We have two convenient locations in Oklahoma City.

The North Clinic:
9402 N. May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

The South Clinic:
7825 S. Walker Avenue, Ste C
Oklahoma City, OK 73139

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  • Neck Pain, Back Pain, Auto Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Workers Compensation, VAX-D Therapy,
  • Sprains and Strains, Headaches and Stress, Progressive Rehabilitation, Reoccurring and Chronic Pain,
  • Chiropractic, Hip Pain, Shoulder Pain, Leg Pain, Herniated Discs, Degenerative Discs Disease, X-Rays

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  • Cash Only, Financing Available, Personal Checks, Debit Cards, MasterCard, VISA

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  Person Oklahoma Pain & Injury Center
  City Oklahoma City , OK
  Zip Code 73120
  Address 9402 N. May Avenue
  Phone Number (405) 755-8000

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X-rays of the back are taken, or the chiropractor might send the client to an x-ray facility for these films. Depending on the findings, the chiropractor may call for an MRI or other imaging study of the back.

Ultrasound is a therapy that is utilized in the office to handle injuries related to joints, muscle spasms, as well as most soft tissues. While it shares the same name, this ultrasound is not the same as the kind of ultrasound utilized diagnostically to screen internally in the body. This ultrasound creates small sound waves that in effect vibrate and massage soft tissues and muscle. These sound waves do an excellent job in facilitating the body's healing process in addition to decreasing scar tissue formation.

Certain ultrasounds also xause a heating effect to help relax the muscles or tightness in the body. This heat combined with the overall features of the ultrasound help to start the healing process at the most basic cellular level speeding up your road to recovery.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a great way to help the body in the healing process. This is accomplished by sending a very small electrical current into the affected soft tissue injury or muscle spasm. The therapy utilizes this current in an effort to help reduce swelling and release trigger points that may have the muscle locked up. It does this by helping the body to release natural relievers of pain often referred to as endorphins.

This is an excellent therapy if there is a spasm in a back or neck muscle. It works well in relaxing the muscle and allowing it to return to its normal state rather quickly. Short therapy sessions are excellent at facilitating healing from acute and chronic pain.

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