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Dr. Lauren started working with my soon when he was 4 weeks old. She helped him recover from a tongue tie release and “stuck” neck. Dr. Lauren truly cares about her patients and was so wonderful with my son.

I started seeing Dr. Lauren about 2 week postpartum for migraines, headaches & neck/should pain post delivery. For about 2.5 months I was getting adjusted 3 times a week. Dr. Lauren was so knowledgeable about the changes my body was going through and assured me that set back with pain and discomfort

Happy to find a Chiropractor office in the area that doesn't offer all the mumbo Jumbo !!! Nutrition gimmicks etc ... Just their bare hands and expertise and give you almost instant relief from back pain and pleasant staff !!!


He does major to your body, come in pain and leave without it, he’s Dr ever, I will recommend to every one. Must see him

She is super calm & sweet with the patients. She has a ton of patience with my not so calm son! Both of my kids experienced reduction of colds/sickness in the past year we’ve gone to her! My 5 yr old went the whole winter with no ear infections when he used to get 4-5 a year! We love her!

I started going to Palmercare Chiropractic because I had shoulder and lower back pain. When I arrived for my initial appointment with Dr. Heather, I received a warm and fuzzy greeting by name! It was as if they knew me and were happy to see me. I received a nerve scan, xrays, and initial adjustment.

Dr. Stuffed does a wonderful job of listening and providing treatment to help get me back to normal.

If this is the Dr Matthew Eisen chiropractor that practiced in Georgia, and is now in Florida, please do not consider him as your chiropractor. He happily collected $1000 from me and other patients for an annual chiropractic package he was offering, then unexpectedly left Georgia taking my

He's a phenomenal doctor who truly cares about his patients and their well-being.

I have been seeing Dr Jumper for a year now, and I can say I never felt so good in my entire life, and I am currently 7 months pregnant. I have struggled with bad health and constant exhaustion for most of my life as well as lots of pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. I am so grateful I

Dr Lauren is by far the best chiropractor I have had out of the many I have encountered. The whole process of recovery from a sports injury has been a great process after dealing with a nagging back injury from the past. I can actually function and enjoy working out without pain.

They do a acceptional job. They are very friendly I definitely will recommend them to others they know what they are doing

I never would have believed I would see a chiropractor but just got so miserable I was brave enough to try it. Jason and Vicki are both amazing people! I’m so much healthier and feel so much better than I did just a year ago. Jason has helped me immeasurably and would have helped even more

I was very please with the results it got from seeing dr Graham. And I would recommend him to anyone.

My son was reluctant at first to go even after a few visits but now asks if it’s his day for adjustment especially with his baseball season in full swing, he can tell the difference, thanks Dr. Lauren!

Dr. Roost has done a great job on me and relieved the pain I was having after a fall and ankle problems. He has been wonderful to work with along his staff. I would recommend Dr. Roost and his office to anyone who is suffering back pain. His procedures work without putting you in painful

Absolutely a fantastic experience coming here. the staff is very friendly and extremely talented. my two sons ages 7 and 9 are also regularly seen here,they were constantly suffering from chronic ear Infections. and neither of them have had a single ear Infection since starting treatment. I

I always wanted to go to a chiropractor but always hesitant and concerned with being adjusted. About two months ago my 16 year old's doctor recommended seeing a chiropractor for her neck pain. I remember my good friend Casey Holm worked at Palmercare. Right away I reached out to Palmercare

I've been seeing Dr. Stiffey for many years. He always gets me lined back out. He is very in tune with new techniques and just does an outstanding job overall!!!

I started going there because my boss recommended them. I have never been so happy to go to a chiropractor. He has helped me a lot. My back don’t hurt as bad as it did.

I've been seen by many chiropractors over the last 49 years and I've worked for 3. I am pleased to recommend Dr Lawson as the BEST!! She has more knowledge in many areas than any I've seen and knows which techniques to use and HOW to do them. I'm very impressed with her and will continue to

After suffering from a horrible migraine for three days I came into the office for 30 minutes and am now pain free!

Dr. DeGorter is very knowledgeable especially when it comes to incorporating functionality with his practice. After a month of seeing him my pain from a herniation in my lower back has reduced substantially and would highly recommend.

The doc has a variety of techniques to increase mobility and reduce pain. I was really impressed that after the first visit I felt relief! I was resistant to having my neck cracked and he didn’t insist I do it. Instead he used a manual hands on technique to increase my range of motion.

It is so refreshing to do business with Willert Wellness and Chiropractic and be treated liked a real person with real problems and know that there are real solutions. They are a no nonsense group of professionals who focus on getting you in order and help you keep yourself that way. My

Dr. Lauren was able to get me into her office ASAP due to major back pain. She was very thorough,knowledgeable, and really focuses on the whole person. I have so much faith in her just have our initial appointment. I am excited to see (and feel) the results of her work. I would highly recommend

Dr. Zac is kind and friendly. I had sciatica pain when I started going to him 3 years ago. It wasn’t many treatments and the pain was gone, and hasn’t returned. He is very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have. I have referred many people to him and highly recommend him.

Dr. RJ Burr treated me for a chronic shoulder injury on a weekly basis using different innovative techniques to see which would be best for my condition. It didn’t take long for Dr. Burr to come up with the perfect solution for my rehabilitation. He is definitely a top-notch Chiro and Rehab

I bought a groupon online for 60-minute massage and a 30-minute acupuncture appointment. It was my first time ever receiving acupuncture, and I had a great experience. Dr. Jay Kim was very good about helping me localize my pain and using acupuncture to relieve it. I noticed instant changes

I found his office by chance and I’m more than ecstatic! He was so kind and explains everything in great detail. He makes you feel so comfortable and after one visit, I was breathing better and feeling better overall than I have in years. His receptionist was amazing too! I seriously can’t

Very friendly and definitely know what they are doing. I feel even better now than I did before my car accident! I want to thank all of you who worked there at the time I was your patient.

I've been a patient of Dr. Kelly's for several years and I will continue until he retires!! After years of gymnastics, injuries and a motorcycle accident I would be immobile without his services!

Before I came to Balance Chiropractic, I had been suffering from chest pain, shortness of breath and dizziness. After a visit to the ER and six months of physical therapy, I had made little progress. Dr. Max identified several issues, and after a few weeks I saw major improvements. Thanks to

Very friendly, good service and helps my back and neck pain a lot. addresses all my issues in a way i can understand and makes sure he’s thorough.

Most professional and pleasant office. Dr. Jonathan takes the time to listen and put a plan of action to resolve your issues. Highly recommend this practice especially for sports enthusiasts.

I have 100% IMPROVEMNT ! I really enjoyed my time at the clinic with staff. Everyone showed professionalism. I am so pleased and look forward into coming back for more treatments.

Dr. Lipman is the best! His quality of care is second to none. I went into his office with terrible lower back pain and after a very thorough evaluation, we went through a series of comprehensive movements using his state of the art equipment. As of this morning (following day), my pain has

Dr. Erickson has such a fine tuned knowledge of the body and what to do to help it feel the best it possibly can! Such a pleasant experience and so grateful to be able to work with him!

Highly recommended! Very accommodating staff and Dr. E is the best! His adjustments are on point! They get the job done!

My wife and I had an accident several years ago. We were both beat up pretty bad. Just doing simple activities were painful. Dr Rich and his staff helped give us back our mobility and quality of life. We are now on a monthly maintenance schedule that insures we maintain this quality of life.

Not only have I been a patient of Dr. Matthews at the Bellevue clinic for my scoliosis and degenerate disks in my neck, but I also see David Dojnik for massage therapy. My issues are chronic, but between the two of them being dedicated to alleviating my discomfort it has become very manageable.

I have been up two different locations and everyone is so welcoming and nice. I'm glad I bought a package. it is so worth it!

had an appointment today with Jeremy Rosner I was barely able to walk with so much lower back pain after my visit I felt great!

I recommend Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center for excellent care and excellent service. They made me feel very welcomed as a first time guest and I’ve loved every dealing with this team. My back, body and mind are ready for anything once again!!!

I have always been a little skeptical about chiropractic care, until I started going to Dr. Salina. Our whole family has been amazed at the difference it has made in our lives & bodies, even our daughters. It has given us the ability to actually start living life again without pain & discomfort

Dr. Kurtz is a very knowledgeable Doctor and runs an amazing practice.

I suffered from hip pain 3 years after hip replacement and heard about deep tissue class IV laser therapy provided by the Spine and Scoliosis Clinic as a safe and effective method of treatment. I am an active, healthy 66 year old and wanted to continue doing my activities...walking, working

Palmercare is a rare gem where the doctors care about their patients and strive to make a difference in their lives! I highly recommend them!

My husband and I both go to Dr. T for adjustments. Dr. T also helped me when I tweaked something picking up a piece of paper off of the ground (gotta love getting older), and after I felt something weird happen in my lower back during burpees at the gym. I was happy to be able to get in