We are a Principled Chiropractic office. Our only mission is to locate and correct Spinal Subluxations. Subluxations are parts of the spine that go out of alignment and interfere with the signals that go to and from the brain. When those signals are interfered with your body breaks down and becomes diseased. With the proper Chiropractic care people can live healthy lives naturally! Chiropractic By Hands Only!

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  City Chesterfield, MO
  Zip Code 63017
  Address 1415 Elbridge Payne Rd Suite 145
  Phone Number (314) 681-8388

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We cater to Professional Moms and Dads with busy lives, schedules, and budgets they have to maintain.

After your first two appointments, we have flexible walk-in hours every week. We do work with insurance AND we offer monthly plans for individuals and families wanting to take a preventative or wellness approach to their health after they are feeling better.

We have partnered with ChiroHealth USA to help people who have no insurance or lack adequate insurance.

Our goal is to help you FEEL BETTER, HAVE MORE ENERGY, and SLEEP BETTER so you can BE MORE PRODUCTIVE and HAVE MORE FUN in life.

We care for individuals and families, from newborn to the elderly, become healthier through Principled Chiropractic Care. You may start because of minor aches or because you have a severe pain. You may start because you want a more natural way to resolve your chronic health issues.

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$49 Chiropractic Exam and 2 Chiropractic Adjustments

Call 314-681-8388 to schedule your new patient exam and 2 Chiropractic Adjustments for only $49. This is the deal of the century!

We are honest, passionate, and a great Chiropractic Office. You will not be disappointed in the care you receive.

Our purpose is to remove Vertebral Subluxations, which cause disease and dysfunction in the body, by using specific scientific Chiropractic Adjustments.

Call 314-681-8388 to schedule.

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I’ve been seeing Dr. Wahl for a few years now. My health is the best it’s been for 15 years. I’ve had issues that I thought I would live with the rest of my life that I nowexperience relief from. He genuinely cares about people’s health and is a expert at his profession.

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Customer Testimonials

Dr. Wahl is an incredible chiropractor and person. We go to him weekly (he has a very affordable monthly family rate), and always feel welcome! Every person and every adjustment is different; he knows how to individualize treatment. Beyond that, if you ever need him outside of office hours, he is willing to accommodate, if possible.
Since going to him regularly, we have more energy, sleep better, and some minor ailments have disappeared.
We highly recommend Dr. Wahl

Dr Wahl saw me right away when I was in pain. He evaluated me and explained everything he was doing during the evaluation and adjustment and after seeing him the pain greatly improved. It's easy to see him with walk-in hours. Great service, patient care and results!

Dr. Wahl is a wonderful chiropractor whom I would highly recommend, he is warm and friendly with a very helpful and informative nature. He works with people physically to help them sustain a healthy chiropractic way of life and financially to help them afford the care that they need. His clinic is clean and inviting and his schedule is very open to allow people to come in whenever they can. Lastly, you leave there not only with knowing that you are better, but also with a hug on every visit.

Dr. Wahl has enabled me to have a far greater understanding about the foundation of my health! I can write a five chapter book on the life long changes that I have made as a result of Dr. Wahl's care. Simply put, I eat, sleep and walk differently and I feel SO much better. As a result, I am even more productive in various areas of my life. Dr. Wahl is my doc forever.

Dr. Wahl is extremely knowledgeable and passes that knowledge onto his patients. He cares about his patients and has personally gone out of his way to help me. If you are unsure about seeing a chiropractor or seeing a new chiropractor, I highly recommend visiting Dr. Wahl. He is an all around outstanding person and chiropractor.

I have been seeing Dr. Wahl for about 6 months now and I feel better than ever! I've noticed less backaches, headaches, and I rarely get sick. Overall, I feel great. I would highly recommend Dr. Wahl to anyone, whether you have back pain or just want to learn how to live a healthier life!

When I started seeing Dr. Wahl, I had been getting daily headaches. After a few months of visits, the headaches were gone! I would recommend Dr. Wahl because he cares about his patients and is very knowledgeable about Chiropractic!

Dr wahl is a dedicated doctor that takes his time in helping his patients achieve their goal of a pain free life. It's evident he takes great pride in his patients comfort!

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Chiropractic is Amazing!
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The ADIO health principle is simple and always true. We heal from Above Down and Inside Out and it never works any other way. When sick - it doesn't matter how many vitamins, supplements, medicines, procedures, exercise, good foods you consume...if your
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Pain is our friend. That is right. Without it, we would not know good from bad. Without it, we cannot grow. Without it, we cannot get stronger. Yet, everyone seems to cast a shadow on pain. They fill it with lies and pills. It will be okay. It is nothing.
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Health comes from within. We cannot trick nature, nor can we circumvent it. Live Healthier. #HelpingFamiliesLiveHealthier #WahlHealth.com
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Chiropractic helps pregnant moms and the health of the newborn. #HelpingFamiliesLiveHealthier #wahlhealth.com
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From Our Website

Have you been diagnosed with a disc injury or a slipped disc in Chesterfield? The severity of a disc injury can depend heavily on the circumstances surrounding how it was sustained. The complexity and pain associated with the injury necessitate the care of an experienced chiropractor. The chiropractic team in Chesterfield has the training to allow you to overcome your injury and return to living your life pain-free. The thin cushions that space your vertebrae and allow them to function at their best are known as discs.

There is a common misconception that work injuries are necessarily the result of severe accidents in the workplace. In reality, the majority of work injuries are the result of overuse. Annually, American citizens spend hundreds of millions of dollars in an attempt to mitigate this issue. Our chiropractor in Chesterfield has compiled the following information to help you find relief from your work injury with chiropractic care. The catalyst behind the vast numbers of workplace injuries is simply repeated stress.

Are you aware that similar to the manner in which nerves can become impinged in your spine by your vertebrae, the skeletal structures in your wrist can pinch nerves leading to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome? Many individuals opt for expensive and invasive medical procedures without realizing there are successful and proven ways to treat carpal tunnel syndrome with non-invasive methods. Carpal tunnel medical procedures can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars and still fail to provide relief 40% of the time.

Are you dealing with shoulder pain in Chesterfield? The shoulder joint houses one of the sockets with the largest range of motion in the human body and consequently is at the mercy of an extensive list of ailments that can affect it. The possible sources of shoulder pain are nearly limitless, however, a significant portion of shoulder injuries are the result of neck and upper back issues, degradation at the shoulder joint, vigorous exercise, and auto injuries. As a result of the many different ways in which shoulder pain can develop, the symptoms can range from mild to debilitating.

If you are one of the many individuals suffering from neck pain in Chesterfield, you know how difficult it can be to find pain relief. Chiropractors have been able to help relieve neck pain for over a century with their natural, effective care. Our chiropractic clinic in Chesterfield has experience treating neck pain successfully. It is not possible to resolve neck pain without finding the source of the pain in the first place. The chiropractic team at Wahl Family Chiropractic utilizes a diverse set of methods to hone in on the cause of your discomfort.

Chiropractic care in Chesterfield is often overlooked during pregnancy. However, due to the back pain that is usually associated with the stress of pregnancy, chiropractic can actually be very beneficial. A healthy pregnancy almost always comes with some degree of discomfort, but our experienced chiropractic team can ensure you have the most healthy pregnancy possible. To prepare for pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes many physiological changes. Amongst these is a significant change in the balance of her body as a result of her normal weight gain.

If you are in search of a chiropractor in Chesterfield, it makes sense to choose an experienced doctor you can trust. Our comprehensive approach at Wahl Family Chiropractic in Chesterfield MO ensures that we give you the best opportunity to achieve health. Rest assured, you will be in good hands with the chiropractic team at Wahl Family Chiropractic. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team in Chesterfield. We are here to help you achieve your health goals. Chiropractic works by making carefully placed adjustments to realign your spine.

If you have ever dealt with the symptoms of whiplash in Chesterfield, you know how frustratingly painful it can be. A majority of auto accidents are a result of one car rear-ending another. It is fairly common in our practice to treat individuals for whiplash many weeks after their accident because they simply did not feel the effects for some time. If you are dealing with the after-effects of an auto injury then our chiropractor in Chesterfield is here to provide you the treatment necessary to make a full recovery.