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I really enjoy the welcoming, calm, warm environment that has helped my healing process. I truly appreciate all the water and tea and helpful advice I receive everytime I go to the office. My back is healing, my posture is improving and so is my mood. My body is happier and I can see the difference!

Dr. Max and Holly have been great. I walked into the clinic in so much pain. I have used other chiropractors, masseuses, and doctors. I wanted to treat the source of my problem and not the symptoms. Not only have the treatments helped my immediate pain in my neck, shoulders, and arms but also

Dr. Cahn is a pro. He has cured a previously unsolvable headache. He is incredibly educated but not stuffy. IMO, has one of the best bedside manners in Boulder. Ellyn makes scheduling incredibly easy. Anyone I have referred here has also had stellar reviews about their experience. It's

Balance Chiropractic has totally changed my life. Before starting treatment with Dr. Pohl I was suffering from constant, daily neck pain and tension along with other complaints in my back. The treatment at Balance Chiropractic has totally relieved my neck pain and has provided huge relief with

Dr Jumper is so pleasant to work with. No BS gimmicks to get me to spend thousands of dollars! He’s giving me the options on how he can help me and allowing me to choose where to start. No pressure... love that! Can’t wait to get started.

Dr. Bryan and staff are truly wonderful, caring, and genuine. Dr. Bryan is so incredibly knowledgeable and knows how to help with any health problem. I am a hair stylist and my job is so hard on my body. He is a fantastic chiropractor. The rest of the staff is awesome too. Tanya takes the time

I came to see Dr Firillo for an excruciating back pain and pain down my left leg. I couldn't even sit! I thought that I was truly going to need surgery. Dr Firillo did a very thorough exam and diagnosed me with a disc problem. His treatments really worked. I have a smile on my face again.

Dr. C and his staff are the Best! I was very skeptical about going, but Dr. C has done wonders with my neck and back! Very helpful in diagnosing an issue with my neck and head that my primary care physician had overlooked. They are also very family friendly. My three kids spend the time playing

RENEW CHIROPRACTIC has saved my life. I've been seeing Dr. Jumper for two months now and I can not explain how great I am already feeling and how great he treats his patients. I was involved in a auto accident last December. I was experiencing neck pain, knee pain, low back pain and numbness

Dr. Jumper was very helpful with a problem with pain in my elbow. He provided therapy and exercises that really worked. He also helped with nutritional recommendations and ways to improve my blood test results. I would recommend Dr. Jumper for any type of medical problem or to improve overall

My back hurt so bad. I didn't know what was wrong. Dr. Jumper took some X-rays and told me I have sciatica. We started adjustments and I feel so much better. He told me about some exercises I can do at home to help. Vickie had the appt set up for me and also got the info from my insurance company.

I have been seeing Dr. J for over two months now and I cannot say how much she has helped me. I was recommended to Dr. Jacqueline from a personal trainer at the gym who she had helped because I was always complaining about my back pain when I worked out. Dr. Jacqueline is a very young and passionate

Shortly after moving to Denver to begin my post-doctoral fellowship in oncology, I developed severe symptomatology arising from several bulging cervical disc. Dr. Gebhardt showed the aptitude and caring of a true physician. My wife and I both witnessed his empathy as he patiently began care

Dr. Gebhardt is a caring Dr. that will educate you on your condition and treatment and answer any questions you have.

I have seen Dr. Gebhardt for back pain and I find him and his adjustments to be very helpful. My back pain got better after each time, and after a few weeks was better completely. Dr. Gebhardt is friendly and professional.

Thank-you Dr. Gebhardt your care and compassion really shows. Much appreciated !!

Dr. V and his staff are so welcoming and friendly and, above all, porfessional. I am very interested in reducing my back pain with the Activator Techinque. I have gone just 3 times and I have less pain even tho I still have to take my medicatons. My goal is to be drug-free and pain-free.

My wife first approached Dr. Conrad's staff on my behalf while I was deployed overseas. A number of injuries, including a fairly severe head trauma, had resulted in severe headaches, back aches and very reduced mobility. When I came home for a break my wife said that I walked hunched over and

Michele is the best! You not only get top notch chiropractic treatment here, but the entire staff is extremely friendly, professional, caring, and efficient.

If you have pain that the regular doctor cannot do anything for but give give you drugs, try Dr. Irwin. I have been almost pain free without meds since going to him.

We just became members of Ameriplan Health one month ago. Two weeks later my wife is hospitalized, ICU 3 days. The bill $14,958.97! We contacted Ameriplan Advocate Services and they went to work. 5 days our bill was reduced to $950.00, and a $50.21 monthly payment. We say thanks Ameriplan!

After throwing my back out on some ice, I had the whole debate of do I see a Doctor or a Chiropractor about this? I'm not anti-doctor, but would rather.

Dr. Laslow is the best. He moved my neck and upper back after I had surgery and thought I would be stiff for good! And he is a very caring individual. All staff is pleasant and caring as well.

I would highly recommend Dr. Schelle to anyone.

I've been to a half dozen chiropractors over the last several years and I never really felt comfortable with any of them. Most of them knew what they were doing and did a good job of relieving my lower back pain, but they also were very pushy about setting me up for multiple appointments. Dr

I felt very comfortable, like one of the family, caring and friendly. They were concerned about me and my injury. Everyone was so kind and couldn't make me feel more comfortable. The atmosphere was comfortable, the very soft water fountain helps relax your mind some. To grade your office and

Best Chiropractor in Broomfield, CO: I have been to many Chiropractors and Fit Chiropractic & Wellness Center is the best there is. They care about me and other high performing athletes like the Rage hockey and 14ers basketball professional teams. Acupuncture, massage, nutrition, weight-loss,

Dr. Campbell is an awesome chiroprator! one of the best that I have ever gone to, I am very glad that I found someone that actually helps you!

Dr. Bithell was really great. He didn't break me or nothin'!

I have been a patient for over four years and could not survive at times without doctor Tim.Not only do I use him but my whole family and many friends do too.He is just really an excelent doctor. Mike L

In the interest of keeping this review short and to the point - Dr. Jeremy Rodgers is amazing. He's super knowledgeable and effective at treating sports.

I've seen this guy and he is a very nice person. He wanted me to sign a contract for dozens of treatments before he even treated me the first time. He also told me he took my insurance but that wasn't true and I was on the hook for hundreds of dollars. I guess I could have lived with that if

I took my son here for his physical. Dr. Kleber was very personable and put my son at ease. He is a chiropractic internist and was able to give us some information about dealing with allergies. We will be returning to him to consult more about using diet to help my son overcome his allergies.

Wow-what a different chiropractor! No coming back 3 times per week forever. Performs the best examination I've had from any doctor. Gives me exercises and advice. Takes his time. No marketing games I see from other chiropractors. What a relief and a role model for his profession. Highly recommend!

Outstanding chiropractic care. Dr Allen solved a troublesome neck / shoulder issue.

Im giving Dr Paxton 5 stars today because when I first saw him over a year ago, I was a mess. He treats me with chiropractic care and also energy medicine. He has been incredible with getting me through some emotional issues. Highly recommended!

Don't be dissuaded by all the temporary construction surrounding this place (for some reason one of the city's major intersections has been torn to shreds.

I have been seeing Dr. Holland for years. He has never stuck with a routine with me, like some chiros, and always takes the time to try and find the problem. I have brought my wife to him and, after many chiros she didn't like and one she loved, she's now continuing to see Dr. Holland. He's

Dr. Doran worked miracles for me! I wrenched my back snowboarding last year and he got me back on the mountain in just a couple visits! He also got rid of my headaches, bonus!

Dr. Pedersen is an extraordinary doctor. You have a problem, or any sort of dis-ease, she has an answer. If she can't help you, she will tell you who can!

He is a good doctor, very relaxed makes you feel comfortable. Takes the time to explain things.

I had a great experience at this office. Dr. Webb and his staff are very friendly and the Doctor is a very good adjuster. I would highly reccomend this office.

Dr. Hatt is great! I didn't believe in Chiroprators but he's the real deal. I have back problems due to my newborn son, and Dr. Hatt helped me out. He also recommended a belt for me to wear, to reduce the spasms and ligament vitamins to strengthen up my ligaments. Great doctor!

After long considering chiropratic as a source of relief for my back I was thrilled with the results by Dr. Smith and Pivatol Wellness. I can't believe how great I felt after my first session. I felt like Dr. Smith was really interested in my total wellness. I'm a convert.

Through the years, I have been to a couple different chiropractors. Dr. Cavallo is truly in a class of his own. On the first visit, he took time figure out what my problem was and came up with a plan on how to fix it without making come in over and over.

I have been to many chiropractors and I have to say that Dr. Dave it one of the best ones I have experienced. He seems to take the time with each patient and has concern for their specific needs. Recommended!

$20 per visit, Massage therapist: Free-always, and if you want an hour long muscle massage its $25 bucks, which is great i think! :) Jeremy Casagrande.

Oh how I mistook Dr. Young for a sweet young woman.she is actually the master of SUCH a good way. She has that hurt so good technique.

I have to say that the receptionist was extremeley rude and unprofessional.she put me on hold 4 times and was laughing the whole time.i then gave her 2 weeks notice of a scrub i wanted and she said no our showers dont work.i wouldnt support them

Our very active 16 month old fell pretty hard a week ago. After checking to make sure he didn't have a concussion, we started looking for a chiropractor. Our family has gone to chiropractors since we were children, but we're new to the area & didn't know where to start. Dr. Morrow was great