Correct the cause of your pain. More often than not, the soft tissue (muscle, tendon or ligament) component of the condition is overlooked or under appreciated. Whether there has been a traumatic injury or a slow growing condition due to overuse, abuse, the normal aging process, or post surgical pain/swelling; the soft tissues go through their own degenerative changes that must be treated very specifically. Damage to these tissues result in adhesions, trigger points, muscle cell inhibition, weakness, ligament laxity, reduced blood & lymph circulation, and compensatory changes in the regional and remote structures.

We are Certified in ART, Chiropractic Biomechanics, FMS, Pose running, and are Certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as CSCS. We have coached swimmers, basketball players, soccer players, tennis players, runner and triathletes. We pride ourselves in understanding the human body and it's movement. We combine chiropractic manipulations, soft tissue techniques such as trigger point work, cross-friction message, ART, therapeutic modalities, as well as video analysis and functional and strength training to help you reach your goal. These can be manipulation, stretching, strengthening, cardiovascular exercise, or any other modalities needed to thoroughly cover all the bases. Our multidisciplinary approach leaves no stone unturned. Our approach is as unique as you are.

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  Person Dr. Steven Jonas
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Dr. Steven Jonas


Dr. Steven Jonas is a 1977 graduate of New York Chiropractic College. He continued his post graduate work becoming certified in Activator, Cox and Active Release Techniques. He is one of the founders of the New York Chiropractic Council as well as a past president. In 1992 he was named New York State Chiropractor of the Year. Being in practice for over 30 years, Dr. Jonas specializes in the treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries to the spine and extremities.

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If you are a runner, we must take into account your gait, an ice skater, your core and ankle stability, a volleyball player, your ability to absorb the pressure of high velocity jumping, a horseback rider, the strength in your adductors and how they balance with their opposing muscles. We begin by understanding what you do, analyze your Functional Movement Patterns (we are certified FMS Specialists) as they relate to your sport or daily activity, evaluate your posture to ensure equal and correct balance, and create a plan with a goal.

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Customer Testimonials

"I have been working with Dr. Holly Jonas for over a year on my various ailments due to mainly overuse as a long distance triathlete. Dr. Jonas is a very hands on, positive and enthusiastic person who has put a lot of care and time into working with me so that I can continue racing."

"Dr. Holly Jonas has been treating me for various issues involving back and shin splints. She is a very positive and helpful and resourceful person. She seems to love what she is doing. "

"I have been working with Dr. Holly Jonas for the past 4 months and she has helped alleviate my pain tremendously. I can feel her dedication and compassion for her patients and every visit to the office is pleasant. "