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Our family loves Infinity Wellness Center! They have helped us in so many ways. The doctors are very knowledgeable and truly care care about their patients and making a difference. The entire staff is amazing!

John Wagner is the best chiropractor in Daytona Beach. My back was in pain after an injury and Dr. Wagner and his staff helped me recover within a few visits. They really took pride in my treatment. As an avid basketball player, I am forever thankful to his staff. Highly recommend!

Amazing place, great staff.

The Center is GREAT the are very knowledgeable and friendly. They got me straight and keep me that way. 5 Stars

I would like to thank Dr. Abramson for making me pain free. He not only gave me pain relief but told me several exercises that I could do to prevent further ailments. His office was clean and very professional. In his office he has not only a state of the art x-ray machine but an MRI. I would

Completely unlike any other chiropractic experience I’ve had. Dr Kennedy took plenty of time finding out what the issue was, explained it clearly, did a couple of simple adjustments, and gave me some exercises to do at home. No woo woo, no “come back every week forever”, just straightforward

From the moment you walk through the door, you feel the family atmosphere that is always positive and caring. This is not the average chiropractic practice. The warm welcome from Christa, Auri and Ashley as you walk in is continue as each of the doctors, Tim, Zach and Troy all welcome you

My husband and I have been very pleased with Dr. Roost medical knowledge and care. This office has a very comfortable Atmosphere. Both Dr. Roost and Dr. Dale are caring and compassionate. The staff is wonderful. We have been seen here many many times over the past 20 years They do an awesome

Dr. Jordan was amazing. He explained what and why I was feeling pain and discomfort. He cracked and popped things i didn't know needed it. I felt amazing and more relaxed after. My posture was even better

This chiropractor is excellent! Get results without feeling any additional pain! His technique is superb and keeps my neck and lower back mobile! Look no further for a safe and positive result!

Knowledgeable staff, good service!

Very friendly staff and willing to make accommodations for my needs. Highly recommend to anyone who needs to feel a big change in the foundation of their body!

Dr. Lev changed my life, literally. I went in with a disc compression in the Cervical Vertebrae section of my spine. He worked with me 3 times per week for 6 months to get my body "re-trained", and has maintained this work weekly ever since. He has amazing "bed side" manner. The biggest

Dr. Nancy has been my Chiropractor for a number of years now. She is the most gifted chiropractor I've worked with. Given I've been trying to put myself back together regularly since about 1983, I've been through a lot of chiropractors. Her intuitive style and multi-disciplined approach has

Everyone at Balance Chiropractic treats you with respect and are very professional. You are not a number, but someone they want to help and get you back into good physical condition. They explain what they are doing with every adjustment and why. I highly recommend Balance Chiropractic.

Going to Natural Health Practices has been a real game changer for me. I was having serious neck & back pain until I started going to NHP for help. They fixed me up in just a few visits and now i feel 100% everyday.

Friendly Staff and Knowledgeable. The place is really Cleaned and Orderly.

Fantastic staff and also very caring about their patients. They have a genuine concern about their patients and i am happy that I found this office. I will most definitely keep up with my treatments they very best I can.

I only had 1visit and I am feeling much better.

I was able to get an appointment quickly! They were very thorough, professional, knowledgeable and friendly! Definitely worth checking out.

Absolutely one of the best services I had received in chiropractic treatments. The staff and Dr. Lee took wonderful care of me, and ill definitely will come back.

I have been seeing Dr. Shelly for over 5 years. Dr. Shelly, along with her amazing team, has helped me completely transform my health. When I started coming to her practice, I had to take so many vitamins just to be able to function. In all honesty, I was a mess. Now, 5 years later, I take

I was hit on my bike while crossing an intersection by Garden of the Gods. Fortunately, I didn't break anything, but it definitely traumatized my body on numerous levels. I initially saw a "traditional" chiropractor who popped, cracked, twisted the spine and neck, etc., and these methods were

Beautiful office. Very friendly staff. Very hardworking and very helpful practitioners. I personally loved the office. They relieved a bunch of problems from me.

Dr. Steve has helped me in so many ways he is not just a doc that try's to crack and pop you for no reason. Dr Steve takes the time to find the underlying problem or problems and corrects them in a proper manner from simple adjustments to diet and exercise he is the man to go to

I recently had the worst migraine I've ever experienced. I went to urgent care and received shots that didn't help at all. Dr. Hood adjusted my neck. My headache started slowly going away within hours it was gone. Thank you very much Dr. Hood.

Having been a skeptic of Chiropractic for years, I am now a huge believer! I had the opportunity to get to know Dr. Hildebrand first playing volleyball together. For a number of years I would hear teammates talking about how he helped them. A year and a half ago after dealing with significant

I experienced Patty's distance reiki work recently and felt so at peace! She helped me feel at ease despite our being in different locations, and I was so relaxed and felt so much clarity for days after our session! Highly recommend. Thank you Patty!

Dr Gould is pretty amazing and knowledgeable. Has all the gadgets to make you feel better and really takes time to talk and listen to you. Very clean office I highly recommend it.

I saw Dr. Hildebrand when I was pregnant in 2016 with my son. He was really great and his services helped to ease my pregnancy pain, especially my hip pain. I started going back to see Dr. Hildebrand in 2019 due to severe headaches and neck pain. He saw me that day and it was so helpful!

Very friendly and always takes care of my pain. Convenient hours and location.

Russ is a great and caring doctor

Brooks is absolutely wonderful. My fiancé and I go to him. I didn’t want to go all the way to Northfield where my usual chiropractor is, so my fiancé recommended Brooks. I was reluctant at first, but Brooks is so friendly, had awesome music playing, and listens if it starts to hurt. I also

They are awesome!!! He listens to exactly what is bothering you and really is thorough in his treatment plan!! My favorite place!!

Before my first appointment, I had to crawl out of bed and stretch around on the floor until I could handle the pain of standing up to get my day started. From the moment I went in, pricing, appointments, and check in were all explained carefully by Angela in a very welcoming and professional

Amazing place, amazing staff!!

Dr Lev has been treating me since a terrible car accident last July. I was banged up pretty bad and struggling to lift weights ( I am a competitive power lifter and it is my most beloved hobby. It may be more than a hobby and more like a lifestyle to me). After being treated for a few short

I am so pleased with my experience at Filter Chiropractic! Miranda adjusted me and my 8 week old daughter. She was very professional and explained exactly what she was doing. I very highly suggest them!

Love, love, LOVE 100% Chiro! Everyone is very attentive to your needs and kind. I went during my pregnancy and my wreck. Dr. Noe kept me feeling great!! I 100% recommend their service.

Dr. Gilak is phenomenal. She's super knowledgeable and is able to assess your whole body and all your symptoms to make a diagnosis and a plan for healing. On a scale of 1 to 10 for how bad my disk herniation was, I would give it a 12. Dr. Gilak has been guiding me through every step of

I have been seeing Dr.Kevin and Dr.Ali for years and have always had a fantastic experience. They definitely know what they are doing, i had grown up going to other places and no where compared to Abundant you. I absolutely love their holistic approach to everything and really focus on the

Both doctors are amazing. They are very thorough in their explanations as to why they are doing things and how it effects the body. The front desk has some of the friendliest ladies. Would recommend to any one.

Great staff!! They really CARE about you. It feels like family. I’ve been coming here for 4 months and I feel so much better. My arm is not bother me anymore

I am just thrilled about yet another amazing resource that we now have available to us at Family Life Wellness Center! PEMF, pulsed electromagnetic field! 1/2 way through my very 1st treatment my shoulder discomfort was completely gone! I couldn't find a comfortable position when I began

Excellent staff!!!! Excellent atmosphere!! Not to mention the way they live out thier faith praying with patients...very kind...very professional top notch care!!!! Very very impressed... and glad i found this place!!

I met with Dr. Metcalf and he was extremely knowledgeable and was very thorough in his explanations. The staff were super friendly and very professional. Not everyone's experience will be the same but after only my first visit I am already feeling relief in my neck and shoulder.

Dr. Hassien is the best chiropractic ever very knowledgeable know exactly what he is doing . Very honest

I first started going to SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center after I was in a car accident where we were hit from the side and spun around. I had terrible neck and shoulder pain shortly after the accident. The staff was so helpful on my first visit, they really took the time to understand my injury

I love it here! This place handles me and my grandmommy and have always been there for me for regular maintenance and any back issues from my car accident to an injury from a work out! They have always been friendly and I feel like family when I come... I have been coming since I was 18 or

First Chiropractor that I’ve been to where they teach you what’s happening with your body along the way. Dr. Pedro will interact with you during the adjustment and you will see the benefits after your first visit! I 100% recommend!