Why Orlando SpinalAid?
If chronic pain is wearing you down then you need the most effective treatment available. Located in East Orlando (Waterford Lakes) chiropractor, Dr. Nahali, has dedicated his focus toward specializing in delivering spinal decompression and difficult chronic cases such:

* Chronic Back Pain
* Chronic Neck Pain
* Chronic Sciatica or Leg Pain
* Hand or Foot Pain
* Spinal Stenosis
* Migraine or Chronic Headaches
* Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
* Chronic Shoulder and Arm Pain
* Numbness/Burning/Tingling
* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We are one of the only clinics in the area to provide Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Exercise Therapy, and Brain Based Neurological Therapy (BBT) under one roof. With all the tools we have at our disposal we are able to help people with a myriad of chronic conditions. Not Everyone is qualified for our Therapy. Are You A Candidate? Call for FREE Consultation Today--->407-277-5555 or Go On line http://www.orlandospinalaid.com/web-doctor-consult1/

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Auto Accident Injury
  • Non-surgical spinal decompression
  • DRX9000
  • AMT2 Sytem
  • Cold Laser Therapy

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Florida Chiropractic Association
  • American Academy of Spinal Physicians

Serviced Areas

  • Orlando, Florida, Waterford Lakes, East Orlando, 32828, 32817, 32825, 32826, 32825, 32822

Payment Options

  • American Express, Cash Only, Credit Terms Available, Financing Available, MasterCard, Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA

Contact Details

  Person David Nahali, DC
  City Orlando, FL
  Zip Code 32825
  Address 11333 Lake Underhill Rd, Suite 105
  Phone Number (407) 277-5555

Business Representative

David Nahali, DC

Clinic Director

Dr. David Nahali graduated from Texas Southern University in 1985 with a degree in Electronic Engineering. After a back injury in a moving accident he was scheduled for back surgery. Not wanting to do low back surgery he was referred by a friend to a chiropractor for a second opinion who helped him to recover and avoid surgery. Impressed by amazing results he decided to pursue Chiropractic at Life University graduating in 1999.

Dr. Nahali is an active member of the American Chiropractic Association; the Florida Chiropractic Association; and the Florida Chiropractic Physician Association. Dr. Nahali resides in Oviedo, Florida and enjoys spending time with his family.

Products & Services

Brain Based Therapy for Chronic & Severe Conditions

Do you (or anyone that you know) suffer from any of the following conditions?

Don't suffer any longer, we can help.

If you, a loved one, a neighbor, or a friend suffers from any of the following neurological conditions, our revolutionary, new, breakthrough, Brain-Based Therapy, (BBT) can help.

#1 Chronic back pain
#2 Chronic neck pain
#3 Chronic Sciatica or leg pain
#4: Spinal Stenosis
#5: Failed Back surgery syndrome
#6: Chronic shoulder and arm pain
#7: Fibromyalgia (FMS)
#8: Balance Disorders/Dizziness
#9: Numbness/Burning/Tingling
#10: Migraine or chronic headaches
#11: Hand or foot pain
#12: Restless Leg syndrome
#13: Insomnia/lack of sleep
#14: RSDS
#15: Tinnitus/ear ringing
#16: Dystopias/tremor disorder
#17: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
#18: Early Stage Alzheimer's
#19: Stroke rehab
#20: Peripheral/diabetic neuropathy
#21: MS
#22: Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
#23: ADD/ADHD/Learning Disorders
#24: Dyslexia

3 FREE VISITS We will provide your friend or loved one with a spinal screening, 2 8X10
X-Rays (if needed) , and 3 FREE VISITS to see if they are a candidate for care.

Think of the following questions:

#1: How has your health condition affected your job, relationships, finances, family, and other activities?

#2: What has that cost you in time, money, happiness, and freedom.

#3: Where do you picture yourself being in the next 1 3 years if this problem is not taken care of?

#4: How great would they feel if they could get their health problem corrected once and for all?

Dr. Nahali is a Board Certified Chiropractic physician. A Non-Drug Treatment of Dizziness, Migraine Headaches, Fibromyalgia, and Other Chronic Conditions.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors use the spinal adjustment as the main method of spinal correction. A spinal adjustment is a precise, manually delivered, gentle force into a stuck or misaligned joint. Adjustments improve range-of-motion (flexibility) and can result in a sensation of well being due to improved nerve and vascular (circulatory) function.

Chiropractors can correct subluxations through a manual adjustments and soft tissue techniques. During the actual adjustment a popping sound may be heard as the vertabrea are re-aligned. The realigned vertebrea relives the pressure on the sorrounding nerves and soft tissue, providing relief of pain in the area.

  • I would recommend this business

Best chiropractor in town. The staff and Dr. are super friendly, professional and caring. They care about your treatment and to see that you are relieved from pain and fully recovered. They used state of the art equipment and the office has a relaxing comfortable atmosphere. Having gone to 2 other places before coming here, I can tell the difference and how a patient is treated as such and not just a number. You are a priority to them and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND without any reservations.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Great doctor and great staff. Very kind and caring. I highly recommend him for all your spinal needs!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

I started going to Orlando Spinal Aid Center. last year and I couldn't say enough good things. I've been going to chiropractors since high school and I've never had an experience like at Orlando Spinal Aid Center. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and they get their patients in quickly. Dr. Nahali truly cares for his patients and wants us to feel better.

I love his approach to chiropractic care. He looks at the entire body and how we can improve the spine. Other chiropractors that I've been to have always just adjusted me and sent me on my way. But Dr. Nahali has taken X-rays and come up with a plan on how to fix my spine instead of placing a band aid on the problem.

So needless to say, yes I would recommend Orlando Spinal Aid Center.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Two years after my incident, 2 months after going to Spinal Aid of Orlando and twenty-four therapy sessions later I am completely overjoyed to say that I feel great and I haven't had any major issues with my neck at all! From here I know I must maintain and continue my stretches, exercises and once-a-month maintenance for my spine, but that fails in comparison to the agony I had previously undergone. So needless to say, I am very happy and grateful that the discs of my spine are completely healthy by the grace of God using Dr. Nahali at Spinal Aid of Orlando.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial from Robert Bursch

"The recurring neck and back pain that I had limited my activities sometimes because I had to stop what I was doing sooner than planned, as I always knew that either my back or neck would `give out' before I was done what I was doing.

When the pain in my lower back was at its' worst, I would have trouble sleeping or getting comfortable when lying down. I also couldn't lift my son, or help with chores around the house, or work on my hobbies. I was very concerned that if I didn't

further explore possible treatments, adjust stuck with a chiropractic adjustment once a month (or more as needed), that the problem would never really go away, and with age, it would probably just get worse, and more frequent.

I did take pain relievers and NSAIDS almost daily to offset the discomfort. The factors that led me to seek care were primarily the desire to do something positive to get better, and notjust stay in the same routine of pain medication, sleeping on an ice pack, and chiropractic adjustments.

Constantly having to tell my son that "I wouldn't play with him right now because my back hurt", was becoming increasingly depressing!

The desire to try something new and possibly revolutionary, as the old routine wasn't helping to make my back any better, at best it was keeping me from being in discomfort constantly.

I heard about Dr. Nahali's office through a brochure that I saw in the newspaper.

My experience has been positive, thanks to Dr. Nahali and the non surgical spinal decompression my back hasn't hurt for weeks, and thanks to the Posture Pump he recommended, my neck also hasn't `gone out' on me for quite a few weeks as well.

Between my desire to get better and be able to do more for my family and for myself, along with the desire and willingness of Dr. Nahali and his staff to help me get better, we have worked together to improve my health and well-being.

I would tell another person with the same problem to come in to Dr. Nahali's office and discuss it with him-I believe the therapy works and although I may have been nervous at first, I quickly became used to the procedure. Quite often I took a nap during the treatment, as it's difficult to fmd `downtime' during my busy days, and this procedure gives you that opportunity, while at the same time working on your spine as required.

Both Dr. Nahali and Jamie are very friendly, competent and professional. The waiting time before my therapy is always very short, and I like the opportunity to `take a break' while on the decompression table, so I can relax while getting the therapy.

In my opinion pain medication ice packs, and chiropractic adjustments are simply temporary forms of relief, that do not solve the problem long-term if one has disc problems, but are used just to keep you going and from having too much pain and/or discomfort I truly believe that the Spinal Decompression will have lasting effects, when combined with the required exercise.

Testimonial from Tammy Harriman

"I would like to take this time to express my sincere appreciation on giving me my life back.
I was recently brought down to my knees with the most extreme pain I had ever felt due to manual labor at work. I did not know exactly what I had done or what action would be required to alleviate or correct my problem. The only thing I did know was I would go to all extremes to avoid surgery. I was struck with such bad pain while walking, standing, sitting or sleeping that I couldn't continue my normal life. I finally decided "enough is enough" and determined that I would need to seek help.

I started with a spine doctor who ordered an MRI to determine what I had done to myself. The MRI revealed Degenerated Disc Disease that was dormant until it was aggravated from work. I was then scheduled for physical therapy. Weeks passed and the physical therapy did not appear to be working like I had hope, but I continued.

A few weeks passed and nothing was happening so I decided to scan the internet on relieving back pain without surgery. The article led me to a procedure using a machine called the DRX9ooo. Searching day after day on the web I found the Orlando Spinalaid Centers Of America in Waterford Lakes and scheduled a consultation with Dr. Nahali.
After the consultation I felt relieved that there was hope. Dr. Nahali was very professional and helpful in answering any questions I had in relation to the non surgical Spinal Decompression process including how it worked and what to expect. A few days later I made up my mind to move forward and contacted Dr. Nahali's office to schedule my treatments.

The treatments ... were painless and easy. 30-minutes each visit for a determined period of time is Not much to give up in the pursuit of better health. This entire taking place in an office that was very relaxed and comfortable.

Well, it has been 5 weeks since I started my treatments and just like I was advised, each day brings me closer to a PAIN-FREE lifestyle. I am slowly returning to the lifestyle I once had - riding my horses (which is my passion) and just enjoying my life with the people I love! My advice to anyone with severe back pain - PLEASE TRY THIS !!!! IT REALLY WORKS!!

Thank you and your staff again for making the DRX9ooo Spinal Decompression treatment available to me.

Testimonial from Dian Fraser

"In July 2003 I had a disk (L5) that ruptured and parts of it went down on the sciatic nerve and had surgery to repair it, I never fully recovered as a mater a fact it kept re-rupturing, I went to a few different Doctors to try to fix the problem just to be told that there was nothing more they could do for me the only thing they suggested was NO bending over, NO reaching above my head, NO twisting of my body, NO lifting, NO jerking of my body in any form. I couldn't walk for any length of time without being in severe pain.

I have always been very active. I couldn't sleep at night as the pain was so bad I couldn't get comfortable in any position, I was taking 2 pain pills and 5 Morton just to sleep but the pain pills they gave me just made me sleep all the time, I couldn't function at all.

I couldn't work, play with my Grandchildren or do any of the things I used to love to do; I was scared that I might wind up in a wheelchair. One day I was watching a Medical channel on TV and saw how the Spinal Decompression worked and I checked on line to get as much information as possible, I felt it was worth a try I knew I didn't want to go back in surgery as It didn't work before so I told my husband that I wanted to try it and I got the 800 Number and called to find a Doctor in my area and went for my first visit at that point I had more disks that were rupturing.

I couldn't believe what I heard, my back was fixable without surgery and it wouldn't take forever. I could hardly walk when I first went in to Dr Nahali's office I have been going for my treatments now for one month and I can walk at a normal walk now and I am able to walk for 1 'h hours almost pain free; Dr Nahali and his staff are wonderful and have helped me so much. I have been so excited and pleased over my treatment here that whenever I'm talking to someone and they tell me they have back problems I hand them a pamphlet from his office and tell them how much it has helped me. I let people know that they can get help without surgery and it don't hurt a bit as a mater a fact you feel relief from the disks grinding together, I almost go to sleep while on the table, it is truly amazing."

Testimonial from Steve H.

I have experienced back problems since I was about 25 when we did our first move. Three car accidents that happened about 10 years ago only served to aggravate my situation. After several months of chiropractic care and massage therapy I have been relatively pain free until about 3 months ago. After about 9 months of extraordinary stress and increased overtime at work that kept me away from the gym, my back began giving me problems again. Usually an ice pack, a muscle relaxant and a pain killer and some sleep would take care of the problem, but this time it got progressively worse. I worked through the pain and began using a cane to walk.

Then one day I got out of bed and could barely walk with the cane. Standing for more than about 2 minutes would cause severe sciatic pain, cramping in the leg muscles and numbness in the foot. Lying down would relieve the symptoms for a short period of time. Then even lying down was becoming uncomfortable. The doctor increased the level of the pain killers and anti inflammatory medications but nothing was working.

I wasn't able to sleep and my wife was having to drive me to my doctor appointments. I was able to get an MRI done and that revealed that I had a ruptured disc between L4 and L5 and the beginnings of one between L5 and S 1. The doctor referred me to a neurosurgeon and told me to go ahead and keep taking my pain medications and that we would deal with the addiction after I had surgery. He did prescribe a 5 day round of steroids which began to bring some relief within about 12 hours.

My wife began searching the INTERNET for alternatives to surgery and found the Spinal Aid website. With the testimonials and proven 80%+ success rate we began looking for someone close by who offered the treatment. We called Spinal Aid and they told us that Dr. Nahali was located just 5 miles away. We called immediately and set an appointment for the next day.

My experience with Dr. Nahali and his staff has been very good. They have worked around my schedule and now I'm about 1/2 through my round of treatments. I am feeling progressively better with some small setbacks along the way. I am pain free today with a bit of numbness remaining in my leg and hopeful to have that go away before the treatments are through.

Testimonial from Rayburn F.

I was unable to stand no more than 15 minutes at a time and then I had to sit down, my back and legs hurt so much that unless I was sitting I was in pain and was miserable most of the time. I was concerned that I was getting so bad that I could not perform my job functions properly. I read in the newspaper about spinal decompression therapy, spinal aid and Dr. Nahali's office and I did not want to have surgery so I thought I would go to the consultation and see if Dr. Nahali could help me. I went to the office and Dr. Nahali and his staff was very friendly and I felt that decompression would be a good choice for me.

I started to see relief in the 5th session and was very excited about that. My overall experience was great and I would recommend decompression therapy and this office to anyone who has back pain and has tried everything else out there and who does not want surgery. Thank you Dr. Nahali and staff.

Testimonial from Joela H.

For the past 5 years I was in constant pain in the low back and unable to do much of my every day activities. It was very hard to walk my dog several times a day. Now the walk is on my exercise program and I am feeling great.

A person gave me some flyer- -found in her mail box. After reading it over we called to get more information and made an appointment. While talking to Dr. Nahali my husband and I , very comfortable with his manner and the office and machines. We decided to go for the treatment. We are so glad we did.

The interest and caring for me of the staff showed healing in itself I could tell and have told anyone that was interested in this procedure and how it has helped me to be free of that terrible pain. I am able to walk, bend etc.

When coming to this office, I had no waiting, the staff attitude was caring and interested in my needs. The taking time to talk things out, as others do not do, is very important to me.

Thank you Dr. Nahali and staff for all you have done for me.

Testimonial from John Wood

My name is John Wood, I am 27 years old and I am very active in martial arts. In 2007 I started to get much more involved in MMA (mixed martial arts). In March of 2009 I was ground fighting against a person almost 100 lbs. more than my weight. We were fighting for about five minutes when suddenly I got caught in a standing choke hold and then was consequently slammed to the ground. It was at this moment that I felt a sudden jolt throughout my neck. As I've been trained to do, I kept on fighting and five minutes later I won the match, but little did know at the time just how severe my injury actually was.

For the next six weeks I was unable to turn my head to left or the right without having extreme shocking pain throughout my neck. Shortly thereafter I went to a chiropractor who manually adjusted me and it did help for a time. I thought I was healing, since I didn't experience much pain unless my neck came out of alignment and then the pain was absolutely unbearable. Once I became misaligned again from some kind of physical activity I had to get to a chiropractor quick or else I would be totally incapacitated the next day and the following days. I would go to the chiropractor as needed, but it usually was at twice a month for a year!

One year after my incident in March of 2010, I had my second major episode in my neck leading to total incapacitation and bedridden for days with ice on my neck and many more chiropractor visits. Desperate for answers I finally found out my exact diagnosis: I had four herniated discs in my neck, two of which were protruding on my spinal cord. At this point, I had gone to a chiropractor regularly, an orthopedic clinic and a neurologist. I had gone to twelve therapy sessions at the orthopedic clinic which consisted of stretches and exercises for my neck, yet all the while I thought this was good, but my neck still felt misaligned and not really healed. I thought I had done all that I could do.

One year and eight months after my incident in November of 2010 I had my third major episode of incapacitation with my neck. Absolutely desperate for a solution I began searching the web diligently for any and all answers for my ailment. I came across a book on herniated discs, which led me to find out about a new therapy called spinal decompression. This therapy was offered at Spinal Aid of Orlando. With the help of my mother I went into Spinal Aid of Orlando skeptical, but hopeful. Thanks to the generosity of my mother assisting me financially and running out of options medically I began the therapy.

When I went to Spinal Aid of Orlando I was greeted by Dr. David Nahali, who was very kind to explain exactly what would be taking place in the spinal decompression therapy and very patient to answer any of my questions. Dr. Nahali's light-hearted demeanor made going to the treatments that much easier, which was a relief for me. At that point, I had been through so much with my neck injury I was still very timid about any treatment due to the fact that I had gone to multiple (what I thought were) medical experts and yet they could not give me any viable solutions to my condition other than surgery. This was very disheartening especially after I heard what the consequences of surgery were and that the success rate of eradicating the pain was also very low. I also had so many herniated discs and was still very young so surgery would have been very unwise.

Going through the therapy had its moments since my spine at my neck was truly trying to heal after over twenty months of compensation it had undergone. I also came to find out that the discs in your spine take much longer to heal since they are soft tissue, so this explained the longevity of my condition. The spinal decompression therapy was totally painless and I actually began to look forward to the therapy as it would bring great relief to my neck. I am very thankful for the willingness of Dr. David Nahili as well as the rest of the staff at Spinal Aid Orlando.

Two years after my incident, four months after going to Spinal Aid of Orlando and twenty-four therapy sessions later I am completely overjoyed to say that I feel great and I haven't had any major issues with my neck at all! From here I know I must maintain and continue my stretches, exercises and once-a-month maintenance for my spine, but that fails in comparison to the agony I had previously undergone. So needless to say, I am very happy and grateful that the discs of my spine are completely healthy by the grace of God using Dr. Nahali at Spinal Aid of Orlando.

I was referred to Dr. Nahali by another chiropractor for decompression treatments for a severe case of sciatica. I could barely walk and was in constant excruciating pain. Dr. Nahali is very professional and knowledgeable in his field I would definitely recommend him. Mari is amazing, very warm and caring and does her best to accommodate everyone. If you are having pain definitely try Orlando Spinal Aid

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Chiropractor Doctor - When you have actually experienced failed efforts one after another from well-meaning physicians as well as specialists you begin to shed trust, faith as well as hope in ever getting better and be able to enjoy a normal life without pain or medications. I totally understand. In reality, all my clients have had this experience prior to speaking with me. All patients with disc issues got placed into the same "requirement of care" box, and sadly that approach of medicines, shots, and surgical procedure won't recover your disc-- and consequently will not resolve your discomfort.

Florida has personal injury protection. When you are involved in an Auto Accident in Orlando your Personal Injury doctors at Orlando Car Accident Injury can file all the necessary paperwork for you. You don't have to worry about who is going to pay for the medical care, you can focus on getting better. Don't wait, See Orlando Personal Injury Doctors First. You may have only 14 days to see a Orlando Personal Injury Doctors after your accident to receive medical benefits. If you wait to see a doctor after you have been injured, you may lose your medical benefits.

Kerr spoke to reporters on Sunday to update his condition, and he did not rule out missing the remainder of the postseason. He also said he would encourage anyone who suffers a back injury to never go under the knife. Dr. Nahali and Staff are great! Since my very first visit they were both welcoming and willing to help. They are very professional with great customer service. After going through physical therapy and steroid epidurals my pain persisted and I was told the only option was surgery but it wasn't recommended because of my age.

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During this time, our regular office hours may be adjusted. However, your health still comes first. We will be offering ONLINE appointments and consultation options to enhance access to our services. Call today to learn more!

Nonsurgical spinal decompression is a type of motorized traction that may help relieve back pain. Spinal decompression works by gently stretching the spine. That changes the force and position of the spine. This change takes pressure off the spinal disks -- gel-like cushions between the bones in your spine -- by creating negative pressure in the disc. As a result, bulging or herniated disks may retract, taking pressure off nerves and other structures in your spine. This helps promote movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids into the disks so they can heal.

Some 30+ years of scientific study and clinical research has provided us with detailed information on the reaction of biologic organelles (cell structures) to laser light. It has also shown us which wavelengths penetrate most deeply and what energy levels effect biological processes in the most desirable manner. We need to fully understand the relationship between the depth (from the skin surface) of the target tissue and the ability of the therapeutic laser light to reach that tissue. The light from the laser distributes in the tissue in the shape of a ball or an egg.