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Dr. Bobbie is very great at what she does! She is so friendly and approachable! She really takes the time to explain what is going on and what she is doing!

Dr. Tyler is a godsend. Even though I live in Laramie, and contacted him initially for an emergency appointment on the weekend, he was so kind and flexible and willing to accomodate me - got me right in! Dr. Tyler differs from other chiropractors in that inasmuch as he works to help his

I am grateful to have found Better Health. I had a back injury while on vacation and had to fly 15 hours home on some mild pain killers. By the time I got back to Alaska, my sciatic nerve was severely aggravated. Other physical rehab places required a doctor's referral and were at least 48

I’ve been seeing Dr. Wahl for a few years now. My health is the best it’s been for 15 years. I’ve had issues that I thought I would live with the rest of my life that I nowexperience relief from. He genuinely cares about people’s health and is a expert at his profession.

I've had an excellent experience at Mountain Movement. Dr. Day is not just focused on back alignment, but range of moment and strength in the context of the entire musculoskeletal system. He is an excellent mentor, and will explain how the system works and what you can do on your time to help.

Been going to Brooks for years. When I lived in Minnesota I went weekly and now that I live out of state I try to make time to go to him every time I’m back. He does great work and is a nice guy.

These are some of the best people I have had the pleasure knowing. I came in here with back pain from 1993, and neuropathy in both feet. In the 2 months that I have been coming here Kallie has done a fantastic job with all my treatments, on my feet to where I have to say I am at 90% pain free

Dr Ryan Marshall is amazing. I have been to all kinds of pain clinics and doctors but never got the relief for my back that I got with Marshall Chiropractic.

I have been a skeptic about going to a chiropractor, but Dr. Ron Woods has changed my mind! Dr. Woods knows his business! I am so pleased that my neighbor recommended him to me! I can actually work now without being in constant pain thanks to Dr Ron! Maria gives the best massages also! This

Came in from out of town and was working with some pool builders, not something i'm used to. Anyway, popped in without an appointment and cracked my back and popped my neck. I always jump but within an hour my back spasm was better.

I've been a patient at Petett Chiropractic for the last 10 years. I have found Dr. Petett and his staff to be a very skilled and competent team of professionals. They understand your needs and are knowledgeable about the correct form of therapy for your particular situation. They develop short

Great experienced chiropractor, pleasant office environment, staff is professional and very friendly. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Marks to all of my family and friends!

Where do I begin? My dad starting seeing Dr. Marks in 2007 and always came home incredibly happy with his care and his pain went away pretty rapidly. About 3 years ago I was beginning to experience a lot of pain in my upper back and neck. The pain was getting to the point where I was feeling

I went to see Dr. Barry Marks right after my car accident. He's a really patient and understanding man. Really nice. He helped in showing me what was wrong with my neck and back, overall the way he approached my pain really helped. He goes out of his way to provide you with emails with small

Dr Rodnick was really able to help with my headaches. He does a great neck adjustment!

He is anything except a doctor, Avoid this place and see someone else if you need a Chiropractor.

After my accident I needed help with my back pain. My regular doctor was unable to help me so I went online and found Dr. Himmelstein. His reviews were good, so I went to him and very pleased that I did. My back has never felt better since the accident and recommend Dr. Himmelstein to everyone.

I had played the “DOCTOR” card through so many high-end specialties pleading for answers to why my “head felt too heavy for my neck to hold up”, that seeking help from my local Chiropractor seemed fruitless. But my chronic headaches were consuming my life. My husband printed out 3 pages

So full of himself. Get ready to be given a reading assignment- He wrote a book and feels quite good about himself. Because he's published he seems to believe he has all the answers for your health and well being( he wont listen to what you say about how you feel) and therefore will recommend

Very friendly and knowledgeable, the treatment helped immediately.

Great doctor, professional staff, in a clean/modern facility. These guys are just fantastic!

I started going to Orlando Spinal Aid Center. last year and I couldn't say enough good things. I've been going to chiropractors since high school and I've never had an experience like at Orlando Spinal Aid Center. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and they get their patients in quickly.

I had been to several other Chiropractors in the past and most of them made me feel worse in the end. I stopped in to Collyard Chiropractic and in under 20 minutes Dr. Carrie had worked some sort of magic. I was feeling great and very much enjoyed my experience. The entire staff made me feel

Dr. Chris continues to work miracles on my back! Always professional and super knowledgeable!! Multiple car accidents, bulging discs, back spasms and a series of ineffective treatments with other doctors....I found Dr. Chris and I have been a long time patient (5+years)... he keeps me an

I went to Whole Chiro for a knee problem. Dr. Hyland seemed more interested in getting me into yoga than the fact it hurt for me to walk. He told me my problem was in my foot, which part of the problem might have been. However, it turned out that was only part of the problem and it got worse

My wife and I have been going to him on and off for a couple of years. His chiropractic skills are OK. My wife is liberal and he likes to bait her with his conservative views. He won't simply do an adjustment. The final straw was on the last visit when he started giving his opinions on how

I have been to multiple chiropractors in the area - Dr. Rossi is hands down the best. I don't know how he stays in business, because he can correct your alignment problems quickly and make recommendations as to exercises you can do yourself at home! And since my time is limited (I am a working

I have seen Dr. Pisker a few times. The office is poorly run. After my last visit, I was told I would receive a bill in the mail after it was submitted to insurance. A few months later I got a call asking why I haven't paid my bill and why was the bill on their doorstep. As a result from

I have great respect for Dr. Andrew Bedell, Doctor of Chiropractic, his staff and Susan Bennett, Family Nurse Practitioner for listening, their compassion for helping people, giving me relief from pain and directing me to non-surgical help.

RENEW CHIROPRACTIC has saved my life. I've been seeing Dr. Jumper for two months now and I can not explain how great I am already feeling and how great he treats his patients. I was involved in a auto accident last December. I was experiencing neck pain, knee pain, low back pain and numbness

Dr. Jumper was very helpful with a problem with pain in my elbow. He provided therapy and exercises that really worked. He also helped with nutritional recommendations and ways to improve my blood test results. I would recommend Dr. Jumper for any type of medical problem or to improve overall

My back hurt so bad. I didn't know what was wrong. Dr. Jumper took some X-rays and told me I have sciatica. We started adjustments and I feel so much better. He told me about some exercises I can do at home to help. Vickie had the appt set up for me and also got the info from my insurance company.

Dr. Sean Rogan is the best chiropractor in Blue Springs! I had gone to two other "good" clinics in Blue Springs. One doctor talked to me for 5 min, poked on me for 2 min, then laid me down a "cracked my back". No X-rays, Not even an explaination of what was wrong with me. I felt worse when

I was totally terrified to go to a Chiropractor because of one bad experience years ago. However, my back and hips were in so much pain, and there was numbness between my shoulder blades. I sit at a desk all day typing and then I have a second job where I am on my feet between 8 and 10 hours.

I have been seeing Dr. Casertano for the past 3 years, and when I became his patient, I had limited movement due to acute fibromyalgia and chronic headaches. I couldnt sit without pain and couldnt stand without pain. I was miserable. In a very short time, my pain had lessened considerably,

Dr. Paul and Dr. Pat have it going with their multiple locations and flexible hours. They are always cutting edge and take the time to explain what they are doing in every phase of treatment. Take a look at the docs. They don't eat refined sugar, they juice healthy meals, and they look 10 years

Dr. Patrick or Dr. Paul are skilled to handle any spinal-related issues you have. They are very proactive with their treatments, but they can improve complex issues you have had for years. I have been to all their practices and they offer the most scientific approach to healing possible.

Dr. Savvas has done wonders to my back. Initially went because of a coupon that said visit was 20 dollars and he was quickly able to determine the site of my pain. He performed my first adjustment and set me up for several follow up appointments. I only stopped going because I got too busy

Dr. Paul Waisbrot is a very easy going and personable care giver. His mannerisms keep patients relaxed and happy to return. He finished 2nd in his Palmer School of Chiropractic class. Was studying chemical engineering, which tells you he is a smart guy. He adjusts all four in our family and

The new office is absolutely beautiful and they offer everything possible to make a person healthy and happy! I went in for both physical therapy and chiropractic, received both, and now I feel amazing. I will definitely keep returning for Dr. Blau, Dr. Brian, and Mike.

Located right on the IUP campus. Great doctor, great staff. Would recommend to anyone!

Dr. Erickson and staff are EXCELLENT! I have received superior care and education. I had seen another chiropractor but was not satisfied. I have bulging discs and sciatica. Dr Erickson and staff are gentle, thorough and professional. I have received individualized care using my x-rays each

I am now a believer in chiropractors!! I was in so much pain that I finally decided to give an adjustment a try. It was honestly the best decision I have ever made! The office is a medical clinic as well so I was able to get a shot to help the pain as well. Dr. Crismon is on point! Love the

I have been going to Framingham Chiropractor for almost 20 years. I receive treatments for back pain in regards to a herniated disc in my low back. Without the Chiropractic adjustments that I have received over the years, I would be in a lot of pain and discomfort. But when I am able to keep

I have had lower back problems for three years and had tried physical therapy and steroid injections with varying degrees of success. When I retired from work in April of 2013 I was still trying to find a method to relieve my back pain without the recommended back surgery. I saw Dr. Grahams

I was playing volley ball and strained my back. My coach called Dr. Crismon and made me an appointment. It turns out Dr. Crismon treats a lot of athletes including professional athletes. I had a lot of relief after his first treatment and after the second treatment I have been pain free

Dr. Filter is awesome! He's very knowledgeable and thorough. He adjust more than just the back and neck, which I love! Highly recommend to anyone!

Dr Massie is truly a miracle worker. He had me up and walking two months after what probably should have been a fatal car accident. I had three blown disks in my back, and was up and walking after the first visit. I'm not sure he can always perform miracles, but he has saved me from what should

The staff at Accent on Health makes going to the doctor a fun and pleasurable experience. Dr. Bohn is an amazing doctor who really cares about his patients health and happiness. He treats a very wide variety of health problems and is not limited to back problems. I recommend Dr. Bohn to

I went to Dr. Berkey after I was experiencing chronic numbness and tingling in my left hand. I was thoroughly examined, X-Rayed and CAT scanned, which revealed a curved spine in my neck from a whiplash injury that was pinching a nerve in my vertebrae. After only two appointments of physical