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Very friendly, good service and helps my back and neck pain a lot. addresses all my issues in a way i can understand and makes sure he’s thorough.

I have been going here about 4 weeks. These are the most friendly, kind caring people ever. Dr. Read and her team are helping me tremendously. It is so nice to be Migraine and Vertigo free!

Just got adjusted and it was a great experience! Dr. Giddings was very informative and explained everything that he was doing and why. Peggy was also very helpful with scheduling around my needs.

Always gets me in last minute with my tight schedule!! Gets me feeling better in No time!!

Dr. Gilbert is a wonderful chiropractor, a warm and caring doctor. I've been a patient of Dr. Gilbert for several years because I have scoliosis. I usually go every 2 to 3 weeks in order to stay out of trouble. Without him, I would be in a world of pain. He continues to go to seminars to keep

I started seeing Dr. Read in 2012. Prior to that I had spent the last 20 some years suffering with bad headaches and neck problems due to constant computer work at my job. I went to many doctors and no one could help me. I found Dr. Read, and after only one simple adjustment I was feeling better.

Great chiropractor! Was very professional! Not like other chiropractors who are more interested in getting your business and getting patients in and out, Dr. Sexton takes his time with his patients and has a unique way of doing manipulations of the back - by using your own weight! I was so

I want thank Dr. Keith Slaymaker for helping me feel better, I use to suffer from lowback pain and frequent headaches and had been to other Chiropractors and Medical Doctors and was not given much relief. However, with Dr. Slaymaker I felt much better, even after the first visit. After I got


Dr. Meylor works with acupuncture as an alternative, no needles but great results for my headaches and tennis elbow!

Dr. Hulme adjusted me last time I was there at the Ebert Clinic. I can't believe how much better I feel. She is amazing!

Dr. Cupp is excellent. He genuinely cares for his patients and provides great advice and suggests exercises for back health. He likes to get to know the history of you and your back, where spasms and so on come from. He even went so far as to recommend to me a book on nutrition and a core workout

I like this place as one of the doctors is always there, so I can get in whenever I want, and I have even walked in without an appointment and Dr. Rod or Dr. Ben can see me right away. They're really nice and friendly.

I have been to several chiropractors, but Dr. Ervin's technique really did the trick for my neck and back pain. He is a kind caring doctor and the staff is welcoming. I enjoy going to my appoitments

Jennifer is awesome. She will let you come as needed and isn't pushy about treatment. You leave feeling a lot better.!

The best way to experience how we have helped hundreds of patients relieve or eliminate their pain is to visit the office and view our WALL OF SUCCESS STORIES. Chiropractic adjustments work for each condition in the body from headaches to low back pain and everything in between. The best part

Relieved my back and neck pain. Very friendly staff and I would highly recommend them.

Sorry if this double posts but I have to sort of agree with riverkingfan. Although Dr. Hahns staff is wonderful I was not impressed with her at all! I ended up going to Dr. Louie Burkert and was extremely happy with the results. My sons went once and had no recurring problems. I guess the pop

I felt Dr. Weltzin is very knowledegable about chiropractic care. On my first visit explained helpful information so I could understand the need for chiropractic care and the different areas of spine area. He was compassionate,caring, and flexable to my schedule. Highly recommended. there are

Same day appointment! Dr. Gengler was very professional. He graduated from Palmer and he can really adjust my neck, sometimes that is difficult for other Chiros that I have go to. His office is easy to get to, clean, and they have a play area for my kids. I have been to many Chiropractors,

I could hardly move my head five days ago. I was in such incredible pain, Dr Thomas fixed me up in four visits and is helping me with my constant heacaches. Nice guy, lets you know what's going on and a great staff too. I am very happy with him and never even believed in Chiro's a little over

If you need a chiropractor, Dr. Sellers is the only choice for you. Her knowledge and desire to make you feel like you again. Dr. Maggie Sellers is thorough in her exam, and always takes time to ensure you are understanding what she is doing and, more specifically, why. She has flexible scheduling

I always get a treatment from Dr. Brown prior to any medical physician's treatments. Dr. Brown and his staff are always there for you and what is best for you!

Very unique clinic. Very friendly doctor and staff. I will only come here for all of my medical needs!

Excellent chiropractor. Highly recommended. His website is -

He was very knowledgeable and professional.

Wonderful chiropractic care! I love this office :-) I would highly recommend Dr. Fitzpatrick to any of my friends or family. He uses the Activator, which works great on my neck AND my low back. He is very concerned about my needs and wants to make sure he is taking the best possible care of

Dr Jiras' method (different from any other Chiropractor I've been to) fixes you correctly the 1st time. Consequently most of the time he doesn't need to see you again. You WILL NOT feel him manipulate you. You may walk out wondering if he actually did anything. It's so different that it will

Dr. Janet has extensive training in pediatric chiropractic care and in fact has an advanced degree in it. She is good about educating why chiropractic is so important for kids and how the earliest subluxation can happen.

Dr. Pfeifer is an amazing caring chiropractor who goes the extra mile for her patients.

Pretty good chiropractor. A little different technique compared to my former chiropractor 100 miles away. Don't make the mistake of driving to University Chiropractic instead of Advanced Chiropractic like I did (the two are only a block or two apart on University). Fine chiropractor overall,

I've had my share of chiropractic experiences, and I can honestly say that Dr. Krohse and Compass Chiropractic has been the best. I've gone to doctors who gave up on my symptoms, causing me a lot of stress and frustration. I've also had doctors who were rough when adjusting which gave me headaches.

Dr. Burkert is the Best! I have been going to him off and on for 35 years. He keeps me feeling great. Thanks

I have had several great experiences with Heartland and Dr. Joey Schroeder. He is very professional, kind and gifted in his profession. I would highly recommend anyone to seek their chiropractic care from him.

I went to Dr. Mesch last year for pains I was having in my lower back. He was able to pin-point the trouble spots and get me walking straight again.Dr.

My experience at Preferred Chiropractic was a mediocre one. I encountered a friendly staff. There is just something about another chiropractor in town that I really like. My preferred chiropractor practices on Ansborough Ave, Waterloo. All and all this place is not bad, though.

WOW thanks so much Dr. Edwards. What a wonderful experience for someone who's never been to a chrio before. Her gentle touch and great mannerism made me feel very comfortable and secure. Plus she doesn't tell you to keep coming back week after week like other chiros in the area. I will definitely

Dr. Havertape took excellent care of me while I was at school in Iowa. I was referred to him by my acupuncturist, Sara Star, out of Mt. Vernon. Here's.

I used to work at Palmer in the Academic Health Center. I've moved up at Palmer but as a person who used to work there, I can tell you that you will.

I found this place with relative ease. Once I got inside, things looked a little bland/sterile, service was friendly, but I seemed to wait a long time. I did not care for Dr. Blough's bedside manner. Some things he said were a bit offputting. There are other doctors around the area that want