Dedicated Chiropractic physician specializing in repair of Lumbar and Cervical herniated discs. Many techniques available for all types of spines within the Chiropractic profession. Specialist in care of Scoliosis in children.

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Spinal Resonance

Spinal Resonance is a specialized Chiropractic healing art, invented through the 25 plus years of healing experience William P. Trebing, DC has developed by analyzing, and treating the spine energetically. Dr. Trebing lectures nationally and abroad, certifying Chiropractic physicians in this powerful work.

What does this mean, treating the spine energetically? The human body can be viewed from several different vantage points, depending on the knowledge and experience of the personal viewer. As well, life in general is viewed from a perspective of what one is able to perceive. As perception increases, so does experience and expansion of possibilities. If what you have learned in life about your physical body, mind, soul, and energetic existence is no longer comprehensive enough to satisfy what you have evolved to perceive, then we believe the Spinal Resonance healing protocol will be very attractive to you.

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I have going to Doctor Trebling for over a year now, for a back sprain, he has put me back in shape and provided support for me in a very stressful time. I am so grateful to have met him and can rely on his help when I need.

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My Yoga instructor referred me to Dr. Wil since I was looking for a new Chiropractor after mine moved away. In researching Dr. Wils approach I found Spinal Resonance to be very interesting as I was open for an alternative approach to traditional Chiropractic care. I had recently been rear-ended in a car accident and my neck and back were very sore for a long while.

The first appointment/exam included a thorough discussion and examination. Dr. Wil and I talked for a while before starting the exam about how his treatment works as well as details of my medical history. After the treatment we discussed Dr. Wil's assessment and my proposed treatment plan. It was a very informative appointment, much more in depth than most experiences I have had with what I would consider traditional chiropractic care. The Spinal Resonance approach is pretty different from other back care I have received in the past; it prepares the spine before adjusting it. Rather than getting a brief general overall adjustment, Dr. Wil's adjustments specifically target the areas needing the adjustments.

While the adjustments take a little longer than what I was used to, they also hold for longer than adjustments I have received with other providers. In addition, the office environment is soothing and I tend to leave feeling more relaxed than when I arrived. I now have less neck and back pain, and only need to come in for maintenance appointments at this point (around once a month).

I found Dr. Wil on a Google search when I was looking for someone who specialized in traction. I have a herniated a disc. I also had a microdiscectomy surgery which did not resolve the continuous pain down one leg. Continued research lead me to believe that certain stretching and traction would help the problem, despite my initial skepticism about Chiropractors. Despite the surgery, I continued to have sciatica, knee pain, shin pain, groin and hip pain. I could not work, exercise, or walk without a limp, etc. This was particularly stressful for me since I am only 37.

Dr. Wil seemed to know the issue at hand and addressed that head on. The treatment with Dr. Wil It was a different experience than I was expecting. I found myself instantly feeling better, although it took a few months to feel very well. Before I couldn't sit at my desk at work for more than 45 minutes, I couldn't walk without a severe limp, no gym or exercise, driving was uncomfortable, just getting in my car was awful.

Now, back in the gym, no limp, working my normal 12 hour days and no real issues. Have the occasional growing pains but I feel like time will certainly heel the rest. Before I would never recommend chiropractic work to anyone, now I am happy to suggest this is a viable option to consider for back, leg, and neck pain. I will not hesitate to do this again as injuries arise.

As far as chiropractic care is concerned, Dr. Trebing's work has transitioned me from a skeptic to a firm believer. I was experiencing lower back pain and sore spots in my upper back, shoulder and neck muscles due to stress. I had lived with this for years, and decided it would just be a way of life for me. It affected a number of daily activities including washing dishes, doing laundry, sitting, standing, and countless others. After treatment with Dr.Will, which included Spinal Resonance Chiropractic, the pain significantly subsided in my back and is completely gone away in shoulder and neck. Dr.Will is a joy to meet and be treated by. I love his smiley face and friendly nature. He has always been very gentle with my adjustments. I always feel at ease with his care! He always listens to me and truly is interested in me as a person, not just a patient. He is very knowledgeable and professional.

I highly recommend him for anyone needing help to maintain a quality lifestyle.


The Low Back Cure: Dr. William Trebing

The Low Back Cure is a specialized body work designed by Chiropractic Physician Dr. William Trebing, enabling a more rapid repair to lower back problems, especially those which stem from herniated, or swollen discs. Lower back problems, back and leg weaknesses, sciatica, leg pain, and all other problems related to the lumbar spine are repaired with this fine work. Dr. Trebing's in-house statistics show an over 88 % success rate of complete recovery within 2 to 5 months of care.

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At first glance, most people don't see the connection between chiropractic and pregnancy. However, there are four stages in which having an optimally working nervous system can help both mother and child. Chiropractic care prepares the body to be as strong, supple and balanced as possible to carry the pregnancy. Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy appeals to mothers who seek a natural approach to better health. Many rely on chiropractic care to help assure optimum biomechanics of the hips and spine in the hopes of reducing the need for interventions during the birth process.

A common cause of headaches is from spinal bones in the neck that aren't supporting the head properly. You might not notice your reduced ability to turn your head. But these vertebral subluxation complexes affect nerves, muscles and even the blood supply to your head. Our thorough examination detects vertebral subluxation complex patterns that could be causing your headaches. If vertebral subluxation complexes are present, you're likely to benefit from chiropractic care. Some are surprised to learn that their headaches are being caused by problems in their lower back!

Specific chiropractic spinal adjustments, because they can help restore proper motion and position of individual spinal bones, can help promote proper healing. The longer you wait the more unseen damage there is and the longer it seems to take to recover. Because the nerves to the arms and hands exit the spine through the injured area of the neck, numbness and tingling are common. Even lower back pain can result directly from the trauma, or as a reaction to the loss of proper spinal curves. Whether you've been in an accident, stressed at work, or over-exerted yourself in the garden, your body is constantly adapting to the environment.

Repetitive motions (painting the ceiling), postural distortions (falling asleep with your neck twisted) and whiplash injuries from a car accident are physical stresses. So are slips and falls. Even being born! Today's environment constantly assaults us with chemicals. Drugs, preservatives, tobacco, alcohol, pollen and a host of other substances can affect our nervous system and muscle tone. When your body reacts by "tripping a circuit breaker" and causing vertebral subluxation complex, chiropractic care may help.