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I bought a groupon online for 60-minute massage and a 30-minute acupuncture appointment. It was my first time ever receiving acupuncture, and I had a great experience. Dr. Jay Kim was very good about helping me localize my pain and using acupuncture to relieve it. I noticed instant changes

My husband and I both go to Dr. T for adjustments. Dr. T also helped me when I tweaked something picking up a piece of paper off of the ground (gotta love getting older), and after I felt something weird happen in my lower back during burpees at the gym. I was happy to be able to get in

I first sought out Dr. Pan about four months ago after I hurt my back playing tennis. I am a very athletic person, and I was concerned this back pain might be a long term issue. Dr. Pan helped put my worries to rest, and immediately after our first session I was feeling less pain. After

Not to sure how this place can get anything lower than 5 stars. Although the place may seem a little outdated, the people there are really helpful. Crystal is a great receptionist who always makes sure I'm okay. And the Dr. is amazing! Very funny and outgoing. If you don't laugh at anything

This doctor is amazing.I had been bothered by my back and neck pain,and I knew I needed an adjustment. I looked on yelp found him and well I feel like a million bucks. 1st visit was 19 bucks. I think it's the best 19 bucks I've spent in a while. He will help big time in that first initial

Being new to the area, I've been looking for a new chiropractor, and I can definitely say I found a keeper!! When I walked in the office, I was greeted by a very friendly receptionist. Two other patients walked in while I was waiting, and they were greeted by name, and asked how they were

I wanted to get my back adjusted, so I yelped Drs near me, and found Dr Edward. Once I arrived noticed the clinic was inside a building/apartment/etc and wasn't to sure what I was about to walk in. As soon as I got to the clinic it was a very clean, and well maintained. The front staff were

Dr Pan is the best! Him and his staff are so helpful! It is hard to find a doctor in LA that you can trust to give you the best care but look no further then Dr. Pan. The treatment plans are comprehensive for not just back pain but knee pain as well. I suffer from a injured knee and it caused

Yellowstone will always be my home, it is where I can go and instantly feel at home. This is where I build my foundation when I got sober 15 years ago. A meeting for the alumni was a great idea, it gave us a chance to share our experience, strength, and hope.

Came in from out of town and was working with some pool builders, not something i'm used to. Anyway, popped in without an appointment and cracked my back and popped my neck. I always jump but within an hour my back spasm was better.

Great experienced chiropractor, pleasant office environment, staff is professional and very friendly. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Marks to all of my family and friends!

Where do I begin? My dad starting seeing Dr. Marks in 2007 and always came home incredibly happy with his care and his pain went away pretty rapidly. About 3 years ago I was beginning to experience a lot of pain in my upper back and neck. The pain was getting to the point where I was feeling

I went to see Dr. Barry Marks right after my car accident. He's a really patient and understanding man. Really nice. He helped in showing me what was wrong with my neck and back, overall the way he approached my pain really helped. He goes out of his way to provide you with emails with small

He is anything except a doctor, Avoid this place and see someone else if you need a Chiropractor.

I have been using Dr. Greenwood as my chiropractor since 2005. At that time I was suffering from severe back pain due to kyphosis (caused by poor posture). My job at the time was very physically demanding and involved lot's of heavy lifting and repetitive movements. I was in pretty good shape,

Dr. Goforth is the most efficient and effective practitioner of chiropractic I've ever had work on me, and I've probably been to at least 20 different ones around L.A. over the years. His neck adjustments are the best I've had. Plus, he's a good guy and fun to talk to. He doesn't mess around

She is so nice and professional and care about patients, I had health issue that none of the even MD doctor that I have seen found she could diagnosed by send me to MRI and she could read and explained to me and treat me for it and I am pain free. Since then I have sport activities, play with

Of the old school variety of chiropractors, requiring x-rays ($125, even with 2 "free" views) before treatment and subjecting patients to a 15 minute video about the benefits of chiropractic. For those familiar with chiropractic treatment, this is just a complete waste of time. The lengthy

Dr. Johnson is amazing! Because he has cured my chronic back pains, I have returned with the entire family including my 9 year old son. Dr. Johnson is very gentle, extremely informative, has a great personality and has an amazing staff. We have never had a problem making appointments and have

I kept having neck pain. Also, a problem I've had for years is shortness of breath. Dr. Claire relieved it and has made my life normal again. My husband referred the doctor. Chiropractic is the least intrusive, most effective way to bring your body to its healthiest state.

I started going to this guy over five years ago for low back pain when I was gardening. I keep coming back, just to keep everything working good. But I've also gone to him for other issues too, which he fixed with certain vitamins he recommends and they really do work. I really like this Burbank

They do not live up to any of their claims. You will wait 30-to 45 minutes only to see the doctor who answers his cell phone and allows his daughters to come in and talk to him during your appointment. HIPPA standards are not withheld in this office. He doesn’t even bother closing the door

Dr, Leroy R Perry Jr. and his staff of doctors are the best in LA. They care for their clients and they go beyound the call of duty. If anyone ever needs a doctor go no further then one of the doctors at Dr. Perrys office.

I've been seeing Dr. Jones off and on now for going on 8 years. Usually for maintenance type adjustments. I was in a motorcycle accident back in the 70s and messed myself up pretty bad. All the medical doctors was get me strung out on a bunch of pain killers, downers, then uppers to offset

I've just started seeing Dr. Lum and it's going quite well so far.

This is not your standard practice.Dr.Denny really takes her time in understanding what your health issues are, so she can provide the best treatment. For years I had a chronic lower back issue - no more!

Great Dr.!. He's very passionate and cares about his patient. I've never seen anyone who went there that wouldn't think twice about going there again!. Will Recommend. -Michael S.

Dr.Muldavin is the best! He really knows his stuff and he's been doing it for a while.

This chiropractic office is the best one I have been too. The Environment there is very excellent and very relaxing & peaceful. Not too much of a waiting period to be seen by the doctor like most office's. Great result's in the long run. I recommend going here to relieve tension and etc.

Karen & Rob are the greatest people you will ever meet if you are serious about your health & fitness. They will take time to explain the why's & whynot's, how & how not to. I highly recommed anybody who is very serious about their overall well being to go to chirofitness. You won't regret

Very pleased with Dr Cueva and Diversicare Medical services and staff. Superior care, professional staff, updated and clean facility! A+++++

WOW! I went to see Dr. Zinn for severe low back pain. I could hardly walk in to his office. He is MC CHIRO DREAMY! After one treatment I felt better then I have in years. I could walk out of his office with no problem. His office staff was very friendly and kind. His office visit charge is

An excellent and caring chiropractic office, helped more than anyone else would. Very friendly and personal staff.

Dr. Roberts and the Health 1st staff have been helping me for three years. While chiropractic may be ridiculed by some (and was by ME many years ago.), I have found it extremely beneficial in easing my back pain, and keeping me healthier and functional. They offer GREAT hours, reasonable prices,

At first I was skeptical(?) but this man relieved me of pain without drugs.if you hurt, go see Dr. Pete!

I really enjoyed Dr. Melissa, she explains everything to me and the staff always greets me with a smile. She is such a professional!

Dr Tortora was very caring and attentive to my needs.I feel much better after my car accident

Dr. Talan is one of the best chiro's I've been to. She is so nice, and gentle and really gets you back to how you should be. I'd never go to anyone else again! She's the best

We visit Cheeley Chiropractic on a weekly basis. Not only do they provide excellent care and our back troubles are minnimal, but also they are such nice people to visit.

Dr. Maloney really knows how to take care his patients. I have sent in several friends and they have all been happy. One friend said this office is more affordable and he got better results. Another office he went to wanted him to come in for months (really!).

I worked with Dr Morelli and he a Great Dr to work with. It was great to see the Love and compassion he has for his patients, I would completely and faithfully recommend him to anyone!

Helped me out with my back pains and I was able to get back to roofing immediately

Very nice and very helpful, the staff is there a little before 9am so if you have a morning appointment then you can get in and get preped. Very kind people.

Excellent Medical Histories and interpreting services

Dr. Rueben is a great Chiropractor who knows what hes doing. I've being using his services for a month and the improvement im my posture is excellent aside from feeling a lot better. Thanks!

Dr Billy was unbelievable.He really got to understand my problems before doing any treatment.I have never had a chiropractor who really explains what is wrong, Dr Billy did and after 6 treatments I am feeling so much better.

Haven Chiropractic has taken away my lower back pain permanently! They did a great job for me and I highly recommend them.

Been to a few chiropractors in my life, got tired of being overcharged, piss poor service, lack of professionalism. Would I drive far for a good.

An excellent Chirpractic office, everyone is Friendly and helpful. Good pre-treatment therapy and adjustments.

Great hands,freindly staff,soothing touch.Would recomend to others.