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West LA chiropractor Dr. Steven Becker specializes in back & neck pain, carpal tunnel, headaches, sciatica, whiplash & work injuries.

  • Even doctors of questions sometimes about. When I do, Dr. Becker is one of a small handful

Marvin C. Lee, D.C. is your one-stop healthcare center for learning about what chiropractic care is and what it can do for you. We are your Los Angeles neighborhood Chiropractor provider and we believe in a total body, holistic approach to healing. We strive to get you well and keep you healthy. This means we don't just treat your symptoms. We review your health history and provide you with a thorough

  • I've been having my back adjusted for the past 4 years since an automobile accident left

Physical therapy is one of the major services which we offer. Our therapists works closely with patients to help them improve their movement potential

Dr. Edward Pan, DC is listed as one of America's Top Chiropractors in 2009 by the Consumer Research Council of America. Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Van Nuys, and Rialto, the leading health professionals at Chiropractic Care Center are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives - combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum. Dr.

  • Dr Pan is the best! Him and his staff are so helpful! It is hard to find a doctor in LA

Dr. Claire O'Neill-Close's experience in pharmacy altered her belief in true health from medicine to wellness; changing her life from medicine to chiropractic. Dr. Claire believes that true wellness can only be achieved by correcting and preventing subluxations.

  • Of the old school variety of chiropractors, requiring x-rays ($125, even with 2 "free"

Dr. Edward Pan is a chiropractor who is dedicated to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care. Patients seeking treatment at Chiropractic Care Center with Dr. Edward Pan are assured of receiving only the best quality care through the use of modern chiropractic technology and equipment.

Gillis Chiropractic Treatment Care is your one-stop solution for learning about the benefits of chiropractic. Please take a several minutes to explore our site, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We have 2 offices to serve you. Encino, California appointments available Tuesday and Thursday by appointment. Each office utilizes state of the art equipment.

Call for an Appointment Today! We are conveniently situated in the middle of West Los Angeles and are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives and is dedicated to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care.

Learn how we can relieve your pain and help you in reclaiming your life as a new patient of California Chiropractic. Dr. Mendoza has practiced the healing art of Chiropractic for many years. His treatments are performed not only to speedily relieve your pain and discomfort, but to assist you to understand your pain conditions in context with a bigger vision of optimal health.

  • I've been to many chiropractors over the years and this office was the best! The doctor

Situated in Westwood Village near UCLA and West Los Angeles, Dr. Brian Nishimoto is a chiropractor committed to delivering you with quality care and specific health information to assist you with all your chiropractic requirements. If you are suffering from low back pain, neck pain, strains, sprains, tension, stress, numbness, tingling, headaches, spinal symptoms resulting from pregnancy, sports injuries,

Welcome to the Good Chiropractor web page brought to you by Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich and his team. Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich and his team are committed to helping the young and old alike in the Los Angeles community achieve healthier, more fruitful lives through natural chiropractic care. We invite you to explore this site and discover how chiropractic care can impact your life.

W ith today's high stress environment and fast-paced working conditions, the body is constantly under the element of stress that makes it susceptible to injuries and other organic symptoms. When the body is stressed, the muscles are in constant tension which in turn pulls the vertebrae of your spine and neck out of alignment.

We're a health care facility committed to delivering state of the art natural pain relief treatments, coupled with education about how to stay out of pain. It's not enough to get you out of pain -- our mission is to teach you how to take attention of yourself and avoid pain in the future.

Our services are geared toward assisting you to get out of pain and improve your health so that you can live life to the fullest. This paradigm for total health maintains that optimal health and wellness can be obtained through the nurturing of six key areas. Many people are unaware of the full benefits of chiropractic care. A chiropractor just might be what the doctor ordered.

My goal is to supply the best quality Chiropractic care with courteous service and state of the art equipment, for the community of people living and working in Los Angeles.

W Los Angeles Chiropractic has been at this location since 1992, conveniently situated near the 10 and 405 freeways, and is regarded as one of the most respected offices in the city. From the time I graduated UCLA, I have committed 1000's of hours helping people out of pain and into a better, healthier lifestyle through Chiropractic.

  • Helpful staff. From the first phone call I could hear there need to be helpful. My insurance

Dr. Franco Columbu has won all the main bodybuilding and powerlifting titles in the world, including Mr. Olympia twice. He is a Doctor of chiropractic and a professional in Sports Medicine and Kinesiology. Franco has starred in and produced numerous feature films.

At Spearman Better Health Center, we'll aid you gain optimum levels of health through treatment and education. We can assist improve your capability to handle the environment by instilling nice health habits resulting in increased awareness of the spirit-body relationship. We treat patients with the finest and latest chiropractic techniques to correct non-optimum health conditions.

As a new patient to the Universal City Medical Wellness Group, we urge you to view our upcoming health lecture series. We consider getting informed about your body and your problems to be a very essential part of your treatment. I have found that patients who are educated actually have speedier recoveries, because they understand and aid themselves to get well.

We opened this office on October 1, 2008 and are here to supply expert chiropractic care, physiotherapy and massage services. Our massage therapists are licensed and skilled in many different techniques and they work their healing magic on you in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. We are open six days a week to suit your health and wellness requirements.

DARROW WELLNESS INSTITUTE My name is Dr. Marc Darrow, M.D. and I can imagine that if you are visiting this site you or someone you know, is suffering from chronic joint pain, and, that you are interested in learning more about your options, including Prolotherapy. Darrow Wellness Institute is situated in Los Angeles.

  • They do not live up to any of their claims. You will wait 30-to 45 minutes only to see

Dr. Rainey, a Los Angeles chiropractor, is centrally situated near Culver City, California. Rainey Chiropractic specializes in helping you live a pain-free life by finding and treating the cause of your pain, including lower and upper back pain. Or probably you suffer from neck pain and headaches?

Welcome to Wellness Source Chiropractic, your 1st step towards better health with Dr. Daniel M. Rud. Past president of LOME Chapter of CCA. Call today to begin your healing and make an appointment!

About our Practice: The relationship between spinal health and overall physical well being has long been a subject of scientific inquiry. Chiropractic and Massage therapy is rapidly becoming a more favorable alternative substitute to invasive spine surgery and medications that patch you up temporarly. What do you think about finding the source of your pain and fixing it, naturally?

As you look around, you will discover the true uniqueness of our facility. Clearly, our aim was to create the most nurturing environment for treating patients, leaning more toward ambience and less toward a clinical setting. Century West Chiropractic Center was established by Dr. Scott J. Fox and Dr. John R. Cathcart in 1985. The Massage and Skin care center was developed and perfected more recently.

  • From the outside it looks like a chiropractor's office. Once you step inside it is massage

It's a scientific fact that your Brain, Spinal Cord, and Nerves control every kind of the body. A common source of interference comes from abnormal alignment of the spinal column which encases the information super highway of the spinal cord. Nerve pressure can cause numbness, weakness or the under-performance of organs and tissues.

Get the strong healthy body you've always wanted and deserve for 2009. Come in for a free Pilates intro session and let us show you why in 12 sessions you will feel the difference and in 30 sessions you'll see a whole new you!

Welcome to ISI Attracting patients from around the world, ISI is world renowned for its treatment of spine and back disorders, including disc, sciatica, scoliosis and arthritis. ISI emphasizes injury treatment, prevention and self aid. ISI doctors supply consultation, diagnosis and treatment in Chiropractic, Podiatry, Physical Therapy, Medicine, Acupuncture and Hydrotherapy.

  • Dr, Leroy R Perry Jr. and his staff of doctors are the best in LA. They care for their

All of us, have our own personal Innate Intelligence, which connects us to the Universal Intelligence, the source of all life force. Life force is always with us and will correct majority of our ills. But sometimes it just requirements a slight push or jump-start. Healing can begin at any point in your life, at any phase of health. Chiropractic is for all of us.

Exercise equipment are available in premises. Walk-in patients are accepted on Monday to Friday 11 to 5. Saturday to Sunday office is open 11 to 5, by appointment. Dr. Robert Gabai DC has treated many celebrities including Rossanne Bar. Dr. Gabai have been invited to speak about chiropractic in national TV many times.

As a Chiropractor, I am interested in all kinds of your well being. Your body is tailored to be healthy but throughout life, events occur which damage your health. Spinal injuries healed improperly can cause layers of damage especially to your nerve system, resulting in pain, poor health and disease.

  • If you want to be in good hands let Dr. Claire O'Neil take care of you, you will not regret

Dr. Rodney Barnajian is a chiropractor in Beverly Hills, Van Nuys and Los Angeles that specializes in chiropractic care. He is dedicated to relieving your pain using the true principles of chiropractic care. We have a comprehensive physiotherapy department available. Our Beverly Hills, Van Nuys and Los Angeles practices are provided with modern diagnostic technology and equipment.

  • Just wanted to say that I had a great experience with Dr. Rodney Barnajian. He was very

Welcome to the Kirossage Chiropractic Center website, home of the original Kirossage manual therapeutic procedure! Dr. Radu Ioan, D.C., B.S., developed the Kirossage technique as a result of over ten years of study and practice in the chiropractic profession.

Situated in the middle of West Los Angeles, the leading health specialists at Ptak Wellness are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the whole chiropractic wellness spectrum. Dr. Jeffrey Ptak is dedicated to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care.

  • I started seeing Dr. Jeff Ptak after I was in a car accident. I was a little uneasy with

At Live Well we currently have taken the next step forward in promoting optimal joint health. We have integrated the services of chiropractic, pilates and massage all under one roof. This combination enables each patient the possibility to use the service s that finest suit their requirements.

  • I love this place. Dr Gloin is the best, not to mention fantastic massage therapists and

Dr. Muriel Poli is dedicated to bringing you and your loved ones vibrant health and effective strategies for a better way of life, by practicing true principles of Holistic and Wellness care. The Tree of Life Chiropractic Center was established in 1995 by Dr Muriel Poli. Since then Dr. Poli has been freeing individuals from old and new injury patterns and helping them to shift out of stress mode.

Westwood Clinic is now providing the newest in state-of-the-art skin care systems, the Affirm. This advanced laser system, which is provided exclusively at Westwood Clinic Care centers in Los Angeles, supplies treatments for skin microthermal rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, scars, pigmented lesions, and age-related skin conditions.

At Brentwood Spine and Sport, Dr. Benjamin Kleinbrodt utlizes his fifteen years of knowledge in the health industry to create individualized treatment program that incorporates Active Release Technique ART, Therapuetic Exercise, and gentle Chiropractic care, all designed to relieve pain and symptoms to allow you to enjoy your everyday life and activities.