Please feel free to contact me Dr. Rocky or Dr. Stone, which ever you prefer. I was born in Spanish Fork, Utah. I wandered around barefoot for about 4 years in Hawaii during my early teenage years that contributed to my freckles and the width of my feet! I enjoy ham radio, golfing, swimming water sports in general, snow skiing snow sports in general, spending time with my family, and watching movies.

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  City Pleasant Grove, UT
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  Phone Number (801) 785-0788

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One question that I get almost daily is, What's the difference between electrical stim, ultrasound, and laser therapy? If I go to the physical therapist they do electrical stim and ultrasound on my back or my legs. Why don't you use electrical stim and ultrasound? The answer is simple: Laser heals faster! Twenty two years ago when I first opened my practice, I was thrilled to purchase a machine that did many varieties of electrical stim and ultrasound. For more than ten years, I used electrical stim and ultrasound on my patients with good results.

Back to school means new routines, new clothes, new classes, new stresses. I am always amazed at how good, chiropractic adjustments help kids deal with stress. Chiropractic care stimulates the nervous system, which in turn stimulates the immune system, hormones, and brain function. Kids actually enjoy getting adjusted! I have adjusted children as young as a few hours old. You may be wondering why a newborn baby would need an adjustment. One thing that can slow a kid down though, is scoliosis. It's sneaky!