We are a wellness center conveniently located in the heart of Wilmington that offers chiropractic, massage therapy, nutrition, and weight loss. We are excited to have you as part of our practice and thank you for the opportunity to assist you in achieving and maintaining optimal health. We are dedicated to providing you and all of our patients with the best possible chiropractic care available. Below is more information to better acquaint you with our practice. Our goal is to help you come to full circle from sickness to health.

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Russ Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Dr. Russ received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic (PCCF) in Port Orange, FL in 2007, graduating with honors. Prior to his studies at PCCF, Dr. Russ was a student-athlete at the University of Rhode Island where he received his degree in Biological Sciences. During his undergraduate studies, Dr. Russ did his internship in a thriving multi-doctor clinic in Bayonne, NJ.

Dr. Russ focuses on spinal care, rehabilitation, proper nutrition, and family wellness care. He has studied numerous safe and effective chiropractic adjusting and treatment techniques. These techniques allow him to serve people of all ages with a variety of conditions. Dr. Russ expresses passion for health daily and is committed to providing patients with the most effective means of natural healing. He has since been furthered his education by becoming certified to provide Acupuncture. He is a member of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Russ was raised in Brick, NJ and currently resides in Wilmington. He enjoys weight training, training for and competing in triathlons, surfing, traveling, and many other outdoor activities.

From Our Website

We love to help our patients! If you have any questions about our care, or if you need to schedule your consultation or appointment, please contact us today! At Russ Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we offer completely customized, natural, and non-invasive healthcare solutions for your individual health. We focus on inside-to-outside philosophy to ensure that your whole body is treated. Our doctors don't want to offer a "band-aid" solution; we want you to be healed completely. We understand that the Central Nervous System is the master controller of your whole body, and where there are blocks, your body will be limited, and will not be able to perform at maximum capacity.

We work hard to ensure that our new patients are well at ease, because we know that visiting a doctor for the first time can be overwhelming and nerve wrecking. At our office, you will be welcomed with a warm greeting, you can complete the paperwork in the comfort of your own home, and we will simply have a conversation on strategies that will contribute to the quality of your life. Your first visit will last about an hour for the consult and examination, and will serve as the information gathering time.

Going through it alone can be challenging. Your certified wellness coach will work with you, motivate you and provide the guidance you need to succeed and achieve your wellness goals, thus giving you the holistic, healthy lifestyle you deserve.

More often than not, when we tell someone that we are a chiropractic office, they immediately associate our vocation with neck and/or back pain. What many do not realize, however, is that chiropractic is a health care modality that provides significantly more than just a solution for pain. Chiropractic is a lifestyle that involves all aspects of wellness, including exercise, nutrition, personal development, and stress relief. We have been fortunate to work with people from all walks of life (including newborns, children, and adolescents) and the outcome has been miraculous.

If you experience back or neck pain, poor blood circulation, migraines, trouble sleeping, low energy levels, soreness, or you simply need some time to de-stress, you should consider scheduling some time with one of our massage therapists, who works with our doctors to tailor your massage to your specific health needs. This massage could include a combination of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Structural Relief Therapy, specific techniques for those who have been in motor vehicle accidents, Energy Work, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy Massage, and Sports Specific Massage.

Your neck and shoulders work hard every day. Neck pain is almost a universal human experience. The slightest deviation in the relationship between the bones of the cervical spine can cause pain and limit head and neck mobility. Research shows that chiropractic treatments can relieve neck pain more effectively than any pain medication. Neck pain can derive from any type of neck strain or neck injury (whiplash), virus infection of the throat (which may lead to lymph gland swelling thus putting strain on the neck), headaches, poor posture, uncomfortable sleeping positions or even physical and emotional stress.

If we are able to achieve this, then our children will grow up in a world where health and wellness is at the forefront of their decision making process, our neighbors will toss out their supposed "life-long" medications, and our entire culture will reap with vitality and utmost potential. What is the problem? Escalating health care costs continue to remain an issue of great concern for many health professionals, employers and insurance companies. The latest statistics establish that 80% of illnesses and disease in Canada and the United States are preventable.

Migraines and other headaches can strike at any time for individuals who suffer. This large inconvenience can have a negative impact on your career, family life, overall health and your happiness. We Know What Your Problem Is! Your spine is misaligned! The primary cause of headaches is tension within the neck, which means that part of your spine is out of place, causing an imbalance that's throwing off your Central Nervous System. Get adjusted! Slight manipulations can put your spine back into alignment and solve your headache woes.