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My Goal is: Fast, permanent resolution of injuries using a mixture of ART Active Release Techniques, chiropractic, exercise prescription, posture rehabilitation, integrated into your individual lifestyle.

Dr. Harte knows that people like you are just plain ill and tired of medical doctors and their drugs, their surgeries, their tests and dubious diagnoses, their excuses You'll just have to learn to live with that, and mostly, their LACK OF RESULT. He knows that a wealth of chiropractors have given Chiropractic a bad name, for reasons varying from pushing weird New Age therapies, to those ridiculous

Everyone has a right to a pain-free, healthy spine. It was this simple, sometimes elusive, goal that lead me to build a fresh approach to chiropractic treatments. Just like a broken bone must be properly set before it can heal, so too muscles must be reset before a spinal adjustment. Traditional chiropractic adjustments often leave the newly-aligned spine at odds with the muscles surrounding it.

  • Great office, great chiropractor. Dr. Tinozzi really helped me get well and take charge

Dr. Pinkerton uses a powerful method of chiropractic called Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique or BEST. This advanced, holistic technique addresses the role of the mind and emotions in the development of symptoms. With it, we can often successfully deal with symptoms without the forceful adjusting of the joints i.e. cracking that most of us associate with chiropractic.

Join the greatest movement of modern medicine & start feeling better! Welcome to the Cantor Chiropractic Center, Marin's top pick for gentle and quality chiropractic care. We aim to serve our community with the best quality family chiropractic care so that each person may realize their full human potential, without concern for their ability or inability to pay for services.

Mt. Tam Chiropractic is committed to the well-being of your body, mind, and spirit. We aid families and individuals manage and release stress by applying gentle spinal adjustments. This gentle technique feels nice and is extremely easy on the body, making it ideal for people of all ages.

WELCOME to our web page! I want to thank the 1000's of patients who have supported and challenged us through the years to be the finest that we can be. For our new patients or those of you just visiting our web page, I want to encourage you to communicate with us by asking us questions about your health or simply take the time to learn more about how to take better care yourselves.

Balance Chiropractic - Why are we here? We are here for fun, for family, for career, for individual growth, just not our own, for yours. We all learn early in life that nice health makes everything we do easier and more enjoyable. We learn this the 1st time we currently have a cold and can't go out and play. Later in life, poor health may limit us emotionally, professionally or spiritually.