Perfect Balance Chiropractic offers specialized chiropractic care including cold laser therapy. Dr. Jeff Clark has 15 years of experience helping patients just like you. We offer Maine's Most AFFORDABLE Chiropractic Care at just $40 a visit with no insurance needed. Get the whole family adjusted for just $60.

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  • Maine's Only Membership Chiropractor

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  • Brunswick Maine, Topsham Maine, Lisbon Maine, Auburn, Maine

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  Person Dr. Jeffery Clark
  City Topsham, ME
  Zip Code 04086
  Address 439 Lewiston Rd
  Phone Number (207) 725-6500

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Dr. Jeffery Clark

Dr. Clark has over 15 years of experience helping patients just like you. Skilled in several chiropractic and therapeutic techniques, Dr. Clark can access and treat your condition with expertise. You can rest assured if our chiropractic office can't help with your condition, we will refer you to someone who can!

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Value for money
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  • I would recommend this business

I would definitely recommend him to others!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

I was having trouble when walking and a backache that never seemed to go away. My legs were swelling and my knees were aching. As the summer continued I was having more trouble walking, bending, stooping and getting up from a sitting position became more difficult and painful. By October my doctor prescribed painkillers and bed rest for three days to relax my back. The pain in my knees and left hip seemed unbearable. I was giving Celebrex to help with joint pain and swelling. Nothing seemed to have a lasting affect and getting more difficult to do daily living.

As November came and i could not ride or walk without pain in my lower back and legs. Sitting was uncomfortable and getting up and moving was painful. I complained to my family doctor in many visits, as I felt discouraged. Words of arthritis in my hip and knees and could be possibly crippled in time. There were suggestion of new hips and knees that did not appeal to me at all. He suggested I find a chiropractor perhaps he may help.

The holidays were approaching not able to shop was leaving me depressed and unhappy. My grandson, a patient of Dr. Clarks’ was having remarkable results and suggested I try him.

The first few visits I felt a feeling of relief I had not had in months. I still had pain but felt good at the same time. Sometimes a feeling of confusion would sweep over me feeling so great yet hurting so intensely. I would have days i could walk and move so freely and others I felt frozen in pain. Each visit i felt more relief from the constant pain but still could not ride without having difficulty walking afterwords. Slowly things started changing as i could ride and walk and do most things and not have constant pain. I can walk without the use of my cane a wonderful feeling of freedom.

Now free of pain I can walk, ride, get up from a sitting position and continue to move freely. Having more ability to take control of my body without the use of pills id a wonderful feeling.

With many injuries and aging my back has been a constant stress in my life. If I had known earlier of this type of treatment this deterioration may have been avoided.

What a wonderful feeling to wake up and put my feet on the floor and walk as much as I wish and not have constant pain. To be part of life able to enjoy my grandchildren and take part in there many activities. For my husband and I to attend a movie, eat in a restaurant not worrying that I will be able to stand and walk.

Thank you Dr. Clark for giving me back a fuller life without constant pain.

Thank you for adjusting Christopher last night. At 2:00am on Tuesday morning, Chris woke up so stuffy that I had to use a nose bulb and sinus drops just to help him breath through his nose. He was the same again at his 5:00am feeding. The daycare called us at 1:30 to say he had vomited so I took him home.

Within 30 minutes of the adjustment, I could see improvement. He was happier than he’s been in over a month. He’s had the ear infection for about six weeks. This last ten day Rx didn’t seem to do anything for Chris and after reading up on ear tubes, I haven’t wanted to go that route.

After the adjustment, Chris went to bed at about 8:00 after having more energy than he’s had in weeks and was breathing normally as he slept without nose drops. He’s been sleeping upright at home for the last 12 days, in a rocking chair, to help him drain. Chris hasn’t been sleeping at daycare since there, he can only sleep flat in a crib. Chris woke up twice last night and insisted on getting play time with Dad. Chris often waits up for Brad to come home from basketball or wakes when he hears Brad. It’s been the first time in a month where Chris was happy and not miserable, just wanting to be held. Chris wore Brad out.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the ear infection does clear by his Thursday 4:40pm doctors appointment. When I tug his ears, he laughs. He just seems exhausted from being sick for so long but he seems better. He’s sleeping now without snoring. I would like to do three adjustments even if he seems better. He had a rough birth with the c-section and breathing complications.

I have not suffered from a migraine in the last three months of treatment. I've had to deal with the agony of migraines most of my adult life. Dr. Jeff has given me hope and pain free days. I wish I had known about him years ago.

I am an athlete, had never been to a chiropractor before seeing Dr. clark, he made me so comfortable and has helped me since then correct many issues that have been holding me back. I always walk away from my appointments so thankful that I've found this form of preventative maintenance.

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Perfect Balance Chiropractic makes chiropractic care affordable to everyone. If you live in the greater Topsham/Brunswick or Lewiston/Auburn areas, you can now benefit from chiropractic wellness and preventative care at a fraction of the cost of traditional insurance based chiropractors. Our all inclusive pricing assures you that you will never pay more than $40 for your visit to our office ($60 for the whole family). If you live in the greater Topsham / Brunswick area, you can now benefit from chiropractic wellness and preventative care at a fraction of the cost of traditional insurance based chiropractors.

From the newly born through senior adulthood, we have the experience with chiropractic adjustments you can trust for your entire family. Dr. Clark has 20 years of experience helping families just like yours reach their upmost potential through pure chiropractic care! Chiropractic promotes the idea that the body has an inborn ability to heal. The primary role of a chiropractor is to restore and maintain the health of the spine and the nervous system in order to support the body's natural ability to be healthy.