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Comprehensive list of Saint Paul, Minnesota based chiropractors and back pain clinics.

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Situated in the middle of Apple Valley, the leading health specialists at Zeiszler Chiropractic Clinic are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the whole chiropractic wellness spectrum.

With two Twin Cities locations to proudly serve their patients N and E metro, the leading health specialists at Specific Family Chiropractic & Wellness are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the whole chiropractic wellness spectrum.

Situated in the middle of St. Paul, the leading health specialists at Capitol Chiropractic and Rehab, PC are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the whole chiropractic wellness spectrum.

Situated in the middle of St. Paul, the leading health specialists at Midway Chiropractic & Health Services are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the whole chiropractic wellness spectrum.

Check out other video miracles people have received in our office on YouTube from; asthma, constipation, cholesterol problems, allergies, fatigue, bladder problems, diabetes and many more. Do children need regular blood pressure check-ups or regular tests of their blood glucose levels? Probably not - these simple procedures can be done during a child's annual phys.

If you have never been to a chiropractor before, going to a chiropractor for the 1st time can be a bit stressful because you are not sure what to expect. Even if you have been to a chiropractor before, going to a new clinic can be quite a change from your previous clinic. At South Lexington Chiropractic, we like to ensure that your 1st visit with us is a relaxed and positive experience.

Situated on Hwy 36 just W of I694 in Oakdale, we're here to assist you get healthy. We would love for you to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic. Dr. Daniel Barrett is dedicated to bringing you better health and a better way of life by clearing your nerves of interference and teaching you principles of a chiropractic lifestyle based on 5 Essentials: Detoxification, Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management

At our clinic we trust that every guest should be greeted with a warm smile and empathetic ear. Whether you're overcoming a sports injury, work injury, or just need a regular adjustment, we look ahead to serving you with the highest service the Twin Cities have to provide.

Align offers Chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, applied kinesiology for our patients. Align ChiroMedical has been servicing the community for over ten years. Starting in St. Paul and expanding to Minneapolis it has continued to supply a top standard of care since the day it opened its doors.

Mounds View Chiropractic is a wellness clinic. We take pride in the fact that we teach our patients how to live full, healthy lives. Our purpose and passion is to teach and aid our patients implement benefiticial daily habits of eating, thinking, and moving. This is the only way to enjoy the extraordinary lives we were designed to experience.

Dr. Jackson has been in private practice since 1981. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern College of Chiropractic now Northwestern Health Sciences University in 1981. A company believer in the truism An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure when it comes to Wellness and Health, Dr. Jackson is an extremely active community member.

At HealthQuest Chiropractic and Sports Clinic, we care about you and your requirements. We perform a complete diagnostic protocol to identify the primary problem, apply specialized innovative treatments and work with you to reach the aims you set. Our programs are created to resolve your specific injury speedily, restore proper function and ultimately improve your athletic performance.

Chiropractic Center, Dr. David Rusoff has been serving patients in Apple Valley and The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul for over 20 years. We aspire to support as many individulals and families as possible in their quest for a better life. For those in pain, our mission is not only to ease that pain but to assist them attain a higher quality of life, and then sustain these gains through comprehensive

When the patient is ready the doctor appears! Dr. Endris gentle approach to adjusting the body enables you to heal more naturally. With a comprehensive chiropractic and kinesiological evaluation Dr. Endris is capable to determine the finest care for you and he has helped many difficult cases. We hope the information in this web page is useful, as a result, share it with your family, friends and co-workers.

Our library of audios, videos and articles focus on different kinds of each of the 5 essentials. Join our free community to connect and share with other members and receive exclusive discounts and events! Maximized Living is setting the new standard in health care and chiropractic. Drop inches off your waistline in only 12 minutes a week!

Have less pain, and more energy? Set and gain your health aims? Feel more in control of your health? Reconnect with the joy of living? I have helped 100's of customers restore and maintain function and balance in their bodies. My single mission is to get people well. Let me be your partner on this path! Good health is the foundation for living fully and expressing your true self.

In the Ramsey Action Program Building, across the street from the new Super Target. Most commonly, it's simply a matter of adjusting the lower lumbar vertebrae and pelvis to re-establish normal motion and position of your bones and joints. Chiropractic for the low back has been repeatedly shown to be the most efficient treatment for low back pain.

Dr. Carol Lipschultz is an experienced, board certified, chiropractic practitioner. Her practice specialties include applied kinesiology and homeopathy. The office is situated in the Macalester/Groveland area of the Midway district in St. Paul. It is a cash based practice see: fees. The focus of the practice is to take an integrated approach to your care see: services.

Are you tired of facing each day in pain or discomfort? Maybe it's low back pain, or a headache. But you're trying to juggle more than is humanly possible, which means something isn't going to get done. And that something is dealing with your nagging pain. But taking time out of your day to fix it never seems to be an option.

Have questions about chiropractic care and if it's right for you? Take a moment and review our frequently asked questions. We have over 6 combined years of knowledge. Olson Bros Chiropractic uses the most up to date and advanced methods to treat all of their patients. Dr. Dan and Dr. Dennis understand that people are concerned about thier health.

Drews Family Chiropractic and Curt's Therapeutic Massage supply health and wellness services and are situated in Woodbury, MN. Whether you need chiropractic or massage services, each of these soothing images will bring you to the best place.

The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his her patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. We are excited to announce a new event here at Beyond Chiropractic. At the request of several of my patients we're starting a monthly wellness group for all who have challenges and questions around making permanent healthy lifestyle

Hello and welcome to my website. First, I'd like to introduce myself - i am Dr. Steven Hiebert and i am really pleased you're here. i am an intuitive chiropractor and healer situated in the Midway area of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Please look around the website. Mission: It is my mission, my calling, to supply intuitively guided holistic healing to those exceptional people seeking to be free from symptoms,

In our clinic, the doctors treat a huge range of symptoms and their causes. On any given day patients coming through our clinic vary from newborns to the elderly. Many people are familiar with the fact that Chiropractic treatments are effective in relieving neck and back pain.

Don't worry if you do not know the answer. If you're all stressed out, we currently have some information that might. It's about time you gave yourself a really nice look. Yet it is significant to understand that no individuals, including those under my active care, should use the information, resources or tools contained within to self-diagnose or self-treat any health-related condition.

In fact, we're the only Minnesota clinic certified as a Kennedy Spinal Decompression Center. Our procedures are designed for results, safety, and gentleness. We use state of the art equipment in a remarkably relaxing atmosphere. Mission Statement: Our center and team are committed to creating an epidemic of wellness. We emphasize gentle care with advanced methods of treatment.

OUR NAME The name Mighty Oak Chiropractic comes from the Greek proverb mighty oaks from small acorns grow. We have chosen this name because we see the development of a tiny seed to a grand oak tree as being similar to the growth of a person. Acorns and people have the internal makings to evolve into their highest potential.

1 of 6 prev - next About Our Practice Dr. Jane Steffen-Bye treats a range of conditions due to automobile accidents, work related injuries, and sports injuries. She has a special interest in infants, kids, and the care of pregnant women and has obtained her certification in this special field.

Welcome Alenov Wellness Center is a progressive applied kinesiology, chiropractic, acupuncture and nutritional clinic in Woodbury, Minnesota. Applied Kinesiology is a technique that uses muscle reflexes to ask the body what it requirements to heal and which therapies can finest assist in its recovery.

At ProActive Chiropractic our goal is to supply the finest quality, full rounded approach to treating your health care requirements so that your body's normal functioning and healing mechanisms are at their finest. We are able to accomplish this by delivering a complement of in-house practitioners trained in the following specialties: Chiropractic Care Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Massage Therapy

Our Mission We here at Discover Family Chiropractic are dedicated to bringing optimal health and well being to this community one family at a time. We understand that vertebral subluxation has a devastating effect on your mental, spiritual and physical well being. Specific chiropractic adjustments restore your body's innate capability to heal itself and gain your fullest potential.

Situated in the middle of Shoreview, the leading health specialists at Drassal Chiropractic & Sports Clinic are committed to assisting you reach your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the whole chiropractic wellness spectrum.

We concentrate on athletic rehabilitation and preventative care for you regardless of your activity level. Our mission is to provide your body what it requirements to achieve optimal health. We take the time to get to know you, because every person's body is unique. We will work with you to diagnose your health challenge even if you are unsure of the cause.

Our aim at Quality Life Chiropractic is to supply quality chiropractic care to all people, to address the cause of disease, not merely the symptoms. To create a individual treatment plan and work together with the patient to return them to the quality of life they deserve.

Our goal is to assist as many people as we can regain and maintain their health - especially kids. We are a complete service family wellness clinic with a specialty in pediatrics. In addition to our chiropractic services, we provide adults our Creating Wellness System - our customized program to assist you Be Fit, Eat Right and Think Well.

At Acorn Chiropractic we recognize that each person contains within them the seed of the person they can become. Our goal is to nurture this seed by delivering best quality health care and the necessary education for self-sufficiency with the guiding principle that the spine and nervous system are central to the healthy functioning of a human being.

1654 East County Rd E - 1 mile down the Street. There are LOTS of Doctors.what makes us different? 1. RESULTS - We provide the Pettibon System, as well as the CBP BioPhysics methods of correction in our offices. You may see objective x-ray changes of 60%, usually within 6 - 12 weeks! Symptom changes usually occur long before this time. We don't just treat the symptoms; we dig to find the CAUSE.

Have you ever had spinal surgery? Females: Are you pregnant at this time? Office Policies: If I am accepted as a patient at Larry Miller Chiropractic. I agree to pay for all services, including services not covered by my insurance firm. If I suspend or terminate my treatment without the doctor's permission, it will be understood that I have reached maximum healing for my condition.