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I went in there with many issues and she not only help me understand what I can do to keep my back from acting up, but really got me able to move again. She also help my grand-daughter when she was pregnant from back pains and even worked on my great grand-daughter too. She really helps with

I feeling like I will be getting Healthier as I get older

Dr.Zanfini is the best chiropractor!! Very compassionate and knowledgeable on so many levels!

Great doctor, professional staff, in a clean/modern facility. These guys are just fantastic!

I started going to Orlando Spinal Aid Center. last year and I couldn't say enough good things. I've been going to chiropractors since high school and I've never had an experience like at Orlando Spinal Aid Center. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and they get their patients in quickly.

I was totally terrified to go to a Chiropractor because of one bad experience years ago. However, my back and hips were in so much pain, and there was numbness between my shoulder blades. I sit at a desk all day typing and then I have a second job where I am on my feet between 8 and 10 hours.

Went to Dr. Bodanza for low back pain. Saw 3 visits and he adjusted my entire back and I was and still am in severe pain. I now have severe neck and upper back pain as well as mid back pain (none of which I had before seeing him) and my lower back pain is worse. He wanted me to return for

Two years after my incident, 2 months after going to Spinal Aid of Orlando and twenty-four therapy sessions later I am completely overjoyed to say that I feel great and I haven't had any major issues with my neck at all! From here I know I must maintain and continue my stretches, exercises

A great chiropractor who listens to what is going on and makes adjustments in treatment as necessary. Special rates for uninsured patients, a fraction of the "uninsured rate" that the first Dr. wanted. Good at what he does and takes time with patients to understand what is going on.

If you have back pain or spinal problems, Dr. Kurt is the chiropractor you really need. He is an experienced chiropractor with broad knowledge. It's very enjoyable to get adjusted once a week in his office. Dr. Kurt is very friendly and a loving, caring person. He will make sure that your

He is always treating each patient as a person not a paycheck and he respects there situation and finds ways to fix and give them stability and a healthier lifestyle. Joe Deseree' and Dr. Bidabodi always treats each person with the upmost respect and concern for them.

Helped me when several other chiropractors could not and he had just opened his practice. Always welcomed by all employees with a smile and hello. Amazes me when he works on newborns. He has even come to my house when I could not drive to his office. He even helped when my dachshund had spine

Dr. Kurt Michaux is awesome. He has more than 10 years of experience, and is very knowledgeable. He has been my chiropractor for many years due to my back and neck problems. He cares about all of his patients. Definitely he is the best choice. I highly recommend Dr. Kurt Michaux to anyone

Michaux Family Chiropractic is the best chiropractic office I have ever been to. They are experts at what they do. They do corrective care which means they help people get back to as good as they can get and teach them how to keep it that way. They teach exercises to help people strengthen

Amazing doctors, friendly staff. Truly desire to help patients and see them get well. Thoroughly explain everything and answer all questions. They've helped me and my family a ton. I totally trust them and would definitely recommend them.

I've been coming to Family Chiropractic and Dr Silberstein for the past few months now and have found them to be quite friendly and accommodating. I first went in for an initial exam and xrays and then returned for the diagnosis. They showed me how my back was slightly misaligned and explained

Great service and excellent staff, Dr. Craig is great!

Family Chiropractic in Ocoee is a very professional office that takes great care of each patient as if they were the only ones. They are thorough in calling to make sure we get in for services and reminding us to keep our appointments.

Dr. Silberstein and all the staff are great. I get in and out in less than 10 minutes most days. The masseuse there also does a good job. They are also very good about working out payment plans.

The staff at this facility are excellent in all areas of business!

Dr. Craig has been treating our family since 2003. He adjusted my youngest son when he was three days old. He & his staff are great people. Highly recommend.

This office has helped me so much since my accident. I would refer anyone here!!!

Dr.Craig and the whole staff are great every time i leave i feel alot better , that is why i am bringing my whole family!

Doctors and Staff provided excellent care.

Buyer beware.

After my car accident, I had constant pain in my lower back, with radiating pain down my leg. Sometimes, it would feel like my toes were going to sleep. It was hard to sit for any period of time. I treated at Southwest Spine and Sport for about 3 weeks with adjustments, spinal decompression

Very nice office. Friendly. Will go back again. Doctor was helpful with explaining what was wrong and helping me feel better.

Chiropractor on Wheels sounds like an odd gimmick - you got mobile pet groomers, car detailers, etc. but you know what-when you're in HELLA back/neck.

Wonderful staff! If you want positive and productive care, don't go anywhere else but to Chiropractic Care Center.

I have had a wonderful experience at Dr. Preston's office. He was very thorough in his examination and ordered all the tests that he needed in order to find out exactly what was wrong. The entire staff was caring and understanding. The front desk was helpful in understanding what was covered

I've been a patient for almost 2 years. I almost always leave his office feeling less stress in my neck, shoulders and back. He has treated both my spinal arthritis, and my back condition after an automobile accident. I think he's a great chiropractor, and would strongly recommend him to any

He's a real friendly sort with a nice staff. He doesn't seem to judge or lecture. He only x-rays when it's absolutely neccessary. He knows many different techniques and will use the one that works for you. The office has a friendly atmosphere and they take insurance.

As a former athlete, I am always feeling an ache or pain in some part of my body. Since finding Dr. Russo I have enjoyed a relative pain-free existence. This guy is outstanding! I've been going to chiropractors for the past 30 years and never have I had such a complete chiropractic experience.

I like this business because all the staff are very courteous, respectful, and helpful.

Its Sunday morning and i feel great thanks to the wonderful care i received here on Friday. I was still hurting yesterday, but the doctor told me that it would take some time. But this morning my pain is almost gone. I am going to church and will have no problem sitting. And I stopped taking

I had a shoulder/upper back lock down where I was unable to use my right arm for the most part. I had been to other Chiropractors in the past who used special high tech machines on me and charged me and my insurance a lot of $. I visited Dr. Rob, and he didn't try to talk above my head, he

Dr. Mike and staff are wonderful! I have never experienced such warmth walking into a doctor's office. My health is so much better and my child's asthma and ear infections have gone away! I couldn't be more happy with the level of care that he provides.

No success with Chiropractors here in N.C. I have a hemi vertabrae and Dr. Isbell adjust it and also my chest/sternum like no others can. I was born with natural scoliosis and of course the c4 hemi-v, I've seen dozens of Chiropractors and none come close. I will need to travel to Fl yearly

A newly opened medical clinic with a great and very friendly and knowledgable staff who really cared about getting me back on my feet after my car accident. Thank you Dr. N.

I think everybody, love to feel good, so guys, thanks you!, for helping us to feel and look good!. KARINA VALENZANO

I was in such pain before I went to see Dr. Brown. After just 1 adjustment I felt like new. I had no more back pain. I also got started on some really great vitamins. I would go back to See Dr. Brown any day.

Dr Brown and his staff a wonderful! They are sincere and through, as well as accommodating with a flexable schedule.

Janice Piro consistently delivers excellent results and excellent service. Want to get healthy - visit her clinic!

Wonerful & caring chiropractor! Excellent skills - a family business that cares about it's patients and community! would never go anywhere else!

After my third car accident I went here for therapy. The staff was wonderful and very friendly. They really put you at ease immidiately. I was able to get same day appointements and the staff really spoil you! Gentle and helpful chiropractic got me back into shape in no time with no pain. You

Dr.Thomas Mammana is one of the best Chiropractors out there. His experience,and knowledge puts him a step above everyone esle. A brillant man,as well as a kind hearted person.He neverturns away anyone,but rather works with each case, no matter what it may be. He is alway up for a challege.

Very professional. He accurately pinpointed my diagnosis with use of an algorithmic approach. Others had misdiagnosed my condition. He treated me and also referred me to other appropriate specialists. He was of tremendous help at trial as an expert witness. He enabled my attornies in establishing

I was always suspicious of chiropractors until I saw what Dr. Prefer did to a friend of mine who had a pinched nerv. After diagnosing my friend's pain, Dr. Prefer talked him through the various treatments and what to expect. A few days later, my friend was feeling much better. This lead me

Dianna has the perfect touch. Her massages are relaxing and therapeutic. She is the best!

For the connoisseur of chiropractic care: A step up. Dr. Merlo is ahead of his time. End your pain.