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Dr. Bobbie is very great at what she does! She is so friendly and approachable! She really takes the time to explain what is going on and what she is doing!

Dr. Tyler is a godsend. Even though I live in Laramie, and contacted him initially for an emergency appointment on the weekend, he was so kind and flexible and willing to accomodate me - got me right in! Dr. Tyler differs from other chiropractors in that inasmuch as he works to help his

I am now a believer in chiropractors!! I was in so much pain that I finally decided to give an adjustment a try. It was honestly the best decision I have ever made! The office is a medical clinic as well so I was able to get a shot to help the pain as well. Dr. Crismon is on point! Love the

I was playing volley ball and strained my back. My coach called Dr. Crismon and made me an appointment. It turns out Dr. Crismon treats a lot of athletes including professional athletes. I had a lot of relief after his first treatment and after the second treatment I have been pain free

I have had neck and arm pain for the last 4 years since my injury. I have been to six different doctors including pain management specialists, orthopedic surgeons and a neuro surgeon. I was going to have surgery on my neck when a friend told me about Advanced Spine & Rehab and Dr. Mike Crismon.

I have a lot of lower back pain since a work injury. I fell and landed very hard and was afraid of anyone touching me. I knew that his gentle stretching technique would be tolerable and help me get back on my feet faster than doing nothing or taking lots of pain meds. After about 5 visits

I was referred to Dr. Michael Crismon by a friend. He was just like my friend told me, very friendly and caring. Dr. Crismon was also very thorough in his examination and explanation of my problem. I also like this office because they have combined medical doctors and chiropractors that

Great site with lots of information about back and neck pain. Easy to use.

Dr. Spear is an excellent chiroprator. He honestly cares about your health and helping you feel better. Go see him because he is a really great doctor.

Dr Morris has been treating me now for a month for a car accident. I really look forward to seeing her. She always knows exactly where my back and neck are out, and always screws my head back on straight. She and Tanya are professional, yet loads of fun.

I have known Dr. Gorby for several years. He has been a chiropractor for 25 years, and reveals an integrity and professionalism that is very impressive. I am and always have been very comfortable around him, and he is an extremely good chiropractor.

Dr. Miller and his staff are the best! I've seen chiropractors around the country for over 20 years. Dr. Miller's adjustments and the caring warmth of his staff are the best!

Very nice office with an incredibly courteous staff.

Dr. Gomez treated me for chronic headaches and some back pain. I was very impressed with his knowledge, concern, and thoroughness in dealing with my problem. He not only treated the problem, but he also educated me on what I was doing on a daily basis that triggered my headaches. I'm so happy

Dr. Ruzicka is the best! Great location. They really care about your wellbeing!

I love Peoria Chiropractic. They really help me when I have bachaches and the people are great. They've actually become pretty good friends because of how pleasant they are. Although I'm not a big fan of getting my back cracked, I know I'm in good hands when I go there. =)

I am so glad that I found Dr. David Rusick. Our good friend, Dr. Chad Stewart, recommended him to me. Chad is also a chiropractor, but his clinic is in.

If I didn't go to a chiropractor on a regular basis I would be in a literal world of hurt. So I am certainly glad I have found one I can rely on. I have.

If you want a person who is willing to listen and investigate your aches and pains this is the guy for you. I had severe pain in my side to the back. It.

He runs the medical tent for IronMan Arizona.AND, he's terrific with regular people too.He's as good as it gets in Chiropractic.What more do you want.

Great owners. Very helpful. For the best stress relief, stop by. Highly reccommend.

I have been to others years ago and since seeing John I have been to no other. The care you receive surpasses ALL the rest!

I want to put in a word for the good Dr. Thompson. Many years ago I went out to CA on vacation and was body slammed by a wave and wrenched my back.

Dr. Bos is an amazing chiropractor who not only keeps his skills sharp by constantly learning new things, but he actually walks the talk and take good.

Dr. Welch, the chiropracter, is AWESOME.he's very patient and will explain exactly what he's doing and why he's doing it. All i can say is that when i.

The quality of care and knowledge of the doctor and staff is great. This Phoenix chiropractor has a full-service practice (chiropractice, health and.

This doctor is excellent. Compassion and skill, plus good education.

Dr. Campbell is very good at what he does and he seems genuinely interested in you. His entire staff is so friendly and his daughter is a licensed massage therapist in the same office. Everything your back and neck needs in one place.

Dr. Voisin is the best Chiropractor ever! I was a true wreck when I came in there. I could hardly walk. Now I am training for a marathon! If you are having medical issues have Dr voisin check you out you wont be sorry!

Dr. Bock and his staff are AMAZING! The staff is always friendly, the facility is always welcoming and the care is second to none! Thank you to Gilbert Springs Chiropractic for helping me get over the excruciating pain I was in and giving me the tools to continue to improve my health!

I came into his office with TMJ, upper neck and lower back problems. After my treatment program Dr Price specialized for me i no longer have these daily problems :) Its great and afordable i have no need to go anywhere else!

Joseph and his staff are very thorough in their evaluation process. Additionally, his wonderful personality immediately sets you at ease. After your first visit, you'll feel like you have a friend in the chiropractic field.

Dr Kasian is terrific! The staff are helpful & friendly, & Doc is easy to talk to, experienced, and competent. He's always sharing an anecdote or telling.

Chiropractic in 100 wordsAches and pains are signs that your body isn't working right.Your brain, spinal cord and all your nerves control how your body.

I was skeptical but a friend said to go for the free consultation. After learning more about this machine, I began treatments and soon was sleeping through the night without waking up from back pain. Then, I started playing golf again. I never thought I would feel this good again. DRX9000 at

I have been a patient here for 20 years. I have always been taken care of in a professional manner. The staff are very helpful and kind. I recommend them to all I know.

I was treated after a bad car accident with fantastic results! I recommended this clinic to everyone! The Dr & staff are great :)

Dr. Miller is by far the best doctor I have had the pleasure of dealing with. His bedside manner is second to none and he will take the time to listen and address the problems that you may have. I would highly recommend him to any person looking for help with their back.

I can't say enough about Dr Jen. She is the best when it comes to feeling better.

I highly recommend this chiropractor, having spent countless years visiting various ones since a near fatal auto accident in 1988. Although he is not required to do so, he seems to spend more time reading, studying and attending conferences in order to learn the latest techniques, treatments

I started going to Village Health after being the bumpee in a real-life bumper car ride that pitted my small sedan against a giant lifted truck. I had never.

I've been seeing Dr. Que (that's his first name) since mid-July and feel absolutely fantastic. I've never received treatment from a chiropractor for longer.

Does great work. I would highly recommend Dr Gregg to anyone.

I have been a patient of Dr. Carlow's for a few years now. I have been seeing chiropractors regularly for almost 20 years. One thing makes Dr. Carlow stand out above all others that I have seen-his thoroughness. Most chiropractic appts I have had over the years are 5-10 minutes sessions where

Dr. Maturo spent more time with me trying to figure out why I have not lost weight in the past. I've lost 17 lbs and very happy with the way things are headed!

I am a Registered Nurse and thought I tried everything for my aches and pains until I went to see the guys at Coyote Chiropractic. They helped me get rid of my headaches once and for all. They have a great office and I highly recommend them.

Amazing! Comfortable yet professional environment. Knowledgable staff. Would suggest to any one who wants a good experience.

Dr Randy Fuller Jr is a doctor who listens. I am picky about who touches my neck so he really listened to me. He is the first chiropractor I went to that adjusted my neck successfully the first time. Thanks Dr Fuller.I'll be back. Also my thanks to the staff for her help on the phone. She is

I was referred to Dr. Glassman by a friend of mine and I can honestly say the decision to see Dr.Glassman was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Chiropractic has changed the quality of my life. Dr. Glassman has done wonders for me. As a matter of fact, I feel like a new person! I can

$55 for a deep tissue massage. I'm a knotty naughty mess and I can walk to this place and avoid the parking nightmare of the university, so it does the.