Fully Integrated Chiropractic Services Designed to Reduce Pain, Prevent Injuries, and Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

We offer cutting edge techniques and methods like soft tissue therapy, exercise, chiropractic, low force mobilization, and nutritional plans to reduce pain, prevent future injuries, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Very few practitioners offer a comprehensive and fully integrated service in a blended format like this. Our methods have been adapted from world-class practitioners and by treating professional athletes who demand only the best treatments.

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  • Myofascial Muscle Therapy, Chiropractic Services, Nutritional Plans

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  • Greenville SC,Spartanburg SC, Anderson SC

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  Address 1901 Laurens Rd Suite E
  Phone Number (864) 362-3347

Products & Services

Kids need chiropractic too! Mountain Movement Center offers excellent pediatric chiropractic services from our experienced and dedicated staff.

It is often a misconception that children wouldn’t need chiropractic as they have not achieved full bone or neural development. That is where the new chiropractic research comes in!

Sports Chiropractor

Some Sports Chiropractors identify themselves merely by the fact they do Chiropractic on athletes with traditional adjustments.

At Mountain Movement Center we go much farther with our care of athletes. Because of our experience working with professional athletes and novice athletic teams for 9 years we apply the same care seen backstage at any major sporting event. We now bring our unique approach to Sports Chiropractic to Greenville, SC.

This type of Sports Chiropractic incorporates:

-Soft Tissue and Muscle Therapy
-Sports specific analysis and a catered home exercise plan
-Fascia balancing
-Treatment “functionally. ” We have been known to treat the athletes while in a dynamic athletic position.
-Coordination of care with your coach, personal trainer, and other practitioners.
-Chiropractic care specific to your needs.

Chiropractic For Pregnancy And Motherhood
In Pregnancy, the alignment of the pelvis and hips are a very important area of your body! Chiropractic for pregnancy is adapted to your needs, and our Doctors have been trained in specifically caring for expectant mothers during all terms of pregnancy.

Dr. Day is ICPA certified in Webster, full spine and cranial. He is excited to bring Webster Technique to Greenville, SC

  • I would recommend this business

I've had an excellent experience at Mountain Movement. Dr. Day is not just focused on back alignment, but range of moment and strength in the context of the entire musculoskeletal system. He is an excellent mentor, and will explain how the system works and what you can do on your time to help.

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Customer Testimonials

Dr Michael Day has given me my life back. I was on the verge of having to quit my job because my plantar fasciitis was so bad. I was wearing a boot, used crutches, had bought expensive Ortho shoes, used tape, ice, stretches, been to the Ortho 3 times for steroid shots. I was at the end of my rope. I wasn't sleeping because the pain in my feet was keeping me awake. Dr Michael Day helped me from day one. He taught me easy, doable ways to stretch, and heal my body. He gets to the root of the problem. I've been to chiropractors before. Doc is SO MUCH MORE! Can't get enough of his Hawaiian music either!

After a few short visits I have learned more about my neck pain than in trying on my own for years. I now know how to do the correct stretches at home to help with my neck aches and more importantly, Dr. Day does a great job of explaining what is going on and why each stretch is really helpful!

My wife and I started seeing Dr. Day at Mountain Movement Center in June 2017 and we can really tell the difference in improvement in strength and flexibility. We especially appreciate the fact that Dr. Day accepts patients with Medicare in addition to other forms of insurance.
Dr. Day is very knowledgeable and proficient in his chiropractic techniques and provides very valuable stretching and strengthening exercises - focusing on our particular needs (the foot for my wife and reversing years/decades of setting at a desk for me.) We are pleased to recommend Dr. Day to anyone. Thanks. Dr. Day!

Not just Chiropractic, Dr. Day is a movement mastermind of deadly proportions. He will get your creaks aches and pains and turn them loose. I strongly refer him to anyone needing alignment and adjustments. He does deep tissue, muscle, nerve and bone alignment. He is also the song bird of his generation.

This was my first visit with Dr. Day. I was referred to him by other crossfitters who have seen him. He was excellent in explaining everything to me regarding my injury. Not only did he provide relief from the pain I was having but also explained to me how I could prevent the same injury. I'm glad I made the appointment today!!

I've been a regular of traditional chiropractic for over 20 years, but in need of something different. Met Dr. Day at a downtown race event and immediately felt that he could help me out. He seemed to be, and has proven to be, very knowledgeable regarding my condition. I have had long-term trouble with my shoulder and neck area, and as a weight-lifter, I was becoming more and more inhibited in my ability to move, lift, sleep, etc. I was having terrible headaches almost on a daily basis. I've been receiving treatments now for about a month, and I can say right off that I haven't had this much mobility in my upper body in years! AND I haven't had a headache in two weeks! I am very encouraged by Dr. Day's technique and treatment. Highly recommend giving him a try!

I believe that calling Dr. Day a chiropractor doesn't do him justice. He listens well... not just to your words, but also to your body. He exercises AND provides many techniques for healing. He has no other agenda but to see you living at your fullest potential.
To his patients, he is a physician, a nutritionist, a teacher, a supporter, a friend, a channel of healing. To me, he is a gift.

Had serious issues with plantar fasciitis and shoulder pain… Had a great relief the first time! Been there three times now and feeling so much better. Back to working out 100%! Great great doctor

I have gone to about a dozen chiropractors since I was 14 years old (back injury). There have been some good ones and some not as good. I can honestly say Michael is the best I have been to. The amount of care and time getting to the source of the problem instead of doing a "routing adjustment" is amazing. Not only is he a great chiropractor but he is also a great person. I would highly recommend him!

Over the course of just a few visits, I've learned to love the methodology that Dr. Day practices at Mountain Movement. As an athlete, it's important to me to find someone able to identify my weaknesses in movement and how to apply mobility and soft tissue work to become more proficient in my sport. Please visit Dr. Day, you won't regret it!


Chiropractic for Kids: A Simple Guide

In this video we attempt to demystify pediatric chiropractic. The joints and muscles need to be optimally balanced in everyone, including kids!
Your joints and muscles have nerve sensors called proprioceptors and when there is an injury or loss of proper signalling the body will lose its flowing movement.

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