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I have been a skeptic about going to a chiropractor, but Dr. Ron Woods has changed my mind! Dr. Woods knows his business! I am so pleased that my neighbor recommended him to me! I can actually work now without being in constant pain thanks to Dr Ron! Maria gives the best massages also! This

My experience at Kouimanis Chiropractic and Dr. Kouimanis himself was amazing to say the least. After hearing multiple horror stories about patients experiences at chiropractic clinics in the area, I'm blessed to have found Dr. K. He has helped explain my condition so that I know and understand

I saw Dr Bax one day after sufferring for countless days and nights with lower back pain that had become unbearable. Dr Bax was able to relieve my pain and get me on the road to recovery. He is a very personable man who has a lot of knowledge and equipment to address your issues. I was in the

I had back pain for years. I had 2 lower back surgeries in the past three years and my pain was coming back again. I did NOT want to have another surgery. I saw a TV commercial for Busch Chiropractic. After calling and setting up an appt, I met Dr,. Busch and his staff and I was impressed.

It was a great experience the doctor and staff were extremely friendly and they took the time to help me with any questions o comments i had.

You don't know how much pain you have until it's gone.Great service for a reasonable price.It takes time,but well worth it.I haven't had to take a vicidon or oxycodone in over 3 years.

Andy Dibley was the only chiropractor that I allowed to touch my neck after severe whiplash as a result of a bad car accident that I had three years previous. Since then, I have moved to Alaska and I still consider him my chiropractor. If I needed a chiropractor, I would not think twice about

Excellent in manual muscle therapy and back problems. Top of the line Chiropractor. Understands your back and where the problem is coming from. Many years of experience.

Dr. Elwartowski is an amazing Chiropractor. I was skeptical about Chiropractors before beeing seen by Dr. Elwartowski. After my first treatment I felt immediate results and she has improved my quality of life! I see her once in awhile when am in pain and every time I leave feeling fantastic.

Dr. Maddox has helped relieve my migraine headaches and seizures!

Dr. Chris has helped me over the years for 18-19 yrs.,have been where I was not able to walk & in so much pain that was at the point of giving up.Have had 3 back surgeries & have never been afraid for him to adjust my back,I feel if he had been around before having the first one I might have

Good listener! Good chiropractor! Good combination! 45 years seeing chiropractors, and I would rate Dr Gilmore as an excellent spinal doctor. He gave me what I needed without all the pain and suffering of so many chiropractors. Oh, did I mention Emily? His helper, Emily, greets you with a smile

He was able to adjust my neck and lower back when other chiropractors had difficulty.Also, my children loved his adjustment and after a few weeks my headaches were almost completely gone.

Dr. Kelsey is the best! I have been seeing her for myofacial pain syndrome for somewhere between 12 to 14 years. She has been the only doctor that has been able to help me. I had been to numerous doctors with no relief.until I found her. I do so well now that I only need to see her about twice

The best tritmant I ever had. Thank you Dr Lazaroski

Tammy is awesome, I always feel great when I walk out!

I had never been to a chiropractor and actually was skeptical of them before. After meeting Dr. Bright and learning more about chiropractic, I learned alot about chiropractic and its benefits for myself and my children. I Highly recommend Dr. Bright not only for his adjustments but also his

Excellent service and results. Great help to myself and others I've sent there. Great Job and Thanks Lisa

Dr. Morrison is very professional and resolved my back problems very effectively - and got to the root of the problem. He suggested a second opinion when I was skeptical early on - and my MD looked over my and Dr. Morrison's notes and suggested that I keep seeing Dr. Morrison. Good call. He

Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Nutrition and so much more! This doc knows what he's talking about! I've seen Dr. Adam for back pain and common illnesses (i.e. colds) during my two pregnancies and he worked wonders! Great customer service and flexible hours!

Dr. keith is the best chiropractor in town! very professional and very personable. I highly recommend him!

Lots of services and ways to help! Good staff! Doc and Dr. Sarah work with your whole body to get you back on track.

I had never seen a chiropractor but since I wasn't being helped by my doctor,I went.I was almost immediatley relieved of my pain!

I chose cornerstone chiropractic and Roc Byrd because they were voted best chiropractor in Hendricks County for 2007. I found out later they really push voting for them down your throat via e-mail. The problem I have with this practice is their goal is to convince you that you need to come

Haven't officially been to this office yet, but visited during a special event they had - facilities are little sub-par - but staff is super friendly.

The service was friendly and the doctors really care about me and my health, I wasn't just another patient.

If you are in pain, go see this guy! He'll help fix you right up. He's extremely gentle, and genuinely interested in your overall health and well-being.

I recently went to dr. cripes office the people were very nice I got one of the best treatment/relaxation massages i ever had. Dr. cripe Adjustments are vary careful, thorough, gentle. i would recommend his office for your relaxation and adjustment need.

Wonderful, kind staff! Dr. Sangalang is a compassionate chiropractor who gets to know you as a person, not just a patient.

After months of physical therapy, three or for much less expensive trips to Dr. Daffron had me feeling great again! I had been told I'd have to live with the back/hip pain, but it's been gone for over a year now.

Great personality! Great hours! Very fairly priced! Usually no waiting. Does a great job of meeting the needs of your back. Does not say you should come back. He does it right the 1st time.

A few years back I slipped and fell on the ice and hurt my back and hip. After several weeks of horrible pain and no real relief from my family doctor a friend of my wife recommended Dr. Brehany. I had never been to a Chiropractor before, but thought what the heck, I can't even walk straight.

I have been suffering from pain in my legs for many months. After following Dr. Benko's recommendations for care, I have never felt better. I would recommend Dr. Benko very much for he is very in tune with his patients and their individual needs.

The best doctor, very nice and easy to talk to

For ANY illness, i strongely suggest seeing this person. He has done a wonderful job with my whole family, even my 3 year old son.

Very attentive and compassionate. Dr Wilson and his staff are great. I feel like I can discuss anything.

They go through associate drs and dump them to often. then the patients have to start with someone new.

I have gone to Dr. Husband for many years and I feel better after every adjustment. I suffer from migraine headaches and a very tight neck. Everytime I need him, he's willing to fit me in.

Does a great job and very friendly. Comfortable office and top of the line doctors

Tony has been my chiro. for 6 years. He and his staff are excellent.

Dr. vanhorn came highly recommended by a friend, so i (reluctantly) gave him a try. almost two years later, i see him once a month for maintanance, and my quality of life is markedly better as a result of his treatment. i would recommend him without reservation - a true pro.

Got an injury, sore back, sprained ankle, est.? Need a great, trustworthy, reliable chiropractor? Check out Active Health and Wellness. Their work and their staff are outstanding. I've been going there for my injuries since early spring of 2003 and I'm still amazed by their work.

I've been seeing Dr. Bryan since moving to the area 8 years ago. I suffer from a chronic back condition after a brutal car accident and I know that Dr. Bryan has kept me from having to undergo back surgery since the accident.

Dr. Green has been wonderful! He's helped me with headaches and neck pain from working on my computer all day. And, he helps my daughters knee and back after volleyball tournaments. Can't live without him. And, I love Brenda, his massage therapist. She's the best!

Absolutelt the best doctor I have ever seen!