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Dr. Nardi is great at what he does. By providing chiropractic care, he's helped many patients, with a variety of different issues. For me, it has given, an improved clarity of thought, and better sleep.

Dr. Popowich was among the list of chiropractors covered under my health insurance for my back ache and sore shoulder muscles, which tended to give me a Migräne. It has helped immensely, that now I only need to schedule a session when I get sore or when I feel the need. He has definitely helped

Dr. Popowich has been my family chiropractor for almost two decades. I started care with him as a teenager after struggling with severe knee pain for many years. I'm happy to say that my knee pain was quickly resolved. Throughout the years I have continued to see Dr. Popowich for regular

Dr. Popowich has done in 3 months what no other doctor has been able to do in the last 4 years since my accident; I can now go through a day without pain. Though I have been treated by some very well-known institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic and local doctors it was not until I was under

Dr. Nardi finds doing actual manipulations difficult, so he uses a device to adjust your back, spending about all of thirty seconds doing so. Then he'll tell you, "You're turned on." But you won't be if you actually have a back problem. Take your business elsewhere.

Dr. Jenkins is a chiropractor but he also does nutrition and acupuncture. So he looks at things not just from a chiropractic view, but through chinese medicine and nutrition as well. He's treated me with all three, and he's equally good with all of them. During my first visit, we talked not

I was not impressed. My old chiropractor (retired!) only took 3 visits to fix my problem, but he estimated I would need 12, the exact number my insurance will pay for. Hmmmm. I also do not like the conveyor-belt system they have set up. The Drs are friendly, but no time is spent with the

Excellent service, they made me feel very comfortable and I'm back to feeling brand new again thanks Bridgeport Chiropractic Group!

We have been very happy with Dr. Tortora for years. For adults and children any age he has been helping us with acute pains, chronic migraine, colds and anything else. He listens and recommends and truly is a fantastic doctor.

Dr. French I can't begin to thank you enough for your continued support. Your thorough evaluation and commitment to treatment has benefited me and continues to support my quality of life. I always appreciate you taking the time to understand my needs. I highly recommend Dr. French to anyone

Nice staff. DC has able to see you on an emergency basis. Easy to make appointments. Hardly any waiting time. I would suggest this provider to you and your family and friends.

I felt soooooo much better after visiting Dr. Tobet. I was in severe lower back pain. After a few visits I felt much better. Now, with continuing maintenance, stretching, adjustments, etc. I am doing great. Thank you.

Since I started my visits to the office I have had great results. One thing that stands out with his practice is that he is all about the overall wellness not just fixing a problem. He keeps up with his patience making sure that they are healthy and if not works with them to get them thier.

This place is great. i have been a patient for about 7 years, even when i haven't been here in a while, they remember me and are always willing to take me in last minute. the visits are quick, the staff is fantastic and they work with every insurance i have had over the years.

Active Health and Wellness Center is a perfect place to go when you need chiropractic care. Dr. Mike is advanced and very good with medical acupuncture that you can also have done. He gives free consultations and is very friendly. It is good to have a natural way to rid the annoying pain without

Greate Chiropractor, realy cares about people and is very health Conscious. Will work with you if you don't have insurance, I would highly recomend him for any back or neck problems, he can realy make a difference, there is hope for your pain!

Service at Advanced is vary professional and modest.

She is great! I recomend her! The staff is wonderful, and Dr. Lessard is really down to earth.

I have known Dr Carl for many years and he is a dedicated doctor.

I Highly reccommend Modern Chiropractic.

The most thorough and thoughtful Chiropractor I have ever had. His assistance are also the nicest and caring people, making his office a pleasure to visit.

I had a hernated disk and could barely walk and within 3 weeks I was walking with no sergery. The man knows his stuff. The office staff is very plesent and Dr. Church is very easy to talk to about anything. Anyone that has had second thoughts about going to see a Chiropractor should go see

After going to see doctor Karina I noticed how many health problems I was ignoring. She educated me and taught me the best way to take care of my neck and back problems besides other health issues. She also helped me to lose weight. I am very happy about that too. She is also very sociable

I have been going there for a few weeks for my infant son. The staff has always been personable. The service has always been outstanding. Wonderful care has been given to my son and I greatly appreciate it!

Great place! A nice warm feeling when you enter the door!

Dr. DiDomizio is one of the most caring doctors I have ever met. The offices are clean and tidy. The staff is courteous and friendly evry time I have been there. I highly recommend that you give him the opportunity to serve you.

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Highly recommended.

I have never been to a doctor's office this this. The staff is so nice and Dr Casey actually treats me like a person and not just a number. He has significantly helped me live my life with less pain! I never knwo chiropractic was so painless and coudl help me so much. Everyone should get themselves

Dr. Bill Stankowsky has moved to Florida. The new chiropractor there, Dr. Sparke has been a great help to me and as opened the ofice hours more.

Dr. Walsh has been my chiropractor for several years and he is excellent. His aim is always to provide chiropractic relief for patients, and he is knowledgeable in many of the newest chiropractic techniques and holistic medicine. His staff is also very caring.

Awesome Doctor. Definately someone to take care of your entire family. I would recommend him to anyone who wants better health!

The latest in equipment and fantastic chiropractors.

I well recommend this office to as many people as I can. Friendy office,acknowlable about what she does,and takes the time to explain everything with you. The does and don'ts. Thank you for being here.

Straight talk, gets results, both my wife and I go to him when we need an adjustment. A+

I am very satidfied with Dr. Thayer and his wonderful staff. They are down to earth, personable and my back and neck feel much better. Highly recommended.

He treats the whole person, not just what hurts. Great with kids and very funny. He tailors his technique to the patient so not everyone is treated the same way.

This chiropractor knows what she is doing. She started out as a physical fitness teacher and went back to school to become a Chiropractor. So, she has the knowledge and experience to back up what she says, and does.

Been to numerous chiropractors in my life. Dr. Kim offers a new gentle approach to adjustments. I highly recommend her.

Exceptionally good doctor. Dr. Nardecchia really is genuine, genuinely cares about his patients. He is such a kind hearted and very down to earth guy. He is a fine example of what a doctor should be. A doctor is all about caring. He treats his patients ( and even his staff ) with such dignity,

I'm a former college athlete with a number of physical issues. I've seen chiropractors for years (20+). Dori is definitely one of the best. I like chiros who are skilled with their hands and adjust more than just your back. Dori is a terrific person and healer!

Dr. Mike is caring, knowledgeable and takes the time to get to know his patients and their needs. Never feel rushed; always walk out feeling more agile.

After 8 years of struggling through bilateral Achilles Tendonitis - and every traditional form of rehab you can think of - Dr. McCauley healed my Achilles in 3 months through ART (Active Release Technique) which allowed me to run in the NYC Marathon! That was in 2005 and he's since used his

Dr. Slovin, I just wanted you to know that when I woke up this morning after a PAIN FREE NIGHT!, I felt 30 instead of my normal 70 years old. You are totally amazing. I've noticed a difference in my posture, I don't hurt when I bend over to tie my shoes. I think as time goes on, I will begin

I went in with terrible shoulder pain and limited mobility (I could not rotate my shoulder for over a year). Within 3 visits the pain is gone and my shoulder is better every day! He's a good guy who explains everything and listens too!

After moving furniture for two days, I was a mess! I'm a busy mom w/ two kids, so I can't be out of service Dr Patrick Hackett has the healing Hands to get me back up and around in no time! I'm even sleeping better, Too. Chiropractic Works! -Beth J.

Great office! Very nice people! I feel a great difference!

Dr John is a wonderful doctor. He is patient, kind, compassionate. He takes the time to review your medical history and treat you in the appropriate way for your condition. I have been to 3 other chiropractors in my life over a period of 20+ years, but I would say overall Dr. John is the most

I felt she helped me alot. She knew excatly what was wrong with me and I think she is a god send. I would reccommend her to anyone including children.

After three accidents in 2000 (all rear end collisions!), I came to Dr. Tabares for assistance when my back went out reaching up for a tie one morning. She got me back on track with an intense program and I have done maintenance ever since.

If you have Lyme disease or any other illness he is the doctor you need to see. Highly recommended.