Our goal is unique. It's to keep you out of the doctor's office (including ours). Most healthcare practitioners think that's a bad business model, but we know that if we keep you doing the things you love, you'll tell your friends we've helped. We don't need to see you 3 times per week for the rest of your life. There are too many people who really need care whom we want to help. It takes a little more time to teach patients how to be involved in their care, but the payoff is exponential.

Dr. Cameron brings a proactive approach to his practice here in Anchorage, Alaska. At Nordstrom Chiropractic, we first help to relieve pain through chiropractic adjustments and therapy. The next step is to teach patients how to maintain and improve their general health in order to prevent further pain and disorders. We do this by integrating chiropractic and any other treatments necessary to restore optimal health.

Chiropractic recognizes that the body has the incredible power to heal itself. Most people merely lack the knowledge and skills to take control of their own health needs. Our goal is to help our patient's acquire that vital knowledge.

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  Person Dr. Cameron Kmet
  City Anchorage , AK
  Zip Code 99515
  Address 207 E Dimond Blvd
  Phone Number (907) 344-5633

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Dr. Cameron Kmet

Dr. Cameron has settled down in the Anchorage Area to create a chiropractic clinic catering to individuals who want lasting change. By teaching people to be conscious of how they treat their bodies, their health becomes a way of life rather than something that needs patching up. He takes time to talk with them about their options, helping them set health goals mindful of the fact that health is more than absence of disease.

Customer Testimonials

The environment at Nordstrom Chiropractic is always welcoming and inviting. They seem truly happy to see me everytime I walk in. Amanda is patient and kind, even when my schedule makes things difficult. Everyone in the office truly seems to care about how their patients are feeling and helping them be their best self!

I LOVE going to these guys! They are always available for me, the hours are super flexible, and they have not only helped me for my needs, but my daughters as well! Very happy with their service professionalism!

I was impressed with personal one on one service and someone who actually cares about your health and welfbeing. The adjustments are good and the massages are helpful.

Nordstrom Chiropractic is an absolutely awesome group of people. I highly recommend visiting them for all your chiropractic needs.

Doc is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. He is kind, knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything to you. All around wonderful person! Crystal gives the best massages in the entire world! She will change your life with her magic hands!

I was able to cross out all the reasons I don't like going to chiropractors after my first visit with Nordstrom Chiropractic. I no longer have a list. The friendliness is sincere. You are an important part of all decisions made. The Dr. is kind and listens. He values your input and you, as a patient, will value his, because he knows what he is talking about and knows what he is doing. I have never had adjustments that lasted until now. I was so thrilled with my care that I have taken my grandchildren to him. (12 and 14 - boys) They don't forget their appointments and have felt a great improvement in their health and over-all sense of well being. The message therapy is fitted to your needs and is exceptionally worth the time. Bottom line - pain down - life up! A high recommend from me.

I work in the medical field and I am so impressed with staff! I am also a power lifter and was worried I would be discouraged from lifting weights. Dr. Kmet understood my desire to continue my passion and made sure he educated me ever step of the way. Together we were able to find a balanced plan that worked for me as a patient and an individual. I could barley walk, let alone stand up straight in the morning. Thanks to Dr. Kmet and Crystal, I can know get out of bed in the morning with ease. Amanda is always at the front desk to take care of me and greet me with a smile. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone! They always go above and beyond to meet my needs❤️ They are ALL AMAZING


Anchorage Chiropractor Helps Acid Refux GERD | Nordstrom Chiropractic LLC

http://thebestanchoragechiropractor.com/ Do you live in Anchorage AK and struggle with back pain or possibly acid reflux (GERD)? Listen to this great patient testimonial and call Nordstrom Chiropractic LLC at (907) 344-5633 today to schedule an appointment.