury, but I also struggled with acute sinus headaches and intense menstrual cramps for many years. After undergoing chiropractic care, these "non-back" issues were incredibly improved after proper adjustment. Now in my third trimester, I attribute my smooth pregnancy, with no major aches/pains/sicknesses, to regular care!

Intero Chiropractic is a professional, inner modern with the wisdom of ancient knowledge to help you straighten and strengthen your life--literally! I am so grateful my son found healing at this professional group of chiropractors. You owe to yourself to have a Free Consultation! You health is Priceless!

I was invited into Intero Chiropractic after seeing them at an event my wife and I attended. I was impressed right away with how thorough the doctors were and how well they helped me understand their approach to healthcare. I've been seeing them for about a month and I have had great results so far. The only thing I was unsure about at first was how busy they are, but even when it's really busy the wait is never long. This office is great and I would recommend them to anyone!

I have been going to Intero chiropractic since January after a car accident that left me with back pains. Dr. Jerry has been both professional and kind. My back pains are gone after 5 months of care and he has also diagnosed other causes of pain (scoliosis, thank goodness he told me!) I'm thankful to have met Dr. Jerry. From a person who is typically skeptical of doctors and would prefer to deal with the pain, I do not regret visiting Intero Chiropractic and is really thankful to have been so thoroughly cared for.

Great Doctor's and staff!!!
I'm been receiving treatment for 5 months, I've had great improvement (lower back pain).
Treatments have changed my quality of life. I recommend this place to everyone!!!

As soon as you walk in the door everyone is nice and friendly. Doctors are too! Love the music they play. I have been going for about 4 months now I think, I was waking up with numbness and tingling pain through my arms and fingers and after some adjustments it’s gone. My regular dr was going to do a scan but I figured to try a chiropractor and see. Glad I made the choice so now I am helping my spine and other areas too. Highly recommend Intero if having any issues.

I love that Intero focuses on a unique aspect of patient care that is different from most other chiropractors in the area. Their office is very well-kept, inviting, and makes you feel comfortable and right at home. The fact that their website lays out the entire process for you helps you to feel comfortable before you even walk through the front door. Definitely check them out to inquire if they can help you with your health needs.


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