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Come see what Chiropractic can do for your well-being! What can we do to assist you with your health care matters? We try to treat each and every one of our patients like we'd like to have our family members treated if they went to a doctor's office. We're a christian office and like most chiropractors we realize the power that made the body heals the body.

Welcome to the Mark Pierce Chiropractic Clinic, conveniently situated in the Kernan Square Shopping Plaza, on the corner of Beach and Kernan Boulevards. We truly feel that modern chiropractic holds the key to unlocking the body's capability to restore itself. Our mission is to enhance the quality of as many lives as possible with the wonders of Chiropractic. Our staff looks forward to serving you.

Soft tissue injections such as trigger point ligament, bursa, tendon, sheath injections. Medication for musculor skeletal pain. Chiropractic is built on the scientific fact that your nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, and organ of your body. Your nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord, and millions of nerves.

I've been going to Chiropractor's all of my life. I was very impressed at American Chiropractic. Great facility, hours that are realistic for the working personal, friendly team and an extremely knowledgeable doctor! Read various opinions and articles regarding chiropractic news from Planet Chiropractic. Your information will not be shared.

  • I've been to several different chiropractors but this guy is the best.

It seems as everyone says we're the finest, but few can back up their claims. Dr. R. G. Packo and/or Ponte Vedra Chiropractic Medicine and Physical Therapy have been Voted Best Chiropractic Physician in Northeast Florida as well as Best Physician and Best Physical Therapy and Favorite Doctor at the Beach. Feel confident that we'll work tight to provide the Best RESULTS possible.

Hodges Chiropractic is a family-oriented chiropractic clinic. At Hodges Chiropractic your chiropractor will explain your condition to you before the treatment process starts. Our chiropractic examination process is very intensive. Our reputation within the Jacksonville area speaks for itself. Video of Hodges Chiropractic on YouTube! All participants must live in the Jacksonville Area.

  • Very nice office. Friendly. Will go back again. Doctor was helpful with explaining what

We are a chiropractic office in Jacksonville, FL. We offer a wide range of services including but not limited to; Chiropractic care, massage therapy, sports injury recovery and automobile accident injury recovery - to name a few! All of our new patients qualify for a free Hydro-massage!

Our technical method is Chiropractic Biophysics. This scientific approach to chiropractic has studied, researched and documented the normal spinal model; and corrective rehabilitative care. Better posture is a key component to lasting pain relief and better health.

Dr. J. Allen and Deborah Fralicker, of the Fralicker Chiropractic Clinic in Jacksonville FL, focus on the treatment of auto accident and work injuries as well as general diseases and conditions. We supply spinal health maintenance, acupuncture and other non-invasive health care and wellness programs to get you well speedily without the use of medication.

Whether it be an auto accident, a work-related injury, a fall, over-exertionwhatever the cause of injury, we currently have treatment programs to relieve your pain and assist you build a strong, healthy body. We have constructed this web page to explain the benefits of our special brand of health care, which combines the finest of modern medicine with chiropractic and other natural treatments.

At North Florida Spine and Injury Center we pride ourselves at properly diagnosing your condition so that we can employ fast and effective treatment methods to aid in the healing process. We currently use the top research backed treatment protocols to ensure that you live pain free.

  • Great doctor, professional staff, in a clean/modern facility. These guys are just fantastic!

As a Jacksonville chiropractor, I take pride in providing the most comprehensive chiropractic resource in our area. In fact, our willingness to volunteer information and explain every chiropractic procedure in advance, is often mentioned by our delighted patients. Those who truly understand what chiropractic care is about seem to get the right results in the shortest amount of time.

We realize that finding the correct health care professional can frustrating and intimidating. For this reason our office is dedicated to delivering a warm, relaxed, and professional atmosphere. Chiropractic care is not an alternative to medicine but is built on the premise that the body is a self-healing organism, and that the nervous system is the master control system of the body.

Chiropractic Helps Infants Sleep Better According to Pilot Study A pilot study published in the March 2008 issue of the scientific periodical the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics JCCP, showed that infants sleep better when under chiropractic care..

If you are looking for pain relief, need an alternative to traditional surgery and injections, searching for a chiropractor in Jacksonville or Jacksonville Beach, you have come to the best place. Our Center is committed to treating every patient as an personal and not as a condition. This means we plan care, which emphasizes the patient's personal requirements, with dignity and strict confidentiality.

Family Chiropractor serving Gainesville, FL and surrounding areas. We offer chiropractic care for treatment of neck and back pain, car accident injuries, sports injures, arthritis, headaches and more.

Port Orange chiropractic with Natural Health Practices and Dr. Shelly Seidenberg will have you pain free in no time. Come and see us for chiropractic, nutrition, massage and detox. We will help you support your body's natural ability to heal without drugs or surgery. We have a 5-star rating from our patients who have reviewed us on google. We are sure you will love our office and staff. You're going

20 years of Experience and Comprehensive treatment for Car accident patient. urgent chiropractic care , fast and fair. Neck BACK PAIN, Tension headache treatment.

20 years of Experience and Comprehensive treatment for Car accident patient. urgent chiropractic care , fast and fair. Neck BACK PAIN, Tension headache treatment.

At Riverview Family Chiropractic treating the entire person is our primary emphasis. Examinations are performed to guarantee that the primary condition is throughly evaluated. All other health concerns are evaluated to help in the complete healing process. Our main aim for all of our customers is to supply Quality Care for the Whole Family.