Dr. Bradley Craig D.C. and Patty Craig M.Ed., L.M.T. are a husband and wife team of healers and passionate advocates for holistic health and fitness. The pair created Your Sanctuary For Healing to provide a sacred space for the intimate work of healing and teaching clients. Specializing in Chiropractic care, Massage Therapy, Reiki, Nutrition, Fitness and Teaching, the couple offers over 40 years of experience. Your Sanctuary For Healing is conveniently located in the Portland Metropolitan area, one block off of Powell Boulevard, on Main Street in Historic Downtown Gresham.

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  City Gresham , OR
  Zip Code 97030
  Address 109 N Main Ave Suite 203
  Phone Number (503) 492-5606
  Fax (503) 492-3635

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Chiropractic is not an alternative to medicine. In fact, it has nothing to do with medicine at all. It is a safe and effective method of ensuring that your body is functioning at its best. Only with proper lifestyle (diet, rest, exercise, mental attitude) , and a nervous system which is free from interference, can your body fully function at its peak performance.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

At Your Sanctuary For Healing we do things differently than at other chiropractic offices. We are a husband and wife team of holistic healers. We see clients one-on-one, by appointment only, so you will have our undivided personal attention to address your well-being. All of our services including Massage Therapy are administered personally by one of us. With our comprehensive training in bodywork combined with our passion for Energy Medicine, including Reiki, we have refined the art and healing power of massage. You will enjoy a therapeutic massage tailored to your needs and leave feeling better than you can imagine.



Reiki energy is soothing, opens the flow of energy in the body and restores balance. Because of this it has been helpful to clients from all walks of life by providing
Relief from pain​​
Support with stress symptoms
Easing anxiety
Improving mood & outlook
Support with grief & loss
Clarity in times of change
Peace of mind for decision making
Improving sleep
A sense of well being

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Wonderful, healing experience. I felt deeply renewed after my session with Patty.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

I have been to this calming oasis for Reiki, Massage and Chiropractic care. Highest recommendations for all three practices....with sensitive, attentive and thoughtful care. Thank you Brad and Patty.

I have been to many massage therapists over the years. DR Craig is one of the best I have ever been to. Thank you DR Craig!

Dr. Craig and Patty Craig are a great combination when it comes to chiropractic and massage services. I came in with mobility, pain, and stiffness issues with my arm (I couldn't raise my arm past my shoulder). After a few sessions I was back to full mobility. They also offer Reiki and nutritional advice too.

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