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Very friendly and so really good work.

I have had lower back problems for three years and had tried physical therapy and steroid injections with varying degrees of success. When I retired from work in April of 2013 I was still trying to find a method to relieve my back pain without the recommended back surgery. I saw Dr. Grahamís

I've been going to this group for over 5 years. The staff is excellent and the chiropractors are even better. Dr. Bob will talk you through any questions you have. He's nice, sincere and really cares about your overall health. He's a former college athlete which is a great fit considering

Eriksen chiropractic centers in louisville is a great place and the staff is awesome and the doctors are really helpful and do a great job. They love what they do and do it well.

I am a 20 year migraine suffer. I wake up with a migraine and go to bed with at least 6-10 days per month. I have been everywhere and seen many headache specialist. I was ready to go to the mayo clinic when I saw the montel williams show about a new proceedure called the Atlas Orthogonal Technique.

I have been undergoing chiropractic care since I began having migraines in late 1993. Dr. R.E. is my 5th chiropractor, and never before have I felt that I've received such thorough treatment, consideration, and as clear of an explanation of what chiropractic care is for (as well as what it

Dr Ron and Dr Deb are not only the best Chiropractors I have gone to in my 30 years of therapy, but individually they are two of the finest individuals I have ever met. If you are in pain there is a good chance they can help you.

The chiropractic work that Dr Sharpe has done for my husband and I has been so beneficial. I love that it's a very professional establishment but still has a comfortable atmosphere.

MY dad goes there all the time and I here he's moving to florida so yikes! and his son is one of my many variety of friends so we'll miss you Dr.Mariner

Dr. King has done a wonderful job healing my whiplash. I like his demeanor and I feel comfortable with him. I am not completely healed yet but I am seriously thinking of continuing to see Dr. King every three months or so once I am healed. Dr. King tells me what is wrong and after he corrects

I have been taking my 8 year old son to Dr Holmes for a couple of years now. He is really good with him and my son enjoys and looks foward to going to his appointments! -Amy Rice

Dr. Ehn and his staff could not have been any nicer. I was in a lot of pain and found relief without medication. Thanks Dr. Ehn!

Dr Arnold is a super caring person. He really listens and explains everything going on. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Gladdis was wonderful! I have had back pain for many years now with a numbing going down my arm. After a few treatments, I felt great! I did not realize what it was like to live comfortably. I think everbody should visit his clinic. He also has a massage therapist that did wonders on my

Dr. David is great, he knows his work very well. He listens to his patients and help disolve the problems they are having!

Dr. Ward is very manipulative and aggressive. She forced my mother and me into getting treatment when we were uncomfortable with having our body adjusted. She was very pushy and when we voiced our questions and concerns, she dismissed them without giving us any real answers. We actually started

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Runyon for giving my life back to me and invite others to get their life back as well! I have known him for almost 4 years and my lupus, rheumatoid arthiritis, fibromyalgia, and other complications are gone! Dr. Runyon is a Upper Cervical

This is one of the best chiropractic centers. Everybody is nice and the receptionist even went out and watched my sleeping daughter in the car while I was adjusted. Both husband and wife are GREAT

Bruce Cupp has a gift for helping those in need. Sometimes God puts you where you need to be, and sometimes that's in his waiting room.

Great care, effective treatment, wonderful staff.why see anyone else?!

Dr. Adam Schmalenberger is the only chiropractor I know that really actually cares about the patient as a whole. You are not in and out of his office in 5 minutes. He takes his time and does soft tissue work, as well as adjustments. I am a nurse and have to lift many heavy patients daily. He

I was very impressed by Dr. Meredith, he honestly cares about your health and well being and will do anything and everything in his will to help you progress and get out of pain. When you walk into his office the atmosphere is light and happy, and everyone treats you with great care, perfect

You'll love the Chiropractic Louisville clinic. What a great feel. And Dr. Greg Thomas has helped me stay healthy for years.

Whole staff is friendly and caring. Treatment more comprehensive than other chiropractor I tried. He really takes his time to make sure you feel better. Highly recommended!

You guys are the best! Anytime I have a problem I call you first. Thanks. Just wish I lived closer. I recommend you to all my friends and family. :-)

Thielke is absolutely the best chiropracter I have ever visited. He can help problems you never thought a chiro could help and is very reasonably priced. Worth checking out!

You couldn't ask for nicer people or for more concerned people regarding your overall health. Big fan.big fan. I've never felt better!

Dr. Gralheer has always been able to get me in with my hectic schedule at work. I like the flexibility of office appointments. Dr. Gralheer uses the manual adjustments with me because I find the activator makes me worse. Dr. Gralheer is a pleasant person and provides an excellent service too.

Dr. Mortimer does a fabulous job taking his time to figure out what is ailing you, fixes it as well as he can with a bit of muscle rub and chiropractics,.

The best Chiropractor I have ever been to. Easy to talk to - very knowledgable - and does excellent work. I highly recommend.

Dr. Long is really the best chiropractor I've ever had.

Doctor Raley is fantastic. I have been a patient for 10 years and by far, he is the best in town. As a really big guy, he does wonders for my back and is always successful at getting it straightened out. I highly recommend his services.

Bullock Family Chiropractic is the best in town. I have been to several chiropractors, but I really enjoy how there office is different than the rest. Dr.

By Crystal Writer 12/24/2007 Dr. Woodward has many years of personal experience, plus the experience of having both a father and an aunt who were area chiropractors for many years. In addition to his excellent chiropractic skills, he has wonderful people skills and truly makes patients feel

Get a new look. Looks run down and old from the outward appearance.

I was kind of scared to try a chiropractor, but Leestown was so friendly, and it didn't hurt a bit. I feel great. Thank You Dr. Wilson!


A gentle treatment using SOT technique.great results