Vail Chiropractic is a complete chiropractic facility ready to cover the healthcare requirements of you and your family. Dr. John Vail founded the facility in 2005. All our services are at one location. We supply chiropractic, physical therapy, and rehabilitative services in one location, which allows patients to return to a functional state faster.

Contact Details

  City Winona, MN
  Zip Code 55987
  Address 164 East Fourth Street # 3
  Phone Number (507) 474-4260

From Our Website

This breakthrough technology brings new hope to those suffering from disabling spinal conditions such as disc herniations, disc degeneration, sciatica, and facet syndrome. Spinal Decompression Therapy is performed on a specially designed table in either a face up or face down position. Clinical consideration and your comfort are used in deciding which position will be best for you. You will remain fully dressed during the treatment. You will be comfortably position on the table and fitted with a wrap around belt.

Here we utilize a multitude of specific chiropractic techniques tailored to each individual's needs and state of health. They range from light force techniques that are used on babies and osteoporotic women, to gentle impulse adjustments which are commonly utilized on most clients. We are dedicated to helping our patients heal faster by giving them the tools that they need to manage parts of their care at home. We take a holistic approach to your care.

I fell in love with Winona, Mn. when I attended Winona State University in 1997. Little did I know at the time, I'd meet my wife Erika here. Following Graduation I moved to St. Louis, Mo. to attend Logan Chiropractic College. In December of 2004 I graduated from Logan and moved back Winona and with the help of my wife Erika, opened Vail Chiropractic Clinic in February of 2005. Life has thrown many adventures our way. Currently, my wife and I are raising our 6 wonderful children. During the winter we can be found at the Bud King Ice Arena.