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-Touchscreen computer operated.
-Hydraulic -Fully positionable in all planes to provide TRUE lumbar decompression.
-Full accessories for cervical spine decompression.
-Burgundy uphostery, white powder coat base.
-Knee bolster.
-Assortment of harnesses for quick setup/release and full stability.
-Electric, remote-controlled hi/lo feature makes purchase eligible for handicap accessible tax credit.
-Full marketing material package included.
-Up to 200lb decompressive force. 400lb table capacity.
-Approximately 1yr old with MINIMAL use.
--Purchased for $18, 000. Asking 10, 500. Price is negotiable.
**Please contact Rena or Derek if interested - 936-447-5959.


$10,500 - negotiable

Published on

Oct 26, 2009

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