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I had played the “DOCTOR” card through so many high-end specialties pleading for answers to why my “head felt too heavy for my neck to hold up”, that seeking help from my local Chiropractor seemed fruitless. But my chronic headaches were consuming my life. My husband printed out 3 pages

I have found such great care with Dr. Girgenti and the entire Med Plus staff. I have always been a skeptic of Chiropractic care. I have found such relief in the short time I have been seeing the doctor for adjustments and physical therapy that I can only imagine how strong I will be when my

I've been to chiropractors all over the country and she is by far the most gentle, nurturing, and knowledgeable! She really takes time with clients and the office is inviting. As a newbie to Chicago, I'm so grateful to have found an amazing Chiropractor. Life changing!

I went to Dr. Berkey after I was experiencing chronic numbness and tingling in my left hand. I was thoroughly examined, X-Rayed and CAT scanned, which revealed a curved spine in my neck from a whiplash injury that was pinching a nerve in my vertebrae. After only two appointments of physical

I love Precise Chiropractic!! Dr. Sebastian Fuksa is the best! He's so genuine and really knows his stuff. I always feel comfortable going to him. His approach is not only focused on chiropractic, but overall health and wellness including diet and lifestyle! I attended one of his seminars at

Ive been sick for the past 3 years. Ive been in and out of the hospital for over a year. On my last visit to the hospital, I found out I had migraines. I had the worst headaches Ive ever had and could not work for 3 months. Thank I found Dr. Sebastian my first visit to this office was one

I had been going to Dr Lindstrom for over 20 years. I moved away and I was still driving over 1 hr to see him. My 2nd move took me even further away, where I can no longer make the drive. I have been looking ( and trying out) many different chiropractors, but no one compares to Dr Lindstrom.

Dr. Fuksa's methodology of chiropractic medicine is telling you that everything you know is wrong. Doctors only want your money and only want to prescribe you expensive medications and not actually treat the problem, vaccines are bad and without weekly - if not daily - adjustments, you will

My back has always been sore and sometimes it gets really bad. I met Dr. Ken at my gym while he was checking posture. As I expected mine was pretty bad and Ken said he's been able to help people correct it. I've never wanted to have my back cracked and Dr. Ken assured me that wasn't what he

I used to be very leery of chiropractors. I even went to one 'straight' chiro where all he did was adjust me and send me on my way. Hated that, gave me.

This is the only chiropractor who has ever helped me. They are no longer known as Med Plus having recently changed their name to Girgenti Chiropractic due to copycat nameing by competitors. If immitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, that's something of an endorsement by itself.

This is there new office and they are just as great there are they are in Wheaton. GO you will never feel better.

My husband started going to Dr. Pirie when he first opened this office a few years ago. He liked him right from the start. He is fun to talk to and answers all of your questions and explains things so you understand what is going on with your body and why. Plus alot of times you can call and

Today was my first time at a Chiropractor. I carry tremendous stress in my lower back and neck area, I constantly feel like I want a train to run me over to relieve my pain. I want to say thank-you to Dr. John Warrington for helping me feel awesome, after just one visit it seems to have relieved

After several years of migraines and tons of Dr. bills, medicine, etc. a friend suggested acupuncture. It didn't work right away. Dr. Kramer told me to wait about 6 visits to see how it worked. It started to help me. I still get migraines, but they are less often and more manageable. They are

Dr Ollayos might be the best chiropractor in the world. Or at least in Elgin. Her gentle demeanor and slow pacing takes the edge off visits to a doctor who.

I work at Spine Institute of Waukegan,and never have i ever meet great people i mean they treat everybody like family I love my job which is marketing and transpertation. Allso the first visit is free with the card up to 300 dollars so if ur r hurt from work or anything else please come and

What I love about Dr. Weiss:1. He is a fully holistic practitioner, he believes that not just should your spine be aligned but also you need to avoid.

I've seen Dr. Fairman about a zillion times since the early 90's. Love him. he's great- he does chiropracty, naprapathy, acupuncture, everything. and he is.

Www.drbyer.comDr. Byer and his staff are fantastic. I have always had an easy time scheduling appointments, and I have never spent too much time in the.

I had severe lower back pain, radiating down my leg into my foot. I no longer have the chronic back and leg pain. I am off all pain pills, I can lift my son and play with him again. Dr Hagmeyer is unlike any doctor I have ever had. He is the greatest! His staff is friendly! You can tell he

I was a patient of Dr. Cindy Howard from 2002-2007. I only left her because I moved out of state, and I wish I could have taken her with me! I don't know.

I love this practice! Everyone is so friendly and takes an actual interest in the patient. In fact, when I'm there I feel like more than a patient.they.

I love going to Altman Chiropractic Clinic because Dr.Altman and his staff are so nice! Dr.Altman is very knowledgeable and helped me out a great deal. I highly recommend it!

The best chiropractor ever! Dr. Rachum is a holistic chiropractor / acupuncturist. He is concerned about your total health and will help you on your way.

This office has all the perks of a large office with the personalization of a small one. I'm known by name to all the assistants and both Dr. Morales and.

I have been going to rice for a few years on and off now and they treated me like royalty! There is noting i can say but great things about them!

BE CAREFUL! Their sales pitch will screw you into paying by Care Credit the full amount in advance and it is VERY difficult to get anyone to return a phone call if you want to cancel your plan and get a refund. Be prepared to spend a lot of money for poor customer service. Find a chiropractor

Can you say Chirospaaah!, This is the best Chiropractic office in the world to me that is, I would never go anywhere else. At Serenity you just feel the love and compassion from Dr. Yusif. She is the best, she has a true heart of gold and she's very passionate about what she does. The massages

Fantastic neck and ankle adjustments. Best I have ever received.

I was having some back pains, so my Doctor directed me to this Chiropractic. I must say I made the right decision to go and check my back out here. The.

Several years ago I needed Chiropractic manipulation. A friend recommended Dr. Kevin. My problems are gone. He is great. Nice office, many treatment rooms.

There are not enough stars to rate this place! Five is SO not enough! This is the most positive, upbeat experience you'll ever have at a doctor's office. If.

Excellent, caring and forthcoming with all information regarding treatment. Has more knowledge than most Dr.s I have delt with in the past, and if he doesn't have the answer, he will get it for you!

As this is my first experience with chiropractors, I have plenty of good things to say about this business!I found them at a health fair and decided to.

Is it bad that Hal (Dr. Stein) called me a freak and then yelled at me for eating only edamame and ice cream for a month straight. I'm not lying. He told.

I want to say dr clanahan does a great job healing people.but they should keep the same hours all week instead of changing them every week.

Its a great place to learn what is not taught! It is a place where you can feel the alternative health really in a positive manner turn your life around. It did for me anyway. Also when you start seeing results you will become a believer! Thnaks Dr. Sam For everything, and God Blees!

Dr. Neal has been providing members of my family and myself with wonderful and careing service for many years.

Dr. Shane Wade has helped me with my tight back & flat feet issues. I now have more mobility and new orthotics! Dr. Wade is kind, spends time with you and shows compassion. The decompression and the water table are great assets to his patients. THANK YOU DR. WADE!

I was hesitant in visiting a chiropractor in the past, but Dr. Whitmey has earned my trust. My back would always go out after yard work (I could'nt stand up straight). He had me up and about after a couple of visits. Now I head over to his office when I have trouble with my back or my shoulder.

I have been a massage therapist for 12 years and have worked with several chiropractors in the Chicagoland area so I have first hand knowlege of what qualities are necessary in a great chiropractor. Plus I have had chiropractic treatment for 25 years and know that it works. Dr Halloum is exceptionally

I didn't really believe in going to a chiropractor. I felt that once you went, you never quit going. Now I understand why! I have now been going for about nine months. I feel so much better when I go on a regular (monthly) basis, just to keep things adjusted. Not only do my back, hips, and

Very friendly, casual atmosphere. Dr. Sandell will open the office during off hours like on Sunday's and Holiday's if you need to be seen. Great Chiropractic care and they try to keep out of your pocketbook as much as they can. Worth the drive from Rockford.

I have been going here for quite sometime now, as well as my husband and 3 children (who are all 7 and under) and we all enjoy what Dr. Joe does. He is an excellent chiropractor.

He brought my body back from the dead. He has such a great attitute to go along with his amazing ablities to heal.

Pat Petrie is the best and I would send anyone who wants to feel better to her.

I would say that Precise Chiropractic is a great chiropractic service. I benefited greatly from the care I received. I think Dr. Fuksa is a very knowledgable and very capable Chiropractic doctor. I would recommend him to you for your chiropractic needs and consultation on your personal health

Strong reputatuion in the area for patient care and getting patients better with a loving, caring attitude. The only chiropractor you should go to in the area.

I was a total mess after a car accident! tightness in my neck and back as well as numbness in my legs gradually imporved and got better with his treatments! highly recommending him! Sheila