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Comprehensive list of Redwood City, California based chiropractors and back pain clinics.

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The average age of Americans is increasing year-by-year. Approximately 77 million babies were born in the US during the boom years of 1946 to 1964. Like Goldilocks, we want things to work out just right. When it comes to our health, though, things don't work out just right by themselves. How would Goldilocks put a healthy lifestyle into practi.

Thank you for allowing us the possibility to share a little information about our office with you. First, we'd like to begin by saying that we know that you have a choice in selecting your healthcare staff and we're honored that you are evaluating our information for consideration.

If you are new to Chiropractic or seeking a new Chiropractic approach for your health concern, we look ahead to assisting you. Everyday, more people discover the science, art and philosophy of Chiropractic to get relief or stay healthy naturally without any medication or surgery. Please review the list of several of the celebrities who have discovered the benefits of Chiropractic.

Our center supplies an exceptional form of chiropractic treatment for patients with neck and back pain, repetitive strain injuries, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ/TMD, and many other adult and childhood conditions. The IUCCA was established in 1993 for the goal of delivering a forum for the exchange of information, postgraduate education, and continuing research into the physiological effects

Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Headaches, Migraines, Neck Pain, Planter Fascitis, Tennis and Golf Elbow lateral and medial epicondylitis, Arthritis, Weight Loss, Spinal Strengthening and Conditioning, are all part of what we here at Warren Street Wellness & Injury Center Effectively treat and manage.

Physical Medicine and Exercise Rehab: State of the art facilities offer advanced diagnostics, to pinpoint the cause of pain and damage, and a huge range of treatment to most effectively get you back to optimum health. Clinical Nutrition: Recent advances is this field has resulted in unheard of successes in the treatment of fatigue, stomach disorders, burnout syndrome, natural hormone replacement, anti-aging,

Chiropractic is an important part of achieving great health. Chiropractic helps the nervous system that system which controls every function of the body to work at its optimal potential. When our nervous system works at its optimal potential, we maximize the body's amazing capability to self regulate and self heal. And when we're able to properly self heal and self regulate, we're WELL.

When your spine and nervous system are out of kilter - you do not feel well. The bones, muscles and nerves must work together, or you feel pain, stiffness, numbness, tingling, or headaches. Chiropractic treatment assists your bones, muscles, and nerves work in harmony - and you are healthier! By adjusting your spine, we optimize your health. We want you to be as healthy as you can be.

Are you in agony due to a back injury? Are you running out of ways to successfully cope with the pain? Don't just deal with the pain eliminate it with the aid from the doctors at Rhodes-Jacobs Chiropractic Corporation. Since 1986, the trained, expert doctors at Rhodes-Jacobs Chiropractic Corporation have used their many years of knowledge in corrective spinal adjustment and extensive knowledge of back-related