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Finally, a place with not only a friendly, but very knowledgeable doctor who has helped me a great deal with multiple issues. Issues I was tired of going over with medical doctors who had no answers for me. Thank you so much Dr. Vance! It will be hard to move away. JE And a very nice office

I was a little i have been to 4 regulars dr's and 1 other chiropractors and i not only havent got any better.also i was never diagnosed.not one dr ever game the my diagnosis,,always still searching, wanting to make sure.then my friend told me about DR Bullington and how he helped

I've been to a few chiropractors and Dr. Weeks does seem like the most intelligent and experienced of the bunch. He is very interested in acupuncture (which is interesting) and Eastern techniques. My only complaint is that part of me does prefer the more hands-on, full-back adjustment - Dr.

Dr. Favorite is great, I've been to several different chiropractors, but he is the only one who was able to help me get rid of my headaches! Thanks again Dr. Favorite.

I had reservations about visiting a chiropractor, but the pain in my neck wouldn't go away no matter what I did. Dr. Hodge and his staff put me at ease, were friendly and compassionate, and needless to say I have no more reservations about chiropractors! They have helped me so much and I would

Dr. Haughey has been in business for over 24 years. He is a Gonstead Chiropractor with his Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, the Harvard of Chiropractic Schools! He is a family chiropractor, which means his patients range from new borns all the way up to the elderly. It is never

Dr. Sullivan has done an excellent job. After a recent car accident he has help my three young children and me. We even received a personal phone call from him to see how we were recovering. Excellent, friendly service with a smile. I highly recommend Sands Chiropractic.

My name is Paula Peloquin. I came to Dr. Fisher bareley walking. He took me under his wing and healed me. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be walking. He is a an angle, an angle suffering with his own illness and still reaching out to save another. I will never forget him. He is always in my

An excellent chiropractor and accupunturist.

I have been to various chiropractors across the country. I really appreciate the Christian approach to care taken by the entire staff. They are willing to listen to me, are always courteous, and customize my treatment. They also deal with the whole person, such as providing nutrition services.

I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia for 8 years. Then I went to see Dr. Trujillo, he has relieved so much of my pain that i can hardly believe how much better i feel. My Fabromyalgia still causes me pain but not like it used too. Thank you Dr. Trujillo.

Dr.Brent Dover is a very good chiroprator. I am very happy with his service. He is a very geniune and honest chiroprator. I recommend Dr. Brent Dover to anyone and all ages for any type of chiropratic needs. His services are reasonable and he accepts all types of insurances and payments.

Dr. George is a fantastic doctor. He found problems with my daughter that other doctors could not see. He has helped her deal with the pain that she has lived with for so long. He has gone way beyond our expectations of what we thought a chiropractor could do. He has treated my daughter with

It is a pretty nice chiropractic clinic. Sincerely, Grandma2gj

What an amazing office. I love that my whole family can come in and get taken care of. Their gentle approach is just what we were looking for. They are going to keep my family healthy for a lifetime.

Dr. Foster is great! I don't know how I get along without her care!

Dr. Rhodes is definately experienced in her field. She is also a very caring and compassionate person. I have seen her go out of her way to make sure people have optimal spine health, to the extent of helping make the cost of care affordable for all. She also offers a wonderful FREE kids day

Not a very good place to be treated. I will not go back. Major issues with billing.

Great place, great people, knows what they are doing! pain free!