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Dr Walker is the greatest! The staff are awsome as well! Friendly, professional service with results!

I have been seeing Dr. Casertano for the past 3 years, and when I became his patient, I had limited movement due to acute fibromyalgia and chronic headaches. I couldn’t sit without pain and couldn’t stand without pain. I was miserable. In a very short time, my pain had lessened considerably,

My experience with Dr. Dan were no less than flawless. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced chiropractor. Every visit goes off without a hitch and I feel like a new man because of him. I wouldn't go to anyone else.

My experience with Dr. Dan were no less than flawless. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced chiropractor. Every visit goes off without a hitch and I feel like a new man because of him. I wouldn't go to anyone else, ever.

Thank you - couldn't imagine that you could make it go away so quickly, this morning I was able to get out of bed without the shooting pains in my leg.

I have had trouble with my hips for 10 years after a car wreck. Chiropractor after chiropractor and medical doctor after medical doctor couldn't seem to get the pain to subside... that is until I started seeing Dr. Ekberg. He told me what the issue was and showed me why I wasn't getting better.

Dr. Staiano really helped my back. Ive been seeing for several months now and i highly recommend him and his massage therapist.

Dr. Leto has helped me and my family so much. My husband does not suffer from headaches or sinsus issues, thanks to Dr. Leto. I used to have sciatica pain for over 10 years, and now it is gone! I love chiropractic!

Dr. Lokey is a great human being as well as being a skilled healer. He has helped me overcome a serious back injury as well as helped my wife and my.

Best Chiropractor I have ever been to bar none!

I met a bunch of friends at a Halloween party and they happened to be Life students. Life University is a Chiropractic school that allows the students who.

Great friendly staff and reasonable priced! Would definitely refer friends!

I had ACL surgery over a year ago. Even though I continued to have problems - my orthodpedic surgeon dismissed me because my ACL surgery was a SUCCESS. I am an avid tennis player and my knee continued to cause me problems. Frustrated with my orthopedics response I was forced to seek other opinions.

The staff was so nice and all the doctors helped me with my back pain and answered every question I had. I send everyone I know there.

Excellent staff, excellent understanding of natural medicines, great chiropractor too. This doc will make you feel better with his energy alone!

Services received after automobile accident were o.k

Dr. Clayton is one of the best doctors I've been to. If you have back or neck problems, I would highly recomend him. Him and his staff are the sweetest and nicest people I've encountered sence being here in Georgia. I was always having dizzy and fainting spells. and after a couple visits they

When your back or neck goes out, you need help fast! This husband-wife team of chiropractors will get you in shape asap. If you've had an accident, or.

Has help my wife out when she is in pain with her back thanks Dr Simpsons made my life a little easier.

I received a very thorough first visit that answered so many questions and concerns that I had about my health problems. The treatment was amazing and I left feeling a thousand times better! I will recommend Dr. Hay to my friends and family.

Fantastic and caring chiropractor - Dr. Sandy does not disappoint! I went because of the location (super close to downtown Decatur), but now I'll stay because of the level of care. Dr. Sandy is very attentive and affordable (which is important since my insurance doesn't cover chiropractic).

Wholistic He listens Good bed side manner Most of all your body will heal with his treatments, and instructions, if you follow them

This is a lovely facility and the staff are wonderful. Dr. Smith is awesome in his attitude and skill. Just wish he was closer to my home. Rebecca Snider

The staff is great, and Dr. Smith and Dr. Grizzard are so friendly

I went there for neck and back pain. They helped me get out of pain and also got rid of my headaches.

I would like to thank David K, for writing his review of Midtown Place Chiropractic. His review helped me sleep better, walk taller, and hurt less. How you.

The Best! I have had lower back pain and have taken pain pills for several years. My doctor suggested possible surgery instead of the pills. I informed.

The Doctor used to be in San Francisco and took care of all of my injuries from sports, age and everything and anything else. I haven't had any back pain.

After receiving care from Doctor Neal and his associates, I don't ever want to have to go to a medical doctor again. Unlike most of my experiences with MDs over the last few decades, I have always walked out of there feeling better than when I walked in, physically and emotionally. Each member

This place is Fabulous - he is the best Chiropracter I have ever been too. I could not hardly move around due to my lower back and after a few visits the pain was gone and I was moving good again. I know not everyone recovers this quickly but my bones are good and solid so the pain was mechanical

This man is awesome. Very smart smart man and best of all he knows what he is doing. Unlike some of the other small town chiropractors.

Best chiropractor I've ever been to! He is very knowledgeable and caring. He is great with my kids too.

Very knowledgable, helpful and skilled chiropractor. Highly recommended.


Best chiro office I have found ( and I've been in many) Very professional and caring.

Ok, first let me make full disclosure here. My cousin owns and runs this clinic. With that being said, he is one of the nicest and best guys to have work.

Dr. Gibbs is amazing! She really cares about the whole person she treats, never acting superior or aloof like some docs i've been to. Her chiro skills have been so helpful to me and my family in treating our neck, back and wrist pain. She and her friendly, helpful staff initiated persistant,

Very Good Services for All kinds of Pain. Thanks again!

Dr. Wetherington is the best. He is a excellent person with high standards. He is a unbeilivable Dr. I could never recommend any one better to you.

Dr. Elizabeth is a wonderful chiropractor! She really listens to you and her adjustments last a long time. Her office is beautiful and relaxing. She is also a Clinical Nutritionist and has a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and Energy Healer in her office, so you can get a wide range of natural

I had an MRI and it showed I had a ruptured disk in my low back. L5 S1. The pain was in my low back and ran down my left leg. I showed Dr Colin my MRI report and he felt he could help me. He was correct after about 4 adjustments I begin to feel the pain go away. I saw him for a few more visit

Today I wobbled into Dr. Rob's office in severe pain due to many issues, which still need to be addressed over a course of treatments;however, through his gentle, confident treatment of various areas of my body, I was able to walk out without pain in my knees, and less pain in my upper back

Dr Murphy is exceptional. Incredible adjusting/clinical skills.

He has healing hands. Great doctor, personalized service.

My name is Stephen Laskowski and my life was recently devastated by a terrible car accident. Despite the fact that it is quite out of character for me to write a letter like this, I just wanted to take a moment to thank the Dr. Gebhardt and his staff, as they are the only medical personnel

I am a 40 yr. old male with a 52 degree curve in my spine. Dr. Brian Ouellette has been able to help me manage the day to day pain I was experiencing. I know treatment is far from over, but it is worth travelling from Middle Tennessee to Atlanta. In fact, right now I am in the UK on business.

I was referred to Dr. Sadri by a friend who had been his patient and spoke highly of him. I went to see Dr. Sadri based on that recommendation and found him to be friendly, kind, professional and extremely knowledgable. Unlike most other chiropractors, he did not push me to keep going to him

I went there for the first time yesterday and i ran into about 5 people from my job. Dr. Kuhlman had come to the job to give us massages so i decided to.

South Forsyth Chiropractic helped relieve my lower back pain over the course of 2 months. Now I'm sitting straighter and experiencing less back pain. Their.

Dr. Sherwood and her colleague Dr. Simone are really caring folks who are also very competent chiropractors. The clinic is really inviting and has a great.